electromagnetic positioner / vertical / 1-axis / with magnetic base
electromagnetic positioner
57 x 62 mm

Small Magnetic welding fixer Ref. 395.00 57x62 mm. Capacity 2 kg. Angle : 45°, 90° and 135°.

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manual positioner / vertical / miniature
manual positioner

The 2-Footer holds the probe in a safe position over the device under test. It can be used with all passive PMK series of probes; standard and miniature build.

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manual positioner / linear / 2-axis
manual positioner
max. 4100 mm | PA 2000

Sheet supports with vertical lifting movement Reference fingers with sensors to sense metal sheets Left positioning with fix reference square Right positioning lateraly movable (manual) Stainless steel sheet supports ...

pneumatic positioner / vertical / loading spout
pneumatic positioner
QLV 400

The loading spout positioner QLV 400 enables an exact positioning of telescopic loading spouts when loading silo vehicles and railcars. Activated by pneumatic cylinders a lateral and longitudinal movement of 200 mm in ...

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Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH
electropneumatic positioner / vertical / 1-axis / digital
electropneumatic positioner

A new generation of electro-pneumatic positioners for use with pneumatic rotary actuators in industrial environments. This versatile micro-processor based positioner controls the rotary angle of a pneumatic ...

piezoelectric positioner / rotary / 1-axis / digital
piezoelectric positioner

The DT65-NM is a rotary stage engineered by Steinmeyer. It features a linear encoder with a rate of 2048 counts/rotation. The unit is protected from backlash through the preloaded four-point stainless steel ball bearings. It is driven ...

motorized positioner / rotary / 1-axis / digital
motorized positioner
300 series

Payload: 90 kg

The 300 series tables feature a rigid pair of quality angular contact bearings which produce smooth table top rotation. The low backlash precision worm gear drive provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability. All aluminum components ...

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electro-hydraulic positioner / linear / 3-axis / pantographic
electro-hydraulic positioner

Payload: 20,000 kg

Pantographic positioners KOVACO allow you to safely lift, rotate, tilt the workpiece into the optimal position for any of the technical operations such as welding, casting respectively finish. These devices are designed ...

manual positioner / linear / XY / analog
manual positioner

Details : XY Lens Positioner, 100 mm Diameter The LH100-XY Two Axis Lens Positioner is for the application of X and Y directions of precision positioning for planoconvex lens with 100 mm in diameter ...

motorized positioner / rotary / single-shaft / parts
motorized positioner
500 - 1 000 kg | HAP1 series

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Hyundai Heavy Industries-Robotics System
motorized positioner / rotary / multi-axis
motorized positioner
max. 13 000 Nm | SDE series

The SDE series is a unit manufactured by KMI company. It is a dual axis positioner applicable for axis solar trackers like heliostats and concentrated photovoltaics. Other areas of applications include the automatic lifts, ...

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Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc.
pneumatic positioner / rotary / 1-axis
pneumatic positioner

The P105 model is manufactured by Mcpi, and is a pneumatic-driven rotary positioner that is integrated with either a hydraulic or a pneumatic damper. The unit also comes with pin holes and switches. The model has a flat, ...

motorized positioner / precision
motorized positioner
Logpos S4

Only one infeed position will result in maximum product value from a log. Any deviation from this position will result in downgrading the output. With a True Shape optimization system it is possible to accurately determine the best position. ...

motorized positioner / linear / 1-axis / line-point-plane base
motorized positioner

Kinematic Bases * Attaches to standard breadboard and baseplates * Large, easy-to-use thumbwheel for fast locking and unlocking * Accurate removal and replacement of components * Inch and metric hole patterns ...

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Optosigma Corporation
manual positioner / rotary / 1-axis / analog
manual positioner

The XYR1 is a low profile XY axis translation stage with continuous rotation about the Z axis. The central SM1-threaded through-hole allows the stage to be used in an imaging application that requires illumination from underneath the ...

manual positioner / linear / multi-axis
manual positioner

Due to the modular concept, ARLA Slide & Table Units can be integrated into ARLA Multi-Axis-Systems MX. The "MXH" proposals illustrate units with horizontally working ARLA Spindle Units. On the other hand, there are also proposals with ...

manual positioner / vertical / 3-axis
manual positioner

Payload: 25 kg

The Instrument Systems DTS 400 system positioner is ideally suited for both photometric and radiometric analysis of displays. Instrument Systems' DTS 400 system positioner is among our more useful and ...

electropneumatic positioner / digital
electropneumatic positioner

Design SMARTRONIC AS-i is a digital, electro-pneumatic positioner for connection to an AS-i field bus. Used for the control of: - Quarter-turn actuators from ACTAIR and DYNACTAIR with air supply direct connection - Quarter-turn ...

pneumatic positioner / parts
pneumatic positioner

To position the fitting inside the head and / or to complete the crimp cycle only with Contol B

pneumatic positioner / for ignition tip
pneumatic positioner

Pneumatic retraction units allow the precise and repeatable positioning of the ignition tip at any time during the operating process of the burner. Retracting the ignition lance after the successful ignition provides the ignition lance ...

pneumatic positioner / for ignition tip
pneumatic positioner
D-VE 500

Pneumatic retraction units D-VE 500 allow the precise and repeatable positioning of the ignition tip at any time during the operating process of the burner. Retracting the ignition lance after the successful ignition provides the ignition ...

motorized positioner / electromechanical / rotary / vertical
motorized positioner

Payload: 2,000 kg - 30,000 kg

Sideros Engineering Head & Tailstock Positioners are used to weld and assembly long and large weldments in many different application fields. Besides the benefits of ergonomics and safety during welding and assembly ...

cylinder positioner / electropneumatic / linear / digital
cylinder positioner

Smart performance with innovative and ever-strong coil module even under harsh working environments Features - Easy and quick auto-calibration - Detecting RA (reverse acting) or DA (direct acting) automatically regardless of wrong ...

cylinder positioner / pneumatic / linear / analog
cylinder positioner

pneumatic-pneumatic positioner ideally designed and optimized for cylinder actuator and guaranteeing precise and stable performance with cylinder actuator Features - Easy to set - Compact - Precise and stable performance - ...

manual positioner / linear / XY
manual positioner
D53 series

Payload: 0.8 kg - 6 kg

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Desoutter Industrial Tools
electric positioner / vertical / 1-axis / parts
electric positioner

Payload: 0.5 kg - 4.5 kg

Aero-Motive® Positioners offers a fast, easy-to-use tension adjustment and a low-cost, effective method to support light-weight loads within light-duty industrial manufacturing applications. Aero-Motive® positioners ...

electromechanical positioner / electropneumatic
electromechanical positioner
700PEP series

ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC POSITIONER Description for 700PEP0000100 : Electro-pneumatic positioner : - Aluminum box - IP66 - Power input and output pressure gauges - Bracket according to VDI/VDE (size ...