non-contact position sensor / high-precision / IP68 / industrial
non-contact position sensor

Tag enables by TAG ACTIVATOR low frequency field High-precision adjustable tag's activatable radius from 1 to 25 meters High receiving range: 150 meters (open field) Lifecycle: up to 10 years Robust industrial casing ...

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ELA Innovation S.A
linear position sensor / potentiometer / analog / compact
linear position sensor
P12 series

Measuring range: 25 mm - 200 mm

The P12 Series, manufactured by Thermosystems®, is a compact linear position transducers that supplies, with a simple form that is completely free in employment. It has a 25 to 200 mm standard range a ...

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precision position sensor
precision position sensor
EH 22800

Used in jigs and fixtures as positioning control for pre-machined workpieces. Sensitivity accuracy 0,015 - 0,075 mm depending on the workpiece surface. Contact control by the compressed-air backwash, indicated on the monitoring ...

angular position sensor / linear / non-contact / magnetic-inductive
angular position sensor
Custom BLE position sensor

Technoton Engineering does custom BLE position sensor development. One of Technoton Engineering core competencies is the high experience in development, testing and launching production of custom sensors ...

linear position sensor / precision / for machine tools
linear position sensor
Base Master Series

... MASTER Series is a precision touch sensor to determine workpiece offsets and tool length. Mounted on workpiece surface or machine table, LED lamp illuminates immediately when the cutting edge touches ...

linear position sensor / mechanical / high-precision / high-resolution
linear position sensor
HySense® PO 180

Measuring range: 0 mm - 3,000 mm

Position sensor HySense® PO 180 The position sensor HySense® PO 180 works on the measuring wire principle. It can be easily mounted and does not need linear guiding. ...