water cleaning machine / automatic / process / rotary
water cleaning machine

Safe inspection with each revolution Thanks to its state-of-the-art camera technology, the rotary machine Toptronic inspects empty containers very precisely and reliably. Sophisticated inspection modules can detect even ...

washer with water jet / automatic / process / for the food industry
washer with water jet
RW-16 RS

Main Benefits - Optimal washing performance - Wide processing range - Low cost of ownership - Pneumatic (dis)engagement of carrousel for easy cleaning The Inside/outside washer ...

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Marel France
water washer / automatic / process / for the food industry
water washer
CT 1636.20

... production area The Fillet Washer type 1636.20 is designed for preparation of fish fillets prior to packing, salting or freezing. The machine forms a natural part of the Marel salmon processing ...

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Marel France
ultrasonic cleaning machine / process / high-pressure
ultrasonic cleaning machine

Capacity: 6, 4 l

ULTRASONIC CLEANING MACHINE - CLEANCARD 9080 Completely microprocessor controlled cleaning system. • Digital display of temperature and time setting • Spacious ...

dry washer / automatic / process / spray
dry washer

The Washer was developed to address the washing system issues of other products on the market, designing a washer that took into account the requirement for gentle product washing, the ...

water cleaning machine / automatic / process / robust
water cleaning machine

• Central element of the VecoDyn washing technology • Based on a unique hydrodynamic process (water circulation + friction) • Cleans even heavily soiled plastics reliably (e.g. removal of paper labels) • ...

dry cleaning machine / automatic / process / with belt conveyor
dry cleaning machine

process washer / solvent / water / automated
process washer

The new PowerTrans Vario is the workhorse for any laundry. A modern batch washer, which combines flexibility, performance and lowest consumption figures.

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process washer / with water jet / solvent / water
process washer
PowerTrans JET-press

The revolution in batch washer technology integrates washing, rinsing and extracting in one unit. The free and absorbed main wash liquor is extracted before the rinsing process begins. After the pre-extraction, ...

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water cleaning machine / automatic / process / rotary basket
water cleaning machine

... time-consuming manual cleaning process between preparation steps. Lavamin is a fully automatic cleaning unit that frees the user from standing at the sink, cleaning specimens ...

automatic cleaning machine / process / stainless steel
automatic cleaning machine

The cleaning of blockforms is made easy by the maintenance and cleaning-friendly construction of the ALPMA mould cleaning machine. Whether it is manually loaded ...

solvent cleaning machine / water / automatic / process
solvent cleaning machine
C/E PCx series

Automatic machines for washing and cleaning mussels; they remove the algae and incrustations with great results, considerable labour-savings and a minimum waste of product. Disc and stainless steel basket ...

dry washer / automatic / process / friction
dry washer
GFW series

... Friction Washer is designed for washing the plastic films or chips of small size and low rigidity. It is characterized by high efficiency, large toque, low power consumption and advanced sound-proof designs. Made from ...