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centrifugal separator / liquid / for solids / for the chemical industry
centrifugal separator
AC series

... acceleration (g number) of a separator is significantly more powerful than in decanter centrifuges. Flottweg separators are suitable for separating ultrafine solid particles from a liquid (clarifier separator). ...

magnetic separator / metal / for production lines
magnetic separator

Metal separator for installation in liquid conveying lines to inspect fluid as well as pasty products like baby food. The hygienic 3-way separating valve without dead space is suitable for CIP and optional pigging cleaning ...

rotary separator / liquid / for solids / process
rotary separator

Weight: 137 kg - 895 kg
Filtration size: 15 µm
Flow rate: 10 m³/h - 65 m³/h

The SEPCOM 0150V is a solids-liquid screw press separator. The machine consists of: - an inlet module - a separation and conveying module - a compacting module The feeding section is provided with a compensator tank ...

disc stack separator / oil mist / for grinding processes
disc stack separator
Nova 300

Weight: 35 kg
Flow rate: 300 m³/h

The NOVA 300 of the GREEN LINE series is engineered with a LED RGB-strip with combined counter flow and disc stack technology. It is ideal for oil, coolant and lubricant processing with a tool cabin capacity of up to ...

disc stack separator / oil mist / for grinding processes
disc stack separator
Anna 600

Weight: 80 kg
Flow rate: 600 m³/h

... HEPA filter status, the situation of the driver strap, rotor and motor. The position of the machine is later passed on using a LED RGB-strip on the front and rear of the machine.

disc stack separator / oil mist / for grinding processes
disc stack separator
Lova 900

Weight: 113 kg
Flow rate: 900 m³/h

The Lova is an ideal device for users in need to meet a specific standard and quality. It is specifically designed to provide a superior quality performance mainly used for applications which involve processes that uses oil, coolants ...

disc stack separator / oil mist / for grinding processes
disc stack separator
Nina 1200

Weight: 119 kg
Flow rate: 1200 m³/h

... HEPA filter, drive belts, rotors, and the motors. The LED RGB-strip attached on the front and back panel acts as an effective medium to monitor the performance and working condition of the separator.

magnetic drum separator / oil / for production lines
magnetic drum separator

Flow rate: 8 m³/h - 470 m³/h

... products via continuous self-cleaning. A quality product starts with hygiene. The magnetic core installed in the drum magnet separator’s rotating drum provides continuous self-cleaning of metal contaminants from material ...

gravity separator / air / for production lines
gravity separator

Specific Gravity Separator Vibrograder MTLC The specific gravity separator Vibrograder MTLC is used in grain milling for the classification and separation of granular materials into high-density (heavy), ...

vibrating separator / particle / metal / sludge
vibrating separator
Finex Separator

This vibratory Finex Separator is ideal for accurate grading, scalping or sizing wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation with advanced separation technology enabling improved capacity, upgradability, ...

magnetic grate separator / liquid / waste recycling / for the food industry
magnetic grate separator

Magnetic grate separator: Magnetic Grate is installed or simply laid-inside of hoppers, housings, and bins to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects. Features : 1.Frame and tube material ...

magnetic plate separator / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / for production lines
magnetic plate separator

Plate Housing Magnets are widely used in the filed of food, pharmacy, tobacco, chemical etc, to remove Iron and ferrous fines from flow-resistant bulk materials that are easy block. Features: 1. Plate Magnets are hinged to the housing ...

magnetic separator / liquid coolant / for grinding processes / high-efficiency
magnetic separator

Magnetic Coolant Separators are ideal to remove ferrous particles from the coolant to extend working life of the grind wheel and tool, improve quality of product’s surface, save cost by reusing coolant. The system is ...

magnetic drum separator / particle / process / high-efficiency
magnetic drum separator
304 / 316L

Half Magnetic Drum is mainly used to remove or sort ferrous fines, tramp iron and other ferro magnetic materials from bulk dry material flow such as iron ore, grain, sand, gravel, plastics, wood, waste, cullet, etc. Features: 1. Continuous ...

centrifugal separator / condensate / for production lines / for the food industry
centrifugal separator
SFH/SFH SS series

Weight: 33 kg - 379 kg
Flow rate: 1760 m³/h - 12550 m³/h

... bottom of separator housing as condensate. The turbulent free zone in the lower part of the cyclone housing prevents condensate from being picked up and “carried over” into the airstream. To discharge ...

air separator / for bulk materials / for the recycling industry / process
air separator

Pre-Separators Stationary and mobile pre-separators models for different types of dust and materials. Used as a complement in a vacuum system e.g. for recycling or depositing in the process. There ...

overband magnetic separator / metal / for production lines / for the plastics industry
overband magnetic separator

... interrupting the manufacturing process. MST type overconveryor permanent magnetic separator has permanent magnets in its core and therefore does not need a power supply for its operation. Power is needed ...

rectangular separator / vibrating / powder / process
rectangular separator

Filtration size: 74 µm - 10000 µm

Universal Motion Rectangular Separators Introduction Navector Universal Motion Rectangular Separators are driven by two contra-rotating unbalance motors. They utilise a linear motion directed to the ...

centrifugal separator / for solids / for grinding processes
centrifugal separator

Flow rate: 250, 150 l/min

This product is a highly automatically draining centrifugal separator for relatively high sludge quantities. In application of this product, fine cleaning of industrial fluids with comparatively great quantities of solids. ...

magnetic grate separator / for production lines
magnetic grate separator
SWd-NR, SWs-NR, SWd-NS, SWs-NS series

Weight: 20 kg - 43 kg

The MAGENGINE Magnetic Drawer for efficient fine iron and ferromagnetic contamination removing from a range of dry free flowing powdery, scrap, granule product. It can be used in production lines of sugar, grain, tea, ceramics, chemicals, ...

magnetic plate separator / for production lines
magnetic plate separator
MC series

Weight: 17 kg - 63 kg

Plate housing magnets are commonly used in the food, pharmacy, tobacco and chemical industries to remove tramp iron and ferrous fines from easy-to-block flow-resistant bulk materials. These housings can be quickly and easily installed ...

water separator / condensate / oil / process
water separator
WOS series

Weight: 16.6, 30, 43 kg
Width: 650, 780, 970 mm
Flow rate: 30, 10, 20 m³/min

WOS Series Process Condensate Separators are used to separate oils and other impurities from the water in the condensate lines. WOS separators efficiently separate oil through a multi-stage ...

magnetic separator / particle / for grinding processes
magnetic separator

... materials Flexible use for a range of raw materials, for example fruit, meat, vegetables. Independent separation process Separation process fully independent of any manual intervention by the operator Simple ...

classifier separator / air / flow / powder
classifier separator

Filtration size: 2 µm - 120 µm
Flow rate: 20 m³/h

The picosplit® ultrafine classifier by Hosakawa Alpine is used for the classification of dry powders by particle size. In order to classify ultrafine powders, this uses the separation range 2µm-120µm It has grinding and ...

grease separator / for production lines / for the food industry / suspended
grease separator

Main Benefits - Automatic, in-line removal of excess fat - Flexible settings for fat removal - After each processing cycle all units are automatically cleaned - Easy cleaning of the inside of the machine after production ...

liquid separator / for solids / for the food industry / process
liquid separator
Pegasus C

Lautering process for complete extract preparation The requirements in the lautering process have been clear from the very beginning: For the brewing process, high-quality worts with ...

water separator / process
water separator

• Phase separation of material (flakes) and process water • The water separation unit consists of a phase separator and a mechanical dryer in cascade design for maximum drying results • Water separation ...

magnetic separator / particle / process
magnetic separator

Width: 2000, 2500 mm
Flow rate: 120, 60 m³/h

... cleaning the pretreatment baths. Conventional solutions require that you interrupt the filtering process to remove magnetic particles from the separator. Thanks to its novel operating principle, the ...

cyclone separator / particle / process / mobile
cyclone separator

Filtration size: 50, 10 µm

... -free car body surface and high-quality coating results. Dürr has adapted the multicyclone principle to meet the special process requirements in automotive finishing. We offer two EcoMultiCyclone variants matched to ...