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profilometer - Dektak XTL™

The new Dektak Xtl™ stylus profile gives amazingly exact, repeatable, and reproducible metrology for an extensive variety of applications. With its capability to suit examples of up to 350mm x 350mm, this framework brings fanciful Dektak execution to 200mm and 300mm wafer manufacturing....

profilometer - DektakXT™

The The Dektak XT™ stylus profiler, manufactured by Bruker, has an innovative design that provides optimum consistency of under five angstroms...

profilometer laser - max. 240 mm | LJ-V7000 series

The LJ-V series is the world's fastest 3D laser inspection system at 64,000...

profilometer - P-7

The P-7 has the leading measurement repeatability in the industry that provides efficient measurement performance. Its system is equipped with a standard 150 mm scan length. It is the only stylus profiler in ther market that offers long...

profilometer optical / industrial - MicroXAM - 100

KLA-Tencor offers complete optical interferometer solution and surface profilometer targeting the needs of the research and engineering community. The optical interferometer and 3D surface...

profilometer non-contact - MicroXAM 1200

The MicroXAM-1200 3D is a precision engineered non-contract optical profiler that offers the use of MapVUE® AE analysis software package intended for a broad range of industries...

profilometer - AlphaStep® D-100

The AlphaStep® D-100, one of the KLA-Tencor Development Series Stylus Profiler has a 30-mm scan length and a Z sensor that has a range of up to 1.2 mm. This...

profilometer - Alpha-Step D-120

This KLA-Tencor development series consists of stylus profilers and offers a comprehensive solution for engineering and research needs. These profiler products are designed to match the various requirements of individuals involved...

profilometer optical - S neox

The Sensofar S line can be used for non contact optical three dimensional profiling which opens new arenas towards 3D experience.It consists of a combination of confocal and interferometry techniques in the...

profilometer optical - max. 610 x 610 mm | PLu CP

The Plu Series is a control of production unit which was designed by Sensofar for optical characterization of large samples. Built with the Sensofar optical profiling technology, the series...

profilometer optical - max. 610 x 610 mm | PLu CP

The Laser Profilometer can be used for quantifying geometrical parameters of wheel flange and tire thickness. It comes with an integrated RF603 laser...

profilometer optical / industrial - PGI 1240

The PGI 1240 is utilized as a measurement system, for small to medium sized aspherics optics market. The unit is suitable for applications, which require...

profilometer optical / industrial - PGI Dimension

The PGI Dimension Series, manufactured by Taylor Hobson®, is a surface profiler that gives the 3D form a precise measurement in hollow and lofty aspherical lenses as well as modules...

profilometer optical / industrial - PGI 840

The PGI 840 Model of Profilometer, manufactured by Taylor Hobson, is specifically designed for optical industry applications. It is mainly used to permit aspheric lenses to be...

profilometer optical - 2048 x 2048 px | CCI HD

The CCI HD is a non-contact optical 3D profiler. It has the capabilities for thin and thick film measurements. It uses a correlation algorithm that is innovative and patented to located the coherence...

profilometer optical - CCI MP

The CCI MP Series, manufactured by Taylor Hobson®, is a non 3D profiler interferometer with a modified measurement type that utilizes a creative correlated algorithm that is monopolized that...

profilometer optical - CCI MP

The Shape Die System is suitable for the measurement of shape, and depth profile of the inner die. It is utilized for improving the quality, and saving operational costs through early testing. Also,...

profilometer laser - Profile360 series

Profile360 is an in-line, real-time, non-contact measurement system for continuously monitoring key profile dimensions in complex shapes such as rubber, ceramic, plastic, and wood-plastic composite...

profilometer optical - 300 µm - 18 mm | µscan custom

The 3D profilometer µscan custom that is made to measure topography, height profile or layer thickness in production processes. Its...

profilometer non-contact - VANTAGE 50

Cost-effective profilometer and 3D scanning solution
Integrated motion system with 50 mm travel
User friendly concept
Sophisticated analysis and automation software

The cyberSCAN VANTAGE 50 is a compact, non-contact profiling system for fast scanning of...

profilometer non-contact - 100 x 100 mm | CT 100

High-speed and high-resolution 3D scanning system
Raster sizes up 10.000 x 10.000 data points
User friendly concept
Sophisticated analysis and automation software


profilometer non-contact - 315 x 315 mm | CT 300

Large 315 mm x 315 mm scanning area
Fast, precise and accurate measurement on small and large samples
User friendly concept
Sophisticated analysis and automation software


profilometer non-contact - 350 x 350 mm | CT 350S

Large 350 mm x 350 mm scanning area
Large z-range at high resolution using a closed loop axis
User friendly
Sophisticated analysis and automation software

The CT 350S is a non-contact profilometer with a 350 mm x-, y-scanning stage and...

profilometer optical - CT 350T, CT 250T

Dual non-contact measurement system
3D mapping of thickness, bow, warpage and rouhgness
User friendly concept
Sophisticated analysis and automation software

The CT 350T is a non-contact double-sided optical profilometer with a 300 mm x-, y- scanning stage. The upper sensor is mounted on a highly accurate...

profilometer optical - MicroSpy® Profile

The MicroSpy® Profile is an optical single-sensor profilometer for budget...

profilometer optical - MicroSpy® Mobile

The MicroSpy® Mobile is as a portable surface metrology unit, perfectly suited for direct surface...

profilometer non-contact - MicroProf® 100

The MicroProf® 100 is the established measurement device for easy...

profilometer non-contact - MicroProf® 200

The MicroProf® 200 is the most successful model from the FRT...

profilometer non-contact - MicroProf® 300

In development, production or quality assurance the measurement of flat, extended structures is problematic. Besides...

profilometer - 0 - 800 µm | SPG-1000

The SPG-1000 digital surface profile gauge will allow the peak to valley height of blast cleaned surfaces to be accurately...

profilometer non-contact - Viking

The non-contact profilometer Viking for affordable laser measuring

Solarius Development introduces a new low-cost non-contact laser profilometer, Viking. The tool is designed to...

profilometer optical - 35 nm - 3 µm | F42

The Filmetrics F42 can map the thickness of films, such as OSP, at over one-million points, each with a spot size as small as 3 microns. Using an integrated CCD camera, live video makes it easy to pinpoint exact measurement locations. Once the feature is...

profilometer non-contact - NewView™ 7100

The NewView™ 7100 white light interferometer provides affordable versatility in non-contact surface profiling. With powerful tools for characterizing and quantifying surface roughness, step...

profilometer optical - NewView™ MPT

Building on the proven reliability of ZYGO's trusted NewView optical profiler, ZYGO's NewView Delta provides important operational and performance enhancements which make it easy to measure precision parts right on the factory floor. The NewView Delta extends the field...

profilometer non-contact - ZeMapper™ series

ZeMapper™ Optical Profiler
Zemetrics ZeMapper System

Key Features:

• Rigid platform improves stability and increases accuracy by reducing vibration-induced errors.

• Point and click move-to-measure automation.

• Computer-controlled 5-axis motorized precision stages.

• High-res, low-noise, 4 megapixel sensor delivers...

profilometer optical - CSP-3000™

FC-CSP Strip Automatic HVM Inspection
CSP-3000 - Full inspection of FC-CSP strips round and flat bumps
Full Inspection of FC-CSP Strips
Round and Flat Bumps
Inspecting a mixture of round and flat bumps in a single measurement is no problem on CSP-3000, the only inspection tool capable of measuring both. It is Zygo's third generation...

profilometer optical / non-contact - BW-Series

From the highly recognized and world class brand of Nikons innovation is proprietary scanning-type optical interference measurement technology achieves height resolution. Nikon provides...

profilometer atomic force - 200 x 200 mm | UA3P 3D

The Panasonic UA3P profilometer series is designed to measure aspherical lenses & molds, semiconductor wafers, and any other precision component requiring nanometer level accuracy ranging...

profilometer atomic force - UA3P-L

Panasonic recently released the UA3P-L to measure vertical wall surfaces and inside surfaces for all holes including micron-sized...

profilometer 3D / optical - 10x - 50x | IF-Profiler

The IF-Profiler is a 3D profilometer to measure surface finish including form in a high vertical resolution. Roughness is measured based on the extraction of a linear profile (Ra, ) according to ISO 4287/88. In addition, users benefit from areal based roughness measurement according to ISO 25178. This allows to numerically verify also local roughness and surface state. The lightweight IF-Profiler...

profilometer optical - NanoCam Sq

The NanoCam Sq dynamic optical profiler measures surface roughness on small and large optical quality surfaces. The non-contact NanoCam Sq replaces slow, messy replication methods required with traditional workstation optical profilers.

By enabling on-machine...


How to choose this product


Traditional profilometers consist of a very fine probe in contact with the surface to be measured. Its tip moves parallel to the surface, along the x and y axes. Irregularities cause the tip to move perpendicular to the surface, in the z axis. Optical versions replace the tip with a non-contact probe.


These instruments are used in quality control laboratories to provide information on the state of an object's surface. This is important in polishing and stripping operations. They monitor flatness, smoothness, particle size, manufacturing and machining faults of all types of material.


There are both contact and non-contact profilometers. In the former, a stylus moves over the surface, providing information on changes in the z axis, perpendicular to the surface. The latter typically use an optical device to obtain a three-dimensional image of the surface. In some, a laser beam sweeps the study area. In others, images taken from different angles can be used to generate a 3D representation of the surface on a computer.

How to choose

Choice will depend on required precision, from several nanometers to several micrometers, and whether the surface under examination is hard or ductile. Other factors include the speed of data acquisition and whether the probe is likely to scratch or deform the surface.


Contact profilometer:
- Compatibility with all surfaces
- Not affected by surface optical qualities
- High resolution
- Relatively inexpensive

Optical profilometer:
- No contact
- No surface deterioration
- Fast


Contact profilometer:
- Slow
- May scratch surface
- Influenced by surface hardness

Optical profilometer:
- Limited operating radius

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