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Protective covers
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pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

STRAPANO, the innovative protection system from ARNOLD, enjoys all the advantages of a telescopic sheet cover yet completely avoids use of a bellow in its construction.

A functional element picks up the movement...

pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

WetEx® Flexible Protective Film for Keyboards has superior tensile and tearing strength. It offers excellent resistance to diesel...

pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

Protect a machine
KEALA® has the solution for your environment.
.High temperature cover.
. thermal cover.
. Cover confidentiality.


pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

Reasons of hygiene or allergy, KEALA® offers solutions of covers:
. Allergy- Cover your staff.
. Cover of equipment...

pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

KEALA® solutions fireproof cover for:
. Meet the requirements of standards M1, M2,
. Protect the equipment in an area at risk,
. Protect...

pressure protective cover - STRAPANO

KEALA® solutions electrically insulating cover for:
. Transport of materials,
. Protect personnel against accidents,
. Secure to prevent...

protective cover - anti-UV

UV-A KEALA® cover for:
. Protect sensitive equipment against UV
. Prevent deterioration of liquids or surfaces...

cutting robot protective cover - TPSN

There are some modern cutting techniques which...

welding gun protective cover - TKVB-CLASSIC

The Welding Gun Protective Cover is developed by ASP. It is mainly used for welding jaws. The unit is built featuring 140 different models for all...

welding gun protective cover - HPM-JUNIOR-ELIT2-TIGRA

The modular HPM* system from ASP's is an excellent solution for efficient, flexible and easy protection of the welding gun. The modular HPM-JUNIOR system is befitting to all welding gun configurations (X, C or special). It can...

robotic protective cover / for the food industry - TNCA

The TNCA is a robotic protective cover manufactured by ASP. This tool is designed for the food industry which is made with the Neoils material. This cover is built with...

forge robot protective cover - TIFFON

ASP’S WASHABLE COVERS covers can easily meet your needs with a personalized structure for optimum...

protective cover - 2.44 x 3.46 - 3.66 x 6 m

A heavy duty, tightly knitted...

robotic protective cover / for the food industry - FDA 21 CFR

Our protective covers for robots used in the food industry or in clean rooms fulfill...

foundry robot protective cover - 450 - 1200 °C | TG series

Our protective covers for robots used in areas such as forge, foundry and climatic chambers have been designed for an application in a high-temperature environment. The heat resistance of our...

painting robot protective cover - max. 170 °C

Our protective covers for robots used in paint applications are characterized by a high...

painting robot protective cover - max. 170 °C

Our protective covers for robots used in surface treatment applications have a...

painting robot protective cover - max. 170 °C

Our protective covers for robots used in blasting applications are manufactured out of special, high-performance...

protective cover - 150 x 125 cm


fire-resistant protective cover - 200 x 200 cm

The fire blankets are used in situations where there is

welding gun protective cover - Ø 22 - 50 mm, 1 - 8 m | PYTHONrap series

Weldas PYTHONrap leather cable covers are made of light brown cowhide or black flame retardant...

protective cover - innoCUFF

innoCUFFis a heat protecting custom shaped cover cutted by a digital cutting machine. The basic material is glass fibre in combination with aluminium foil or a metalized polyester foil.

The size of the innoCUFF-heat protecting shield will...

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