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psychrometer - -20 °C ... + 60 °C, 10 - 90 % | PCE-320

PCE-320 Psychrometer helps in measuring accurate humidity, temperature, dew point, wet bulb globe temperature and surface temperature. It also measures ambient humidity and temperature using an internal sensor and surface temperature using an optional external sensor or infrared measurement...

psychrometer - RH401


Triple display with backlighting
Displays Air temp+RH+surface temp or Dew Point+RH+surface...

psychrometer - RH25


Built-in multiparameter sensor measures Heat Index, Wet Bulb...

psychrometer - FPA 8363

Optimized version for long-term measuring operations.
ƒÓ Especially suitable...

vacuum psychrometer - -5 °C ... +60 °C | 761

The product is a Aspiration Psychrometer (761) produced by Lambrecht. It is a device used as source for humidity measuring instruments that is designed...

psychrometer - -40 °C ... +50 °C | 706

Developed by Lambrecht Meteorological Instruments, the Standard Psychrometer (706) can measure three parameters: dry, humid and extreme temperature. Other parameters...

precision psychrometer - -10 °C ... +60 °C | 740

The knack of ...
mobile and indirect humidity measurement has the handy instrument. The radiation protected casing contains two liquid thermometers. Dry and humid...

precision psychrometer - -20 °C ... +40 °C | 819

Psychrometer electric fan is designed to provide excellent performance. The main function of the fan is to ventilate an instrument and moisturize...

psychrometer - -100  to 1372 ºC | DT-8896

The Psychrometer with InfraRed Thermometer...

psychrometer - -100  to 1372 ºC | DT-8896

Range: -5º to 45º...

psychrometer - -5 - 50 °C | SSCE2088

SSCE2088 Sling Psychrometer

Designed for portability (7.5”long×1” diameter) Duel range (high & low temperature) scales for better resolution. Slide rule construction quickly converts...

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