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The EN 1514-1 NOVAFLON 300 from APSOparts is a PTFE flange gasket specifically used...


The Texlon® sheets are pure, multi-directional PTFE flat gasket. The device facilitate the assembly as it produces sheets that adapts to the roughness, unevenness and irregularities on used flanges. The sheets gives a greater...


Ultimate chemical resistance and mechanical durability combined in one material.
The PTFE-gasket, which does not flow: merely 1,6% thickness loss at a surface pressure of 50 MPa and a temperature of 200°C!
PTFE with a special chemical resistant pressure and temperature-stable filler.

Maximum chemical resistance...


The Kempchen PTFE flat sealing strip Profile TF1 has proven
to be excellent for sealing flanges on machines, tanks,
housings, pumps, gearbox covers, water level valves, etc.
Despite its high level of breaking and tensile strength, the


Supplied cut to the proper dimensions recommended for...

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