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pyrgeometer - 4500 - 42000 nm, max. 15 W/m² | CGR 3

The CGR 3 is a pyrgeometer, designed for meteorological measurements of downward atmospheric long wave radiation. The CGR 3 provides a voltage that is proportional to the net radiation in the far infrared (FIR). By calculation, downward atmospheric long wave radiation is derived. For this reason CGR 3 embodies a temperature sensor. The CGR 3 uses a specially designed...

pyrgeometer - 4500 - 42000 nm, max. 4 W/m² | CGR 4

CGR 4 pyrgeometer is an instrument for the highest quality scientific measurements. The specially designed meniscus dome provides a 180º field of view with negligible directional response error. A hard-carbon coating on the outside of the dome smoothes the spectral response and provides...

pyrgeometer - 5.5 µm - 45 µm | LP PIRG01

The LP PIRGO01 is manufactured by Delta Ohm. It is a pygreometer that is suitable for use in measurements of far infrared radiation or the FIR....

pyrgeometer - IR20 & IR20WS

IR20 and IR20WS are research-grade pyrgeometers used for high-accuracy longwave irradiance measurement. The IR20 is equipped with a dome, and a solar blind filter with a cut-on at...

pyrgeometer - IR02

The IR02, manufactured by Hukseflux® is a pyrgeometer with a heater suitable for longwave measurements in meteorological applications. It can be heated, which improves measurement accuracy as it prevents dew deposition on...

pyrgeometer - IR02-TR

IR02-TR is a sensor that can be applied for Far Infra Red (FIR) radiation observations. The main application is in meteorological outdoor experiments. The scientific name of this instrument is pyrgeometer. IR02-TR is heated, which improves measurement accuracy because it prevents...

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