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The CHP 1 pyrheliometer is the latest development in the field of solar radiation measurement. This instrument offers the best accuracy and reliability.

CHP 1 fully complies with the most current ISO and WMO performance...

Use of the CHP 1 sensor technology, built with a smart interface, makes the SHP1 a reliable pyrheliometer. The smart interface not only delivers flexible outputs, the incorporated temperature sensor and digital polynomial...


The LP PYRHE 16 is a Class I pyrheliometer based on ISO 9060 standards. It directly measures solar irradiance in the unit of Watt/m2. The surface...


The DR02 is made to monitor the systems in solar energy applications. It is fitted for PV applications, due to its quick response, where it will match the response time of the panels more closely than...

The DR01 is a Pyheliometer that is constructed in accordance to ISO and WMO standards. It is characterized by its foreoptic structure that is constructed with an accurate ground and polished quartz...


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The pyrheliometer measures solar radiation incident within a band of just a few degrees. It is similar to the pyranometer, though the latter measures solar radiation falling on a surface and has an angle of view of 180°.


This device is a field instrument designed for use in even the harshest climatological conditions. It is found at weather stations and photovoltaic installations, and in atmospheric, climatological and other research.


This instrument uses a narrow tube to limit the sensor's field of view. As in a pyranometer, this sensor is a thermopile which produces an output voltage when heated by the sun's rays. Its narrow angle of view requires the pyrheliometer to be linked to a solar tracker.

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