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radar level transmitter - max. 30 m | LTR700





radar level sensor / water - 0.8 - 115 ft, -10 ... +40 °C | Ott RLS

Reliable level monitoring, simple installation, solar powered!

The RLS Radar Level Sensor is a radar sensor for non-contact water level measurements at surface waters. The sensor uses impulse-radar technology to determine the...

radar level transmitter - max. 70 m, max. 180 °C, max. 40 bar | RPL series

The RPL series of Radar level transmitters are suitable for continuous non-contact level measurement applications...

radar level transmitter - RMG series

RMG series includes radar level transmitters. The level of liquids is measured by transmitting low energy radar pulses towards the liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes. The travel...

radar level transmitter - max. 35 m | 5400

Rosemount 5400 is a reliable 2-wire non-contact radar level transmitter for liquids, to be used in a wide...

radar level sensor / for bulk materials - TankRadar Pro

The powerful multi-purpose radar level gauge is excellent for operational...

radar level sensor / water - H-3611/H-3612/H-3613

The WaterLOG® models H-3611/3612/3613 make up the Radar series of SDI-12 water level sensors. Interface the Radar with any data recorder/logger that is SDI-12 compliant. This user friendly series is simple to install and contains a built-in LCD display for monitor,...

radar level sensor - 24 - 3000 kW | SF, VM series

Frequency 9.275 9.325 GHz
Peak Power Output...

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