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For Medi-Test products, MN offers a specially formulated control reagent to ensure optimal and convenient quality...


WTW offers photometers and test sets, perfectly matched for specific applications. The programs to run the test kits are stored in the meter which is a matched system but with different specific advantages, depending what...


Reagents for COD, LR EPA*



For ultimate convenience, the Palintest range of Tubetests® offers pre-dispensed reagents for minimal handling and ease-of-use.

For applications such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), nutrients (ammonia, nitrate and phosphate) and heavy metals (chrome, copper,...

Water Chlorination Made Easy

Steadichlor tablets provide a simple and effective means of water chlorination...

A convenient method of small-scale chlorination

Instachlor PR tablets may be added directly...

A simple, reliable technique for the confirmed enumeration of both total coliforms and E.coli.

Colitag is a...


Your choice of mobile phases, solvents and additives can have a significant impact on your chromatographic and spectrophotometric results....


* AmmoniaTNTplusTM Low Range vial tests deliver superior results
* For use with the new...


IN/US offers a range of IN-FLOW liquid scintillators for use with the β-RAM, each formulated to satisfy...


Different forms of reagents are required for different fields of application. It is fair to say that, in terms of quality, tablet reagents are the best form of reagent. Thanks to production techniques of the type used in the pharmaceutical industry and stringent internal quality standards, AQUALYTIC® is able to produce tablet reagents for water testing...


Dry kit reagents for the CLX Online Residual Chlorine Monitor

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The HF scientific Dry Chlorine Reagent Kits have been specifically formulated for use in...


Prepared Reagents

Save time and money, and be confident in your results with NEW Lachat Prepared Reagents!
When you use Guaranteed Prepared Reagents...

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