data connector / RJ45 / rectangular / elbow
data connector

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data connector / board-to-board / rectangular / socket
data connector
PF series

Current: 1.5 A
Voltage: 60 V

Sockets for TO ... casesPF 53 ... PF 53 ... Sockets for TO 5 contact material CuZn-alloy contact spring gold-plated surface contact / contact sleeve Ni+4...6µm Sn Ni+≥0.2µm Au no. of contacts 3 inner contact spring material CuBe-alloy inner ...

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Fischer Elektronik
electrical power supply connector / USB / rectangular / flange
electrical power supply connector
GDM series

Current: 16 A
Voltage: 250 V

Rectangular connectors of the GDM-series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators are available in all forms (type A/B/C).

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data connector / DIN / rectangular / modular
data connector
70Ax series

Current: 3 A
Voltage: 30, 60 V

... battery pack is required. Because they can be used as either compression or sliding Modular Contacts, they can function as connectors for many other non-battery related applications.

RF connector / D-sub / SMT / rectangular
RF connector

Current: 5 A
Voltage: 125 V

Characteristics Standard type filtered with 1000 pF High attenuation of more than 40 dB @ 180 MHz Low size: 6.3 mm Rated voltage: 125 VDC Rated current @ 20 ºC: 5 A Withstand voltage: 250 VRMS Insulation resistance: min. 1000 MΩ Operating ...

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Würth Elektronik eiSos
FPC/FFC connector / IDE / SMT / board-to-wire
FPC/FFC connector
XF3M series

Current: 0.5 A
Voltage: 50 V
Pitch: 0.5, 1 mm

The XF3M model engineered by Omron, is a 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm rotary backlock connector that features adual contact design. This design enables the reduction of the number of parts in the device's Bill of Material. In addition, ...

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OMRON Electrical Components
data connector / DIN / rectangular / female
data connector
GW series

Current: 10 A - 35 A
Voltage: 50 V - 830 V

The GW Connect range includes over 2000 articles, subdivided into multi-polar connectors, metal accessories and boxes, providing the industrial environments with guaranteed complete solution for all disconnectable power ...

data connector / DIN / rectangular / rapid
data connector
Pos-E-Kon® series

... DIN-standard rectangular pin and sleeve connectors are modular for easy assembly at the customer site. Features Simplify - Pos-E-Kon connectors create easy access in panels, machinery ...

backplane connector / SMT / DIN / rectangular
backplane connector

Verotec maintains a range of connectors that conform to the DIN 41612 standard to compliment our Eurocard and Power Supply ranges.

electrical power supply connector / USB / rectangular / bayonet
electrical power supply connector

Current: 10 A
Voltage: 250 V - 300 V

DIN CONNECTORS FOR SOLENOID VALVES Coil connectors provide the safest flexible system for connecting M&M International solenoid valves and give a protection class of IP65. They are designed and made ...

card-edge connector / SMT / rectangular / board
card-edge connector
1384X Series

Current: 10 A
Voltage: 250 V

Series 1384X Edge Connectors – 1 Sided Boards/Vertical Mount

data connector / smart-card / USB / rectangular
data connector
CCM01 MK2 V2 series

Features and Benefits EMV PCI ready Card detection sealed switch Typical Applications Transaction Identification POS Specifications Electrical Life: Up to 500,000 cycles Contact ...

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C&K Components
data connector / Ethernet / jack / square
data connector

... maximum performance in Category 3 applications. Available in an 8 position, 8 conductor 568A/B connector or USOC connector and a 6 position, 6 conductor USOC connector, they ensure the ...

data connector / Ethernet / USB / rectangular
data connector

Y CAN cable All pins connected Length 22 cm Sub D9 socket to sub D9 socket/plug Shield

RAST connector / parallel / locking / insulation-displacement
RAST connector

Current: 2 A - 4 A
Voltage: 32 V
Pitch: 2.5, 5 mm

RAST 2.5 connector for direct mating, insulation displacement technology (IDT), with locking on printed circuit board by means of enhanced locking toes, alternatively with or without keying rib and closed sides, for individual ...

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Lumberg Connect
data connector / DIN / overmolded / rectangular
data connector
VC series

Current: 4 A
Voltage: 24, 230 V

Flexible, silicone- and halogen-free control line with high mechanical strength. The cable is chemicals, hydrolysis-, and microbes- resistant. The drag-chain application is possible at a bending radius of minimum 10 x d. Due to its weld-field ...

D-sub connector / SMT / parallel / high-voltage
D-sub connector

Voltage: 13,500 V

A High Voltage Capability for Subminiature-D Connectors HI/Mate-D high voltage lead assemblies are rated @ 13.5 KVDC and can be fitted into a Sub-D No. 8 gauge insert cavity. The assemblies are ideal for airborne applications ...

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Teledyne Reynolds
data connector / DIN / rectangular / locking
data connector

Current: 16 A
Voltage: 500 V

Product description Series CNZ complete connectors 16A max - 500V (screw) Product type hoods with single lever, CNE series inserts,with screw connection terminals hood side entry Family complete connectors Size ...

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electrical power supply connector / data / DIN / SMT
electrical power supply connector
i2 MX

Interchangeable modular inserts EMI-shielding available Maximum cable bundle capacity with innovative cable exit i2 MX enables mixing of signal, power, VTAC HSD and coax Easy access for trouble-shooting and maintenance ...

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VPC - Virginia Panel Corporation
PCB connector / board-to-board / rectangular / socket
PCB connector

sockets for Pushbutton Code Switches with PCB in various numbers of poles after 100 plugging actions all technical values are within limits

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Hartmann Codier
data connector / RCA / DIN / square
data connector
NFD2 Series

Current: 16 A

Phono socket in nickel D-shape housing, black isolation washers, solder version Features & Benefits Precisely machined to our demanding quality standards Gold plated contacts

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backplane connector / DIN / rectangular / female
backplane connector

Pitch: 3, 2 mm
Data rate: 25 GB/s - 56 GB/s

... PATH TO HIGHER BANDWIDTH APPLICATIONS ExaMAX® 92Ω backplane connector system meets industry specifications requiring higher bandwidth applications from 25Gb/s to 56Gb/s. The optimized connector design ...

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RF connector / fiber optic / ST & SC type / rectangular
RF connector
EC 61754-4

Universal standard connector conforming with IEC 61754-4. Specified / recommended for LAN cabling according to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173, the SC is the most common fiber optic standard connector. * ...

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Rosenberger OSI
electrical power supply connector / rectangular / flange / with LED
electrical power supply connector
M-A series

Current: 10, 4, 2 A
Voltage: 250, 230, 24 V

The M-A is series of rectangular connector manufactured by Binder-USA, LP. The binder solenoid connectors is best suitable for low profile or standard size housings. It is build with ...

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Binder-USA, LP
audio/video connector / jack / square / modular
audio/video connector

HellermannTyton Category 6 copper connectivity products exceed TIA requirements for structured cabling systems. In addition to unshielded patch cords, HellermannTyton offers shielded standard and GSA compliant Cat 6 patch cords. Our Cat ...

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HellermannTyton USA