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Reed switches
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miniature reed switch - KSK-1A04

The KSK-1A80 and KSK-1A04 are reed switches built in glass capsules of small...

reed switch - KSK-1A35

The KSK-1A35, KSK-1A46, KSK-1A66 and KSK-1A87 are standard reed switches designed...

power reed switch - KSK-1A52

The Standex Meder Electronics® KSK-1A52, KSK-1A55, KSK-1A71/6 and KSK-1A85 are high-quality power reed switches...

high-voltage reed switch - KSK-1A69

The KSK-1A69 and KSK-1A83 are reed switches designed for applications...

reed switch - KSK-1A53

The KSK-1A53 and KSK-1A54 are high frequency switches used in an intense frequencies...

reed switch - 1 VA, 30 Vdc, max. 50 mA | AC01

The AC01, which is manufactured by Celduc Relais, is a normally open, dry contact...

robust reed switch - EN62246, IEC62246, UL, 3A, 5A

The Bestact reed element represents an extremely reliable, broad control range reed switch specially designed to serve the...

subminiature reed switch - 5 - 15 AT, ø 0.07 x 0.19 in | RI-80

The RI-80 model engineered by Comus, is a subminiature reed switch that features an A contact...

subminiature reed switch - 7 - 21 AT, ø 0.07 x 0.28 in | RI-70

The RI-70 model engineered by Comus, is a reed switch that features an A contact...

surface-mount reed switch / miniature - 8 - 13 AT, 10 mm | RI-60-90 series

The COMUS RI-60-90 series reed switches are ATE graded,...

surface-mount reed switch / miniature - 16 - 34 AT, ø 0.07 x 0.52 in | RI-29SMD

Housed / SMD Reed Switches RI-29SMD have a switching capacity...

reed switch - 15 - 40 AT, ø 0.1 x 0.5 in | RI-90

The RI-90 is a reed switch characterized with a C contact form. This...

reed switch - RI-80SMDH

One of the world’s smallest reed switches, the RI-80SMDH is protected by a robust plastic housing, allowing the user the ease of mounting without having to worry about undue stress robotic pick and placing can...

reed switch - RI-80SMDH

A reed switch consists of two ferromagnetic and specially shaped contact blades (reeds) positioned in a hermetically sealed glass tube with a gap between them and in a protective atmosphere. The plated contact surfaces...

cast-in reed switch - 5 W | CT05 Series

The CT05 is a molded dry reed switch. It is single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts. The...

cast-in reed switch - 10 W | CT10 Series

The CT10 is an encapsulated dry reed switch. It is single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts....

reed switch - 0.3 W | RedRock

Ideally suited to the needs of Medical, Industrial, Automotive, and other applications where small size, zero power operation, and hot switching capabilities are required, the RedRock™...

reed switch - 5 - 20 VA, 150 - 200 V | PMC, TRH series

Highest reliability and long life for demanding applications...

power reed switch - 50 - 250 VA, 120 - 500 V | CRH, HSR, PMC series

Power switching at low cost; contact ratings...

reed switch - 10 VA, 150 - 200 V | S series

Most economic Reed Switches for automated...

reed switch - Bestact

The Bestact Reed Element is a reed switch that is used for the production of quality throughput...

reed switch - Bestact

The Bestact reed element is a highly reliable, broad control range reed switch that when used and implemented in various...

reed switch - 0 830 100 xxx

The 0 830 100 xxx is electronic reed switch, manufactured by HNC GROUP...


How to choose this product


Reed switches are small electrical switches that are activated by an applied magnetic field. Configurations include normally open or normally closed.


Reed switches are used in the automobiles as position sensors, parking sensors and movement sensors. A common application of a reed switch is to detect the opening of a door. In marine applications, reed switches are used to detect liquid levels or anchor position.


Reed switches are created by hermetically sealing two ferromagnetic contacts in a glass tube. The contacts have a gap between them which can be altered when a magnet is present. A reed switch can come as either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). A reed switch can be used to make a reed relay by surrounding it with a coil.

How to choose

When selecting a reed switch, be sure to provide information such as the rated power (W), the switching voltage (V) and the switching current (A) of your application.


- Compact
- Inexpensive
- Availability


- Sensitive to high voltage
- Sensitive to high current
- Fragile

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