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differential relay / security / distance / relay - 1/3 x 19 - 2/1 x 19 in | 7SL87

The combined differential and distance protection 7SL87 is a universal protection, control and automation device on the basis of the SIPROTEC 5 system.
Due to its high...

security relay / centralized busbar - 7SS85

The centralized busbar protection SIPROTEC 7SS85 is a selective, safe, and fast protection against busbar short circuits in medium voltage, high-voltage and very high...

differential relay / security / transformer - 1/3 x 19 in | 7UT82

The transformer differential protection SIPROTEC 7UT82 is a universal protection, control and automation device on the basis of the SIPROTEC 5 system. It...

security relay / distance - 7 Hz | 7SA63

The SIPROTEC 7SA6 distance protection relay is a universal relay for protection, control and automation with a grafic display on the basis of the SIPROTEC 4 system.
Its high level of flexibility makes it suitable to be implemented...

security relay / distance - 7 Hz | 7SA64

The SIPROTEC 7SA6 distance protection relay is a universal relay for protection, control and automation with a grafic display on the basis of the SIPROTEC 4 system. Its high level of flexibility makes it suitable to be implemented...

power relay / solar - 50 A | 67 series

From the leaders in innovating relays and timers, comes their newest addition to their top of the line industrial relays, the Solar relay 50 A.Designed as Power...

electromechanical relay / bistable / high-speed - 8 A | RR series

The FINDERNET's RR Series offer a fast acting relay 8A. It is used in control and...

bistable relay / power - 8 A, 24 - 250 V | RB series

This unit belongs to the RB series. It is a unit that has changeover...

static relay / modular - 5 - 30 A | 77 series

Zero-crossing switch-on is part of the relays and timers series of equipment...

relay with forcibly guided contacts - 6 A | 7S series

For safety applications, with class A forcibly guided contact relays...

safety relay - ES4P series

A part of the Moeller® series, this device is an easySafety control relay. Both standard and safety functions can be found in this device. Indeed, these control relays have a great many safety features, such as the emergency-stop and position switches. These provide a high level...

safety relay / control - ESR5

he Eaton ESR5 safety relay is used to monitor safety devices such as Emergency-Stop...

control relay - easy 500/700/800

The Control relay easyRelay Moeller® series that includes the easy500, easy700 and easy800...

control relay / sizing / phase - EMR5-AWN/EMR5-AWM/EMR5-W

The EMR4/EMR5 range of measuring and monitoring relays is designed for use in various applications...

dual over-current relay - 5TT6

The current relays monitor is a product of great ingenuity and brilliance. In regard to emergency lighting's the relays are of utmost importance for the flow...

voltage relay - 5TT3

Voltage relays are used for plant and device protection, detection of N-conductor breaks, short-time voltage interruptions and for supplying emergency light devices. They are supplied as under/...

emergency stop relay - 5TT5

EMERGENCY-STOP circuits are mainly for safety protocols for all laboratory devices and industrial parts. These modules meet the most critical demands with high consideration...

control relay / level - 5TT3

This is a level relay that works for monitoring and controlling non-combustible materials. This is to keep overflows and dry runs from developing. This works with LED displays in three...

security relay / electrical line - 2 - 20 VA | 5TT3

Line circuit relays are widely used in cases of no active loads to interrupt circuits and prevent electromagnetic fields in circuits. During disconnected loads, only 2 to 20 VA usage is measured by the line circuit relay. As a result,...

digital relay / time delay / multi-function - 0.1 s - 1 h, 8 A | TUR, TBR, TLR series

This multi-range timer features an LED status indicator. It can have either...

time delay relay / plug-in - 0.1 s - 1 h, 10 A | OUR, PUR series

- Multi-function or mono-function
- Multi-range
- Multi-voltage

time delay relay / DIN rail - 17.5 mm | Chronos 2

Relay or solid state output
Multi-function or mono-function

digital relay / time delay / miniature - 0.1 s - 10 h, 5 A | RTMA series

Known as the DIN rail mounted timers or the RTM miniature timers and comes in...

sizing relay / control / current - max. 10 A, 230 V | EI series

Current transformer fitted by passing a cable through the front
AC current treshold...

sizing relay / control / current - max. 10 A, 230 V | EI series

This unit uses a power relay that will manage signals and protect units from...

sizing relay / control / current - max. 10 A, 230 V | EI series

The FF-SRS5924 Emergency Stop Modules are well designed for use...

safety relay / for two-hand controls - 250 V, 6 A, 114 x 50 x 105 mm, IP20 | G1502S

Multi purpose having relay components ideal for any uses.

Protection components having switch-off hold off, time amounts 0.25...10 secs.
E-stop having cross-fault tracking as well as different simultaneity tracking.
Link regarding mechanised protection fuses and...

safety relay / control - 250 V, 6 A, 100 x 25 x 105 mm, IP20 | G1501S

Multi purpose having relay components appropriate for any purposes. E-stop having cross-fault tracking as well as elective simultaneity tracking. Interconnection of mechanised security fuses as well as fail-safe receptors. With regard to clocked crash-safe receptors out of ifm digital. 2-hand management to EN 574, type...

safety relay / with semiconductor output - 250 V, 6 A, 100 x 25 x 105 mm, IP20 | G1503S

IFM multifunctional safety relay with semiconductor outputs feature E-stop with cross-fault and optional simultaneity monitoring. Used for connecting mechanical safety switches and fail-safe sensors, one advantage of the safety relay is allowing...

magnetic latching relay / power - 100 - 120 A, 230 VAC | LEDEX-EM series

The Johnson Electric product line for smart meters supports with the necessities of the electric power businesses smart grid enterprise. The...

magnetic latching relay / power - 200 A, 240 VAC | LEDEX-BLP series

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Johnson Disconnect relays are top of the line creation. Assembled with state of the art parts and components. The Ledex-EM...

safety relay - 24 VDC | QS90SR2SP

The QS90SR2SP safety relay module supports the safety I/O to be installed in the System Q controller in the event it is not economical to identify a dedicated safety controller. The module can be...

safety relay - PNOZ

The PNOZ X safety relays are made to be sturdy and safe to use. These are used in many safety functions and you only need one product for each function. Each unit has...

safety relay / configurable - PNOZmulti Mini

Pilz has made this scalable unit that works with an easy to configure body and is highly expandable. This product works with a control...

digital relay / monitoring - PMDsrange, PMDsigma

Electrical safety is the focus on electronic monitoring relays, for example, when monitoring temperature, current, voltage or similar variables. Using electronic relays will reduce...

control relay / safety - PNOZcompact Series

Growing company PilZ is known for being automation wizard together with its booming PNOZ safety relays on its best functional level. The PNOZ developed a compact...

safety relay / with time-delayed output - SRB 031MC

Best with regard to signal assessment involving results of security magnetic fuses
Drop-out hold off could be established...

safety relay / multifunction - 24 V | SRB 219IT

The SCHMERSAL multi-functional safety relay module offers exceptional diagnostics and superior visualization. The module is appropriate...

safety relay - SRB 301AN

This device is an SRB 301AN model and it comes from a series of general process...

safety relay / multifunction - 24 - 230 V | SRB 308IT

Multifunctional safety relay module for superior diagnostics and visualisation
Suitable for signal processing of...

control relay / safety - 24 V | SRB 400C series

The SRB 400C Series possesses two-function safety monitoring module (double evaluation). Level...

pneumatic relay / snap-action - 0.010

The Clippard Low Pressure Piloted Valves are specifically created ideally for small industrial...

security relay / feeder - REF630 IEC

Relion® REF630 IED is constructed to be world-class for managing utility and distribution substations. It is built to protect, manage as well as measure and supervise at the...

security relay / generator - REG630 IEC

Relion REG630 was specially developed to give protection, control, measuring and supervision of small and medium sized power generators. Since this is part of the ABBs Relion® product line, this means that...

security relay / engine - REM630 IEC

ABB motor protection boasts a comprehensive motor management IED for protection,control,measuring and supervision of medium and large motors in medium industrial power systems.The Motor Protection...

security relay / transformer - RET630 IEC

Relion® RET630 is a comprehensive transformer management IED for protection, control, measuring and supervision of power transformers, unit and step-up transformers. RET630 features necessary control functions constituting an ideal solution for transformer bay control. Two predefined configurations to match your typical transformer protection and control specifications are available. The pre-defined...

security relay / feeder - REF620 IEC

A native IEC 61850 feeder, REF620is an IED perfectly lined up for the defense, limitation, calculation and management of utility and industrial power distribution systems. REF620 offers considerable probabilities in order to custom the mechanisms to feeder defense and management...

safety relay / for two-hand controls - 24 - 230 V | DUO-TOUCH SG series

These two-hand control safety modules create an ergonomic, complete system by working with Banner STB touch buttons that self-check or by being retrofitted with palm buttons that are mechanical. The modules feature several redundant output contacts that are force-guided...

safety relay / for two-hand controls - max. 230 V | DUO-TOUCH series

The DUO-TOUCH control modules monitor a pair of mechanical push buttons or optical touch buttons. They allow for machine operation only when using both hands...

safety relay - max. 7 A

Machine and system hazards have decreased significantly with the advancement of present...

safety relay - max. 7 A

The Duo-Touch series are designed with two handed control stations to provide an exceed...

safety relay - max. 7 A

The TURCK analog signal isolators provide safe galvanic separation for all signal types....

control relay / shut-off / speed - max. 30 VDC | KFD2-SR2-2.W.SM

Pepperl-Fuchs standstill and rotational direction monitor has a 1-channel signal conditioner with 24 V DC supply.

trip relay - 4 - 20 mA | KFD, KFU series

Pepperl+Fuchs has developed a new system that will revolutionize the safety industry....

trip relay - max. 90 VDC

Trip amps keep track of limit figures regarding temperature ranges, flows, pressures...

trip relay - max. 90 VDC

From safety relays to safety switches, the complete range of products needed for your application can be found at Bernstein.

The SCR safety relays reliably evaluate signals including those created by Bernstein's safety switches, position...

electromechanical relay / control - 250 V, 1 700 VA

These safety magnetic controllers have been certified to be compliant with the performance level D of the EN ISO 14849-1 standards,...

safety relay - X67

Safety shut-off valves from B&R employ an intelligent, dispersed and integrated safety technology that smartly protects the machine without turning it off or hampering the production...

safety relay - 24 VAC / DC | MSI-CM series

The MSI-CM Safety Relay is used as a contact extension module in accordance with DIN EN 60204‑1/VDE 0113 Part 1 for contact...

safety relay / configurable - 24 VAC / DC | MSI-DT series

LEUZE MSI-DT Series are designed and developed as safety relays with high-tech electronics that comprises their adjustable delay time that can be used for E-stop or protective-door...

safety relay / multifunction - 24 VAC / DC | MSI-SR5 series

The MSI-SR5 Safety Relay is designed to allow two devices to be connected at the inputs...

safety relay / for two-hand controls - 24 VAC  /DC | MSI-2H

The MSI-2H Safety Relay engineered by Leuze Electronic, performs as a link between the machine...

safety relay / multifunction - 24 VAC / DC | MSI-MC3x

The world class quality MSI-MC310 Safety Relay is used as an evaluation unit for magnetically coded safety system that can be used in the food, pharmaceutical...

bistable relay / power / printed circuit - 24 VDC | H-462

The Hengstler GmbH 402 safety relay with 4 to 6 contacts can handle a maximum 10A switching and...

electromechanical relay - 36 VDC | H-464

The 464 relay comprises of around 8/10 contacts. It can withstand...

electromechanical relay - 24 VDC | H-466

Including four, six, eight or ten contacts, this device offers a switching and constant current...

electromechanical relay - 24 VDC | H-467

Safety relays help check and monitor safety systems and provides economical solutions for smaller machines....

electromechanical relay - 24 VDC | K-RAS

This product has many great features to offer its users, including four contacts,...


How to choose this product


A relay is a control mechanism that activates or deactivates one or several parts of an electrical circuit. The two main categories are electromechanical and solid state relays.


These devices are used primarily to remotely switch a device or a circuit on or off. Remote electromechanical or electronic switching protects the user from possible danger associated with direct switch or contactor use, and makes possible automated switching. Some relays are used for security and protection. At activation thresholds, relays are used to control current, voltage, or a signal level. Time-delay relays exist as well.


Relays exist in mechanical form, with electromagnets moving contacts when energized. Normally open or normally closed relays change position when activated by an electrical signal. Compact, solid-state relays consist of semiconductors and have no moving parts.

How to choose

Choice of a relay depends on intended use. For example, a time-delay relay is activated with a predetermined lapse after receiving a signal. Current strength must also be considered. Solid state relays cannot handle currents of the same strength as electromechanical models. On the other hand, solid state relays offer faster switching speeds.

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