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10 products Master Bond
Master Bond max. 650 °F | EP17HT
Thermal cycling epoxy max. 650 °F | EP17HT Master Bond

One Component, Heat Curing Structural Adhesive, Sealant and Casting Compound Featuring Superb Temperature and Chemical Resistance. Excellent retention of properties at High Temperatures, Servicable...

Master Bond EP19HT
Impregnation EP19HT Master Bond

=Master Bond Polymer System EP19HT is a storage stable one component liquid epoxy resin system for durable, high performance adhesive/sealants, impregnants and liners. It features excellent storage characteristics...

Master Bond UV15X-2GT
Glob top epoxy UV15X-2GT Master Bond

Master Bond Polymer System UV15X-2GT is a new, easily processable, one component, UV curable glob top, featuring exceptional durability and chemical resistance. UV15X-2GT is a thixotropic paste that handles...

video Master Bond FDA | EP42HT-2FG
Low viscosity epoxy and epoxy adhesive for food applications FDA | EP42HT-2FG Master Bond

Master Bond EP42HT-2FG is a room temperature setting, two component epoxy adhesive, sealant and coating specially formulated for food applications. It has been independently tested...

Master Bond Steelmaster 43HT
Metal filled epoxy Steelmaster 43HT Master Bond

Master Bond Steelmaster 43HT is a high performance, stainless steel filled two component epoxy resin system for the cost effective repair, maintenance, rebuilding, restoring and resealing of worn or damaged...

Master Bond 405 nm | LED401
Onecomponent LEDcuring polyurethane adhesive and casting 405 nm | LED401 Master Bond

Master Bond LED401 is a unique single component compound that cures rapidly upon exposure to 405 nm light....

24 products Reichhold
Reichhold DION® 250
Chemicalresistant polyester DION® 250 Reichhold

DION® 250- series is medium reactive polyester resin with a relatively high molecular weight, with excellent...

Reichhold DION® 250-410
Chemicalresistant polyester DION® 250-410 Reichhold

DION® 250-410 is a medium reactive polyester resin based on isophthalic acid and neopenthylglycol. DION® 250-410 has excellent hydrolytic stability and very good chemical resistance. The resin...

Reichhold DION® 600-060
ISO pultrusion polyester DION® 600-060 Reichhold

DION® 600-060 is a high reactive low profile system, especially designed for Pultrusion. DION® 600-060 is recommended when standard low profile effect combined with...

Reichhold DION® 640-000
Chemicalresistant polyester DION® 640-000 Reichhold

DION® 640-000 is a high reactivity terephthalic base polyester resin. The resin is formulated to resist water, oil and oil-related products, and is specially suited for the...

Reichhold DION® 640-590
Transfer molding RTM epoxy DION® 640-590 Reichhold

DION® 640-590 is non-thixotropic and pre-accelerated high reactivity polyester resin suited for applications like Centrifugal Casting, Filament Winding, Resin Infusion,...

Reichhold DION® 9100-066
BisphenolA epoxy vinylester DION® 9100-066 Reichhold

DION® 9100-066 is a modified Bisphenol-A epoxy vinyl ester resin. It is specially designed for closed moulding applications where good mechanical properties, high resistance to heat deformations...

Evoqua Water Technologies
Ion exchange for water treatment Evoqua Water Technologies

Resin is used in ion exchange systems for water and wastewater treatment. We are the largest distributor of ion exchange resin in North America and a major international distributor. Evoqua...

Fujifilm NDT Systems Durimide 10/32, 20, 200, 100 series
Protection Durimide 10/32, 20, 200, 100 series Fujifilm NDT Systems

Fujifilm has several non-photosensitive polyimide formulations...

Hexcel Corporation HexFlow® RTM6
Transfer molding RTM epoxy HexFlow® RTM6 Hexcel Corporation

As an industry innovator Hexcel has optimized its knowledge of resins and reinforcements to develop new solutions for faster, more cost-effective ways of manufacturing high performance composite parts. Resin...

Hexcel Corporation Modipur®
Polyurethane Modipur® Hexcel Corporation

If you need to produce cost-effective high performance components, in medium to high production volumes, then Modipur® could be your solution. Modipur® polyurethane systems enable complex shapes...

video Hexcel Corporation HiTape®
Carbon fiber fabric / epoxy prepreg HiTape® Hexcel Corporation

HiTape®, innovative high performance unidirectional reinforcement, is designed to meet the requirements of Aircraft Primary Structures made by cost-effective Out of Autoclave (OOA) technologies such...

Hexcel Corporation Polyspeed®
Glass fiber fabric / epoxy prepreg Polyspeed® Hexcel Corporation

Polyspeed® Laminates Polyspeed® pre-cured glass/epoxy laminates are used in conjunction with prepreg in a vacuum bag lay-up to improve the surface quality of the cured laminate and reduce...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® U1419
Polyester for vacuum injection molding Biresin® U1419 Sika Deutschland

As casting resin for foundry pattern making: * coloured-transparent * tough-elastic with...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® LS
Clear laminating epoxy Biresin® LS Sika Deutschland

Wide range of properties due to a lot of different hardener types good price / performance ratio allround...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® CR80
Epoxy Biresin® CR80 Sika Deutschland

Biresin® CR80 Areas of Application - For injection processing - Specially for applications when curing temperatures of > can not be implemented - The hardeners Biresin® CH80-1 und CH80-2 can...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® CR120
Epoxy high fluidity for injecting Biresin® CR120 Sika Deutschland

Composite resin system Areas of Application For infusion or injection processing Specially for applications when higher temperature resistance is required Product Benefits Approved...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® CR170
Transfer molding RTM epoxy Biresin® CR170 Sika Deutschland

Composite resin system Areas of Application For RTM processing at 60°C Specially for applications at higher processing temperature Product...

Sika Deutschland Biresin® G32
Epoxy casting Biresin® G32 Sika Deutschland

Areas of Application - For backfilling in foundry pattern and mould making Product Benefits - Good flowability and long potlife - High casting thickness, unfilled...

8 products LOCTITE
LOCTITE -30 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3463
Metal filled epoxy -30 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3463 LOCTITE

Sets in 10 minutes. Steel filled kneadable Stick. Adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water. Chemical and corrosion resistant....

LOCTITE -20 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3471
Metal filled epoxy -20 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3471 LOCTITE

Seal cracks in tanks, castings, vessels and valves Patch non-structural defects in steel casings...

LOCTITE Loctite 3472
Metal filled epoxy Loctite 3472 LOCTITE

Pourable, steel-filled, self levelling. Recommended for casting into hard to reach areas, anchoring and levelling, forming...

LOCTITE -20 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3475
Metal filled epoxy -20 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3475 LOCTITE

Loctite 3475 Metal-filled Compounds - 2K Epoxy, Multi purpose A non sagging, heavily reinforced, aluminium powder filled 2K-Epoxy. Easily mixed and...

LOCTITE 17 N/mm², -30 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3478
Metal filled epoxy 17 N/mm², -30 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 3478 LOCTITE

Ferro-silicon filled with outstanding compression strength. Ideal for renewing surfaces subjected to compression, thrust, impact and harsh environments. Your...

LOCTITE 20 N/mm², -20 °C ... +190 °C | Loctite 3479
Metal filled epoxy 20 N/mm², -20 °C ... +190 °C | Loctite 3479 LOCTITE

A non sagging, heavily reinforced, aluminium powder filled 2K-Epoxy. Easily mixed and moulded to form odd shapes if required. Cures...

1 products SIKA INDUSTRY
Epoxy Sikadur®-33 SIKA INDUSTRY

Gun applied, dual component solvent free epoxy resin structural adhesive. Use Bonds...

10 products TLM SYSTEMS
4 products Watco Sarl
16 products ELECTROLUBE

Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates...


Excellent clarity...

Epoxy ER1450, ER1451 ELECTROLUBE

This material is a fast curing epoxy resin of low viscosity. The cured product is tough...


Epoxy ER2162 is a two-part flame retardant epoxy with excellent solvent resistance. The rigid and inert nature of this encapsulant lends itself ideally to theprotection...


ER2183 is a flame retardant, thermally conductive, two part potting and encapsulating compound. The flame retardant technology...


ER2188 is a flame retardant, general purpose, two part potting and encapsulating compound. The system utilises a...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Araldite®
Composite Araldite® Huntsman Advanced Materials

For more than 60 years, leading aerospace companies have turned to Huntsman Advanced Materials for innovations in composite resins, tooling materials, syntactics,...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Epocast®
Dielectric Epocast® Huntsman Advanced Materials

Ology, LEDs offer many advantages,...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Araldite®
BisphenolA epoxy Araldite® Huntsman Advanced Materials

Low temperature cure • Fast cure • Low VOC/low emission • High chemical resistance Crosslinker Araldite® PT 910 and...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Tactix®
BisphenolA epoxy Tactix® Huntsman Advanced Materials

As today’s industries increasingly turn to lightweight manufacturing materials to satisfy their requirements for component...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Aradur®
Epoxy curing agent Aradur® Huntsman Advanced Materials

No emission of volatiles upon cure • A guarantee to meet high standards in weatherability • Resistance to oxidation and color stability • Epoxy crosslinker for weatherable polyster...

10 products Gurit
Gurit AMPREG 21
Epoxy laminating system AMPREG 21 Gurit

MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES ¬ Low initial mixed viscosity ¬ Good cure progression from ambient only cures ¬ Non pigmented Resin and Hardeners ¬ Improved Health and Safety ¬ Optimised...

Gurit AMPREG 22
Epoxy laminating system AMPREG 22 Gurit

MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES ¬ Optimised for open-mould laminating of large structures ¬ Germanischer Lloyd approved ¬ Mix ratio of 100:28 (by weight) AMPREG 22 is an established and widely...

Gurit PRIME™ 20LV
Transfer molding RTM epoxy PRIME™ 20LV Gurit

PRIME™ 20LV EPOXY INFUSION SYSTEM Very low viscosity Variable infusion times Very low exotherm even in thick sections Suitable for infusing very large structures Germanischer Lloyds approved...

Gurit SP 106
Multi purpose epoxy system SP 106 Gurit

MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES ¬ Use for gluing, coatings, laminating and filling ¬ Rapid curing, even at low temperatures ¬ Simple to use APPLICATIONS ¬ Repair of wooden boats, plus other...

Gurit SP 115
Clear laminating epoxy SP 115 Gurit

MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES ¬ Excellent Clarity ¬ Good ultra-violet resistance ¬ Rapid fibre wet-out INTRODUCTION SP 115 is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy laminating system. It has been...

Gurit CR 3400
Epoxy coating system CR 3400 Gurit

CR 3400 IN-MOULD EPOXY PROCESS COAT Easy to sand May also be used with some Gurit prepregs CR 3400 is an in-mould epoxy surfacing system for epoxy laminates, and is designed to be used as...

21 products ITW Devcon
ITW Devcon Plastic Steel® (A)
Metal filled epoxy Plastic Steel® (A) ITW Devcon

Plastic Steel® is the original metal-filled epoxy putty...

ITW Devcon max. 350 °F
Alumina filled epoxy max. 350 °F ITW Devcon

Smooth, trowelable, alumina-filled epoxy compound for rebuilding and protecting processing equipment...

ITW Devcon Plastic Steel® Liquid (B)
Low viscosity epoxy Plastic Steel® Liquid (B) ITW Devcon

Steel-filled liquid epoxy that can be cast over models for accurate detail reproduction when making holding fixtures,...

ITW Devcon Plastic Steel® 5 Minute® Putty (SF)
Metal filled epoxy Plastic Steel® 5 Minute® Putty (SF) ITW Devcon

Plastic Steel® 5 Minute® Putty (SF) Fast-curing, steel-filled epoxy for dependable emergency repairs...

ITW Devcon max. 350 °F
Epoxy max. 350 °F ITW Devcon

High-performance, non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy engineered for making repairs to machinery and equipment that can be precision...

ITW Devcon F
Epoxy casting F ITW Devcon

Aluminum-filled epoxy putty for dependable non-rusting repairs to aluminum castings, machinery and equipment widely used in HVAC applications. Packaging...

Graver Technologies Gravex® GR 2-0 UP
Ion exchange for water treatment Gravex® GR 2-0 UP Graver Technologies

Low TOC high purity product with short rinse up time Strongly acidic gel,...

Graver Technologies Gravex® GR 1-0 SG
Ion exchange for water treatment Gravex® GR 1-0 SG Graver Technologies

Strongly basic gel Type 1 anion exchange resin for general demineralization applications Quaternary amine functionalized styrene-DVB...

Graver Technologies Gravex® GR 2-0 SG
Ion exchange for water treatment Gravex® GR 2-0 SG Graver Technologies

Strongly acidic gel cation exchange resin for general demineralization applications Sulfonated, styrene-DVB copolymer High...

Graver Technologies Gravex® GR 2-5 SG
Ion exchange for water treatment Gravex® GR 2-5 SG Graver Technologies

Premium grade product Strongly acidic macroporous, hydrogen form cation exchange resin for condensates and other high purity applications Sulfonated, styrene-DVB copolymer Excellent hydraulic...

Graver Technologies Gravex® GR 3-0 SG
Ion exchange for water treatment Gravex® GR 3-0 SG Graver Technologies

Hydrogen form cation, hydroxide form anion mixed bed A 1:1 equivalent mixture of Gravex GR 2-0 SG (H) and GR...

Graver Technologies PAO series
Ion exchange for condensate polishing PAO series Graver Technologies

Powdered strongly basic hydroxide form anion exchange resin Highest possible conversion to hydroxide form with very high purity Mixed at point of use with Powdex PCH or PCN...

STAR Technology 1h, 30 min, 2h
Epoxy for electric motor balancing 1h, 30 min, 2h STAR Technology

Star Technologys armature balancing compounds are used primarily for weight addition balancing of electric motor armatures. We have a solid range of balancing epoxy compounds to choose from for use with...

STAR Technology ST-36-2
Epoxy ST-36-2 STAR Technology

Star Technologys ST-36-2 is a solvent free trickle coat for impregnating armatures that require a quick turnaround time. ST-36-2 has excellent resistance to water and chemicals...

STAR Technology U-66-2
Twocomponent epoxy potting and encapsulation U-66-2 STAR Technology

Star Technologys U-66-2 is a two part epoxy designed as a buttering epoxy or for brush on applications. U-66-2 has excellent resistance to water...

1 products VON ROLL
For electrical and electronics applications VON ROLL

Von Roll makes a wide variety of varnishes and resins for both low- and high-voltage applications based on alkyds, acrylics, urethanes, polyesters, polyesterimides, epoxies, and silicones. Most are specialized...

Watts Water Technologies 1 cu.ft., 52 lbs | A4000
Ion exchange for water treatment 1 cu.ft., 52 lbs | A4000 Watts Water Technologies

Alamo Brand® Cation Resin Size(s): 1 cu.ft., 52 lbs. per bag; 42 bags per...

AXSON Technologies EPO series
Epoxy casting EPO series AXSON Technologies

Room temperature polymerization,...

AXSON Technologies EPOPAST 400/401
Clear laminating epoxy EPOPAST 400/401 AXSON Technologies

Mechanically stable. High heat resistance Large negatives. Inspection jigs. Ceramics...

AXSON Technologies TRANSLUX D 150/151
Epoxy casting TRANSLUX D 150/151 AXSON Technologies

Low viscosity. Very good UV resistance. The...

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