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retort furnace - PO 650 P3

The PO 650 by Borel Switzerland is a Retort furnace which is designed for working under protective...

retort furnace / multi-function - 1050° | CP 1050-P3

The CP 1050-P3 model is manufactured by Borel Swiss, and is a multi-functional retort furnace that complies to CE standards. The unit...

retort furnace - 650°C | PO 650

The model PO 650 is a furnace which can be used with or without a stainless steel retort and a protective gas. When used with the sealed retort, the furnace can perform under a protective environment.


retort furnace / multi-function - 1050°C | CP 1050

The CP 1050 by Borel Switzerland is a Retort furnace which is designed for all applications whether under protective gas or not. For this specific...

retort furnace / inert gas - 650°C | PO 650 P2

The PO 650 P2 by Borel Switzerland is a retort furnace which is designed for working under protective...

retort furnace / inert gas - 650°C | PO 650 P2

This is a Retort furnace manufactured by Solor Swiss Group which comes with a protection for atmosphere. The unit can...

retort furnace / inert gas - 650°C | PO 650 P2

The vacuum furnace is manufactured by Solo Swiss Group, and is highly appropriate for brazing and...

retort furnace / modular - FP

The FP Series is a range of FESP retort furnaces. It is designed with a modular construction to adhere...

retort furnace - SN/SL/SG

The SN, SL and SG series are manufactured by Aichelin Group, and are retort furnaces that are...

retort furnace - max. +1 100 °C | NR/NRA series

These gastight retort furnaces are equipped with direct or indirect heating depending on temperature. They are perfectly suited for various heat treatment processes requiring a defined protective...

retort furnace - max. +1 100 °C | SR/SRA series

The retort furnaces SR and SRA (with gas circulation) are designed for operation...

retort furnace / car bottom - +1 600 °C | LBVHT series

The LBVHT product line with lift-bottom specification are especially suitable for production processes which require either protective...

pit furnace / retort / inert gas - +2 400 °C ... + 3 000 °C | SVHT series

Compared with the VHT models (page 52), the furnaces of the SVHT product line offer improved performance data with regard to...

retort furnace / vacuum - +150 °C ... +750 °C, max. 1300 l | Multi Treater

Specific benefits
The furnace comes with a retort for heat-treatment under protective atmospheres. Bright...

retort furnace / vacuum - +150 °C ... +750 °C, 108 - 1800 l | VDR series

Specific benefits
The furnace comes with a retort for heat-treatment under protective atmospheres. Bright surfaces...

retort furnace - EASYPIT

Optional equipment :

Vacuum purging device

retort furnace - EASYPIT

FLSmidth manufactures Summit Valley Mercury Retorts and vacuum distillation ovens ranging from 0.5 cubic foot to 40 cubic feet material capacity. Both fuel fired and electric...

retort furnace - max. +1 050 °C | RM series

This type of furnace is preferably the choice of commercial heat treaters who want to have flexibility in processes and small batches combined. Flexibility is given due to the fact that the processes can quickly be adopted after...

retort furnace - max. 1 100 °C | GLO series

Annealing Furnaces up to 1100°C

GERO GLO annealing furnaces are gastight, retort type furnaces heated from outside. They are especially designed for processes in which a specific atmosphere needs to...

retort furnace - +560 °C ... +700 °C | HFV series

Electric retort horizontal furnace, HVF type is designed to carrry out heat and head and chemical treatment in the atmosphere generated from dissociated amonnia or innert gases within the range of temperatures...

retort furnace / inert gas - max. 1 090 °C

Economical price
Ideal for a wide range of controlled atmosphere processes
Maximum operational convenience, reliability and repeatability
Variety of...

retort furnace - 250 - 1 650 °C

Mode of heating:
electric or fuel-fired

Temperature range:
250 to 1.650...

retort furnace - 1 100 °C

Pot Atmoshpere Furnace 2000°F (1100°C)
Industrial ovens & furnaces
Pyradia holds the exclusive license to CODERE designs in North America to answer all you controlled atmosphere & retort furnaces.

Fields of application (under protective gas)
- Austenitizing, carburizing,...

retort furnace - IQV 1224

The IQV 1224 is a vertical loading integral quench furnace. The seal between the furnace chamber and the quench tank is made in the quenchant media. This provides the furnace with a unique safety feature. The quench tank is open to the air and provides automatic relief to excess pressures inside the retort. There is no large "vestibule" to fill with combustible gas at a low temperature. In addition,...

retort furnace - 1 200 °C | JSC series

The JSC SERIES is an electric Bell/Shuttle Lift furnace with a bell type "top hat" alloy low dew point retort. The system normally includes one plug insulated base, one retort, one furnace, one separate insulated "parking" base, and an overhead hoist and shuttle system. The control...

retort furnace - 1 200 °C | XLC series

The XLC SERIES Atmosphere Retort Furnaces represent an advanced design which emphasizes process quality and control as well as operator safety. The control system, alloy retort and flow system are completely integrated as one...

retort furnace - max. 1 100 °C

This Muffle Type Box Furnace has a muffle (or retort) designed...

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