tension/compression load cell / ring / compact / stainless steel
tension/compression load cell
0120 series

Rated force: 30 kN - 3,000 kN

BROSA force sensor that are having advantages to make their patented three point design. They have a force flow which is optimally through measuring points and thus allows a high measuring accuracy. Requirements ...

compression load cell / doughnut-shaped
compression load cell

Rated force: 7.5 kN - 1,000 kN

The Donut ring loadcells, also known as washer or circular loadcell, are designed for use in compression or in fail-safe tensile applications. They are ideally suited to engineering force measurements including through ...

ring load cell / for web tension control / corrosion-resistant / strain gauge
ring load cell
RS series

Rated load: 25 kg - 100 kg

... manufactured by Pulse Electronics company. The unit's load cells are developed for the control of reel tension for both winding and unwinding system. The force shows that the applied reel to the load ...

compression load cell / ring / strain gauge
compression load cell

The Dytran 1210C2 model is a ring style piezoelectric charge mode force sensor. It is equipped with a sensitivity of 18 pC/lbf that has consistent +204°C temperature operation. This product is used to measure quick ...

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tension load cell / ring / stainless steel
tension load cell
281 series

Rated load: 0.3 kg - 20 kg

The BM14C model engineered by Celmi, is a washer load cell intended for small capacity weighing systems. It features a stainless steel construction that is capable of holding a nominal load ...

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tension load cell / ring / stainless steel / IP67
tension load cell

Rated force: 300 kN - 2,500 kN

Load cells find wide applications in the field of civil engineering. They are mainly employed to measure and control tension in cable and rock anchors, on walls, diaphragms and structural beams. Load ...

compression load cell / ring / 6-axis / multi-axis
compression load cell
RLS series

RLS wheel load sensors are semi-decoupled multicomponent transducers. They are used to record the loads applied to a vehicle axle or body during operation on the test bench. It replaces the measuring ...

ring load cell / strain gauge
ring load cell
LCW-E-S series

Rated force: 1,000 kN - 5,000 kN

The Flat Washer-type Structure of Loadcell Well Suited to Rolling Mills. The hermetically-sealed structure with inert gas filled in ensures a reliable and stable operation under harsh conditions. The flat washer type structure only requires ...

compression load cell / ring / vibrating wire
compression load cell

... Vibrating Wire Load Cell consists of a cylinder of high-strength, heat treated steel with 3 or 4 vibrating wire strain gages located around the circumference of the cell body. Geovan ...

tension load cell / ring
tension load cell
max. 500 kN | LW series

LW Load Washer Load Cell Why the Interface series LW Load Washer Load Cell is the best in class: Wide selection of ...

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Interface, Inc.
compression load cell / tension/compression / doughnut-shaped / stainless steel
compression load cell
max. 540 kN | CCG series

The CCG series of low profile annular load cells (also known as donut load cells) have been designed for applications where bolt tension needs to be measured with a very ...

compression load cell / ring
compression load cell
50 - 2 000 kN, ø 70 - 260 mm | ATB-TS series

... series is a compression load cell load washer, manufactured by ASA-RT. This product is commonly used in measuring load cells for compression forces ranging ...

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ASA-RT s.r.l.
compression load cell / ring / weighing
compression load cell

Rated force: 10 kN - 3,000 kN

Spoke type load cell type# CLY-20(for both dynamic static) Low height, for tensile compress, sealed, function stable Can be used as force measuring weighing for all kinds of testing machine, ...