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loading robotic cell - RZ-FR

A buckling-arm robot from Kuka with dual gripper picks up the ring gears from...

loading robotic cell - RZ 16

A horizontal machining centre is loaded/unloaded from the front side via a robot cell. The...

loading robotic cell - RZ 60

A buckling-arm robot loads/unloads the accumulating conveyors of three...

loading robotic cell - max. 2 kg | RZ 1

The LeanLine robot cell is assembled from components of...

loading robotic cell - max. 2 kg | RZ 1

The illustration shows an example for a linear arrangement of the machines and the...

palletizing robotic cell / depalletizing - Empticon®

Layer Picking: Automatic handling of entire layers
Qubiqa has patented The Empticon® is operated – easily and ergonomically correct – by one operator only. The machine is joystick-operated, and thereby the many high, low,...

palletizing robotic cell - STP-1150

The Palletizing Cells STP-1250 is available in 3 models according to load requirements 100, 250 and 400 kg. There is a version designed for ice cream...

test robotic cell / joining - TW36

TW36 is a flexible module, aimed at the assembly and check up of various parts in a high production environment. Its incredible flexibility allows it to face the largest variety of various market requirements. It is capable of producing up to 40,000 pieces...

test robotic cell / joining - TW36

This lineup of robot inclined automated systems for installation are engineered and manufactured by CIA for production lines...

test robotic cell / joining - TW36

Robot-based automated systems are designed and produced by CIA for metal semi-finishing and finishing. These automated systems are the ideal solution for providing client companies with metal finishing. Benefits include constant cycle times...

test robotic cell / joining - TW36

CIA designs and produces robot-based automated systems for metal, resin, wood, marble, stone and granite milling.
The robot-based automated systems for milling produced by CIA are available in 3 configuration:

small, for incisions on stone, plastic materials...

test robotic cell / joining - TW36

The Welding Robotic Cell, manufactured by C.I.A. Automations and Robotics, is specifically designed for welding...

two-component robotic cell / for dosing - DC-RS 250

The slimline DC-RS 250 robot dispensing cell with the KUKA KR6 R900 is small and versatile....

two-component robotic cell / for dosing - DC-RS 250

> For the highest and the most reliable quality, the Coriolis Composites fiber Placement Technology relies on standard off the shelf polyarticulated robots and on a sophisticated innovative fiber placement system. The robots, developed and largely produced for many...

welding robotic cell - robocab

The KEMPER robocab is a robot booth with integrated extraction. Its modular design allows the size of the booth to be adapted to the size of the welding robot....

laboratory robotic cell - MSP2

A robotic sample preparation cell engineered specifically for the dynamic requirements of todays mineral laboratory operations.

The system is based on the bullet proof Essa LM2/LM5 pulverising mills. These mills have been the cornerstone...

laboratory robotic cell - MSP2

Essa has a proven track record in delivering automated sample preparation, FTIR loading and XRF fusion solutions to the minerals...

loading robotic cell - FTIR

Essa Australia has designed, engineered, installed and commissioned both semi and fully-automated bauxite sample transfer systems designed to interface with Fourier...

laboratory robotic cell - AFX4, ADFX4

A robotic bead fusion system that has been scaled to meet the varying production demands of XRF laboratories.

The AFX4 system is based on the hugely successful 12 furnace fusion systems that, to date, have mass-produced millions of fused beads. This compact...

laboratory robotic cell - AFX12

An innovative high capacity robotic bead fusion system designed to cater to the continuous demands of high production XRF laboratories. Firs t introduced...

laboratory robotic cell - AFX12

The robot-operated bending cells is a highly automated system where the robot picks up the sheet to be worked from a loading area, accompanies it...

laboratory robotic cell - AFX12

Articulating Robots
For applications that demand complex movement in space such as multiple repositioning of parts for...

laboratory robotic cell - AFX12

Roberts Sinto provides a broad range of services from concept...

palletizing robotic cell / depalletizing - max. 5 p/min, max. 500 lb | MasterPal

The MasterPal uses a technology system, with a patent to cater complete layers of product in a maximum weight of 500 lbs. It is suitable...

palletizing robotic cell - 750 - 7 500 kg | FPC series

Fastems' smallest FMS, the Flexible pallet container (FPC), is an alternative to pallet pools and provides machine tool suppliers with a complete FMS installed in a 'container'. Each FPC contains all the equipment...

palletizing robotic cell - 750 - 1 700 kg | FPM series

The Fastems Flexible pallet magazine (FPM) is a standard flexible manufacturing system for one or more machine tools. The FPM consists of a high-speed stacker crane, pallet storage rack with two or...

palletizing robotic cell - MLS series

The Fastems multi-level system (MLS) is a versatile FMS system that is available in a wide range of configurations: from a single-machine tool FMS to a complex FMS that includes several makes and models of machine tools, material management, integrated robot cells,...

handling robotic cell - 20 - 200 kg | RPC series

The RPC machine tending robot cells are a perfect automation solution...

handling robotic cell - 20 - 200 kg | RPC-G series

The RPC-G is a range of special, gantry-type machine tending robot cells that provide...

robotic cell - max. 600 p/h | ABOT-ONE

Automatic Box Opener Applications
Returns Processing
Automatic Carton opening for Co-Pack operations
Automatic Pick Module Replenishment
Stop box knife injures now! CASI now offers a fully automatic box opener IBOD (Intelligent Box...

robotic cell - max. 1000 p/h | ABOT-DUO

Automatically Opens Cartons

Typical Applications
Returns Processing
Automatic Carton opening for Co-Pack operations
Automatic Pick...

palletizing robotic cell - 350 - 600 p/h | ROBY 1

The robot ROBY 1 is suitable to palletize cartons, basket, sacks, shrink-wrapped bundles and tanks up to 70 Kg. It can take some packages in the same time with different pick-up system (sucker,...

palletizing robotic cell - 350 - 600 p/h | ROBY 1

The integration of the 4 or 6 axle robot in the basket filling and emptying area...

palletizing robotic cell - 350 - 600 p/h | ROBY 1

Automatically palletizes and depalletizes tins and...

test robotic cell - ATE

A Cartesian robotic system was developed to guide a dimensional air gage into a tray of plastic laboratory consumables...

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