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Robotic cells
depalletizing robotic cell / palletizing - Empticon®

Layer Picking: Automatic handling of entire layers
Qubiqa has patented The Empticon® is operated – easily and ergonomically correct – by one operator only. The machine is joystick-operated, and thereby the many high, low,...

palletizing robotic cell - STP-1150

The STP-1150 Robotic Palletizing Cells are the ideal solution for your end- of- line palletizing needs.
Each STP Robotic Palletizing Cell is custom designed for your application...

laboratory robotic cell - Sonata

Maintenance of cell stocks
Cell line characterisation & selection
Culture optimisation fed batch
Stability testing

laboratory robotic cell - Sonata

> For the highest and the most reliable quality, the Coriolis Composites fiber Placement Technology relies on standard off the shelf polyarticulated robots and on a sophisticated innovative fiber placement system. The robots, developed and largely produced for many...

laboratory robotic cell - Sonata

There are nowadays few plant systems that do not perform some test-related task or other; indeed quality control is often the main objective.

Our involvement in hundreds...

laboratory robotic cell - Sonata

Glass loading robot...

loading robotic cell - 10 kg | ROBO SMART CELL

Mazak offers Robo Smart Cell, a package of automation systems built to cater optimum...

adhesive robotic cell / silicone / laboratory dosing - Unity™ series

The Unity™ Series Dispensers from Nordson are robotic hot melt systems that is capable of accurately dispensing...

adhesive robotic cell / silicone / laboratory dosing - Unity™ series

A robotic load and unload function is a cost-effective and flexible substitute in the use of blast machinery. It eliminates losses due to human error that occur when the blast cycle is too short or when manual loading is repeatedly...

adhesive robotic cell / silicone / laboratory dosing - Unity™ series

Guyson is well-equipped to engineer and build the system elements required for the integration of a machine-tending robot with a variety of machines, as well as for the transfer of components to external...

adhesive robotic cell / silicone / laboratory dosing - Unity™ series

Robots are used for difficult, fast and precise operations and handling. These...

milling robotic cell - FlexTrim Milling

FlexTrim Milling, exterior...

milling robotic cell - FlexTrim Milling

- Handling, casepacking and palletizing
Of products from manufacturing lines: boxes, bags, bottles, cans, etc. Applied to dierent sectors and activities.
Heads for performing multivariety...

milling robotic cell - FlexTrim Milling

Thanks to continuous technological innovation, C.O.S.M.A.P. presents the best that a manufacturer can offer in the field of robotics cell. The grinding units, which C.O.S.M.A.P. srl combines with the robot, have important features such as the ability to mount...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

The spindle automatically selects the double-acting suction cups from the store and places them on the workbench at the exact position of the self-blocking valves according to both the preset working program and the pieces to be processed.


loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

Meccanica Nova offer their customers fully automated "turn-key" grinding cells for the complete processing of components with the highest levels of productivity...

loading robotic cell - BRB 700

The island robotic brb700 is the most advanced loading system available, a robotic arm...

robotic cell - ROBOGRIND

Robotised grinding cells

With ROBOGRIND range, MAUS has leveraged all of its years of experience in the sector, applying its expertise to robots that can manipulate either the part being processed or the tool carrying out the processing operation.

The company’s...

robotic cell - SAM AUTO

Globalisation demands that evergreater attention be focused on the reduction of cost - an objective that can be reached to the automation of the processes of forming, the production of cores and other and other...

robotic cell - SAM HYBRID

Certain foundry parts need multiple operations to be carried out, from the cutting of risers to internal and external grinding. This variety...

loading robotic cell - RIO

The RIO Robotic Input-Output buffer is a portable pack-in/pack-out system for automotive part handling and other applications. Base supply includes engineering and manufacturing for most gripper tooling, plus electrical controls programming for the vision-guided robot. Standard RIO comes at an attractive base price $15,000 USD* below similar products in its class. Unlike...

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