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roller chain - RS series

Tsubaki RS roller chains are in compliance with leading global standards, for example ISO, JIS, and ASME. The...

roller chain / titanium / corrosion-resistant - -20 °C ... 400 °C

Tsubaki roller titanium chain provides high resistance to corrosion. It supports contact with hydrochloric...

roller chain / cold-resistant - -40 °C ... 60 °C

The Cold Resistant Roller Chain, developed by TSUBAKIMOTO, is part of the range of Corrosion...

roller chain / cold-resistant - -40 °C ... 60 °C

Tsubaki Curved Roller Chains are provided with additional clearance between pins and bushings...

roller chain / cold-resistant - -40 °C ... 60 °C

These marine engine roller chains are made by Tsubaki in accordance with superior technical standards. Not only do these roller chains meet all manufacturing specifications, they have been constructed using...

roller chain - DIN 8187 | 09.1882.0105

Fabric: toughened steel....

roller chain - DIN 8187 | 09.1882.0221

APSOparts® drive technology hosts a family of chain- and steel band drives that include...

roller chain - 09.1882.1105

Kettenglieder 105, ISO Simplex straight is constructed...

transport chain / roller / conveyor chain - DIN ISO 606

Similar to DIN ISO 606 (ex DIN 8187).
Material: Special chain steel.
High-quality duplex...

transmission chain / roller - DIN ISO 606

Madler presents single-strand roller chains. They are in accordance with DIN ISO 606 (ex DIN 8187). They are made of special chain steel. They feature...

roller chain - A2-07

The Precision Roller Chains have satisfied the British Standard (B.S.) and American Standard (A.N.S.I.)....

roller chain - X series

Challenge's roller chain range includes an ISO, BS, ANSI, and other custom chains. The ISO roller chain is a straight side plate with an extended pin. The ANSI roller chain is heavy duty, cottered,...

roller chain - C, A series

The Double Pitch Roller Chain is manufactured to ANSI B29.3 and ANSI B29.4 standards. Its dimension is similar to standard roller chains,...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

Chinabase is a China Chain manufacturer & exporter, specializing in manufacture of various types of...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

The Roller Chain, manufactured by WMH Herion, is specifically designed with...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

The Donghua driving chain is one of the most extensively used and welcomed product on the market. The continuous innovative development is perfectly suitable to be the solution for multiple conditions such as the motorcycle chain...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

The corrosion-resistant roller chain, manufactured by Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co.,Ltd, is made of stainless and carbon steel materials. The pitch has a size of 6.350 to 50.800...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

The driving chain manufactured by Donghua can be used in applications that involve various conditions such as...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

The Donghua driving chain is considered as one of the most widely utilized products today. Its continuous innovative...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

HangZhou DongHua Chain Group Co. manufactures a wide variety of conveyor chains that are ideal for use in different kinds of engineering fields. These...

roller chain - A series(1,2,3) Chain No. *04C-1 *06C-1 085-1 08A-1 10A-1 12

Simplex and duplex roller chains with a 3/8" pitch are used primarily in timing drives, oil pump drives...

roller chain / high-resistance - JWIS® SL series

Superb quality
Owing to their excellent wear resistance and uniformity, matchless precision and a significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength than the norm, JWIS roller chains...

roller chain - ELITE H, HV, HSP series

High-performance roller chains for every application
ELITE roller chains boast a long lifespan and a significantly greater fatigue strength than required by the relevant standard. All ELITE transmission roller chains are highly prestretched and eliDUR, a synthetic chain oil, is...

roller chain / with plastic profile - ELITE

For goods that require more gentle transport
Roller chains with elastomer profiles are ideal for applications where fragile goods require gentle conveyor handling. ELITE chains are used for transporting goods that should not be scratched, such as coated or thin sheet metal, planed timber planks or pipes. The material iwis uses for the ELITE product range is nitrile butadiene...

roller chain - EUROCHAIN®

The EUROCHAIN range includes roller chains manufactured according to DIN 8187, ISO 606 from 04B-1 to 32B-3. Other types available are EUROCHAIN roller chains...

roller chain - ISO 606

Diamond Chain offer a range of British Standard products.

The standard range will cover...

roller chain - min. 5 kN, BS

BS chains - European series- ALPHA range

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS : These roller chains designed for use in high power transmission...

roller chain - min. 13.9 kN, ANSI

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS : These roller chains designed for use in high power transmission systems comply with international standards : ISO 606 (short pitch chains)...

roller chain - min. 13.9 kN, ANSI

From application in various industrial production...

roller chain - 4.9 - 588.35 kN

Manufactured according to ISO/R 606-1982 norms (ISO:
International Standard Organization). Because of the homogeneity of
national standards within Europe...

roller chain - 4.1 - 578.55 kN, ANSI

Manufactured according to American Standard ANSI B 29.1
which is included in the ISO Standard ISO/R 606 1982.
Application range similar to the...

roller chain - CHROMA series

Regina CHROMA series outlast standard chains with case
hardened pins thanks to specially manufactured pins and bushings
which greatly increase the chains wear resistance.
Pins are chemically treated following...

roller chain / corrosion-resistant - CX series

As an additional characteristic to the CHROMA series, CHROMA
EXTRA series...

roller chain / corrosion-resistant - NC series

The chemical plating of the Regina chains provides a very
good adherence of the plating to the base metal. Plating is uniform
and compact. These characteristics provide a very good...

roller chain - 6B - 24B

Renold Synergy was created to meet a specific requirement of our customers: Improved chain performance resulting in better value.

Renold Synergy is...

roller chain - A&S series

Renold A&S roller chain has long been recognised for its high quality and affordable reliability. It has earned a strong reputation for its excellent wear resistance, high fatigue resistance and durability...

roller chain - 5B - 32B | SD series

If you are looking for a good quality product from a reliable supplier for "standard duty" chain applications, look to Renold SD, the new benchmark in the...

roller chain / wear-resistant - 8B - 16B | Sovereign™ series

Some applications demand a specific solution. Trying to run a standard specification chain in a harsh environment will lead to dramatically reduced working life, possible chain failure and expensive downtime and all this can be avoided by specifying the chain that's designed for the job.

Abrasive environments such as brick and tile manufacture, which are...

roller chain / wear-resistant - 8B - 16B | Sovereign™ series

Wide-Waisted Link Plates
Shotpeened, wide-waisted link plates are manufactured...

roller chain - max 0.5 lb/ft | CHP ®

We construct our Extended Life CHP chain using chrome-hardened pins that provide an extremely hard, wear-resistant surface, which decreases the wear between the pin and bushing. This reduces chain elongation and...

roller chain - max 0.5 lb/ft | CHP ®

Our range of products includes also chain. Sati chains are identified by specific regulations: European standardization refers to ISO/R 606-1982 (DIN 8187) regulations whilst the American one to the ANSI (DIN 8188).
Here following the complete range of chain available ex stock, divided by pitch and number of teeth rows.
ISO 04 B1 (6×2,8 mm)

roller chain - max. 95 000 N

When ordering lengths of chain the ends are always internal links. Chains...

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