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rope clamp for ophthalmic lens production - Layoutblocker-PRA

CNC-controlled alloy blocker having prismatic blocking. Provides improvements like design led user guidelines, automatic fill halt, in addition to prism ring recognition.
The particular Layoutblocker-PRA (aluminum) functions as...

rope clamp for ophthalmic lens production - Blocker-2000

This Blocker-2000 is an alloy blocker from Satisloh that blocks all lens materials incl, mineral glass and suitable for small and medium-size laboratories. It even...

rope clamp for ophthalmic lens production / automatic - ART-Blocker

The ART-Blocker from SATISLOH employs an organic block-piece and a UV-curable adhesive...

rope clamp feet - SEKURALT 0840288

This product is an adaptable webbing...

rope clamp - SEKURALT PRO210/220

SEKURALT PRO210/220 evacuation product is designed with...

rope clamp - ø 8 - 13 mm | ASCENSION

Designed for ascending and occasionally for hauling (progress capture)
Wide, ergonomic molded handle allows a comfortable yet powerful...

rope clamp ventral - ø 8 - 11 mm | CROLL®

Compact, lightweight chest rope clamp

Used with the ASCENSION handled rope clamp for ascending a rope

Toothed cam with self-cleaning...

rope clamp - ø 8 - 13 mm | ASCENTREE

Progettato per le risalite su corde doppie con tecnica "footlock" su piante o con due bloccanti per piede PANTIN.
Impugnature sovrastampate ergonomiche per...

rope clamp - ø 8 - 13 mm | BASIC

Compact rope clamp for excellent grip

Versatile: used to ascend a fixed rope, or as progress capture in a hauling...

rope clamp - ø 9 - 13 mm | MICROCENDER

Removable axle can be used to install...

rope clamp - 200 kN | IMB-S

The Small Impact Block is small by name, small by nature (relatively...

rope clamp - Buddy 100

The Buddy 100 is a hands-free trailing fall arrest device that will follow you up and down the rope with minimum user-intervention. Minimalist design and manufacturing of components makes inspection and installation simple, whilst top-quality materials increase durability with minimum...

rope clamp - ø 8 - 13 mm | AL-15

The Anthron Ascender with grip is a comfortable and versatile handled ascender. It uses the same rope locking components of all their rope climbing devices but has a large volume handle on to...

rope clamp ventral - ø 8 - 13 mm | AC30

The Anthron Chest Ascender is an integral part of their rope ascending system. Similar to their...

rope clamp - ø 8 - 13 mm | AB-20

The Anthron Bloquer ascender is a stripped down version of their gripped ascenders with a slot for webbing and...

rope clamp - CElock

For seasoned climbers, the most effective way to climb up a tree still is the footlock technique. For this purpose, TEUFELBERGER offers customers CElock, consisting of the highly static Globe 5000...

rope clamp - SCK

Fall arrest device type SCK

rope clamp - SKR

Fall arrest device SKR

rope clamp - 4 kN, EN 567 | Jumar

Rope diameter:9,0-13,0mm

rope clamp - 4 kN, EN 567 | Jumar

Foot sidewalk terminal...

rope clamp - OTB 60 M


The ideal low-cost alloy blocker without optical aligning...

rope clamp - OTB 80 M


The Alloy Blocker OTB 80 M with 2 working stations is the ideal solution for small and midsize laboratories

rope clamp - OTB 80 CNC


The ideal CNC-controlled prism layout Blocker for midsize and big laboratories
2 Blocking stations with optical aligning device
Blocking of prismatic and plano lenses

rope clamp - OTB 80 CNC-A1


The ideal alloy blocker for small and midsize laboratories

Designed for professional fully automated alloy blocking. It allows an uninterrupted blocking with no downtime
Blocking chucks and alloy can be easily...

rope clamp - OTB 80 CNC-A2


The ideal alloy blocker for midsize and big laboratories

Designed for professional fully automated alloy blocking. It allows an uninterrupted blocking with no downtime

rope clamp - CE | A-1 P

Standard: CE

Designed for ascending...

rope clamp - EN 567 | A-1

Standard: EN 567

Used for advance on the rope and establish...

rope clamp ventral - EN 567 | A-2

Standard: EN 567

Multi-propose material of climbing...

rope clamp feet - EN 567 | A-3

Standard: EN 567

Cam facilitates passage of the...

rope clamp ventral - 142 g, 102 x 74 mm, EN 567 | WIND UP

Chest ascender with distinct clamp pins. Provides easy handling....

rope clamp - 210 g, 187 x 86 x 30 mm, EN 567 | ELEVATOR

Lightweight hand ascender for kernmantel ropes with diameters ranging from 8 - 13...

rope clamp - CONSTRICTOR

Stronger : In comparison to standard clutches our Constrictor range multiply by
two the holding strength. Moreover our solution does not limit us in strength;
if necessary we can reach the rope breaking strength. For custom project please
contact our design team.


rope clamp ventral - EN 567, 4 kN | CHEST

Standard: EN 567
working load max. (kN): 4 kN

rope clamp - ø 25 - 50 mm | L6 series

The L6 series, manufactured by Univer, is a locking unit designed to be used for rodless...

rope clamp - BS series

The BS series, manufactured by Airwork pneumatic equipment, is a cylinder rod locking device....

rope clamp - BM series

Cylinder rod locking device that allows to prevent the race of the cylinder when...

rope clamp - BA series

The BA series is a cylinder rod locking tool developed by Airwork. It is specifically...


How to choose this product


A rope clamp holds fast to a rope under all conditions. Its self-cleaning slot prevents slipping, even when the rope is muddy or frozen. The clamp allows the rope to be climbed in stages, with periodic stops.


Rope clamps are used in a variety of situations: climbing a static rope, helping someone in difficulty, rescuing a climber stuck in a crevasse or on a wall, etc.


The rope clamp has a release device (usually a cam) which opens when the clamp is moved upward along the rope. When downward force is applied, the cam closes, wedging the clamp against the rope. The user can then ascend the rope.

How to choose

A rope clamp should be chosen as a function of intended use and the type of material (rope, cable, etc.) to be employed with it. It should meet applicable standards.


- Security
- Ergonomic design

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