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Rotary tables
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CNC rotary table / compact - ø 160 mm | CK160

The CK160 (FULL 4TH & 5TH AXIS ROTARY TABLES/CK) features an ultra close-packed construct and high efficiency. It also has latest triple disc brakes system that provides...

CNC rotary table / compact - ø 128 mm, 150 Nm | MR120

The MR120 by Kitagawa is a rotary table having a 4th and 5th axis. This device features its compressed design and superior precision....

CNC rotary table / compact - ø 165 mm, 310 Nm | MR160

MR160 Rotary Table with compact design and high accuracy is an innovative triple disk unit with increase in clamping force. The diameter of the table is Ø165mm and the register...

CNC rotary table / compact - ø 202 mm, 350 Nm | MR200

MR200 Rotary Table with compact design and high accuracy. The innovative triple disc brake system gives substantially increased clamping force.

Table diameter (mm):...

CNC rotary table / compact - ø 250 mm, 600 Nm | MR250

The MR250 is a rotary table manufactured by Kitagawa. It provides accuracy for all motor types in right- or...

rotary table with sub-micro-rad precision / motorized - M-06x series

The M-06 series, which is manufactured by Physik Instrumente, is a rotation stage that...

vertical rotary table - ø 210 mm | HRT210M

The HRT210M from Haas is a servo rotary table. Its compact, vertical design...

rotary table with 2 pins / reclining - T5C2

The T5C2 is a dual-spindle 5C collet tilting 2-axis rotary manufactured by Haas....

rotary table with sub-micro-rad precision / motorized - 0.00001 - 1 °

Motorized rotation stages are precision products that Newport has expertly built for decades. These products were built and designed using experience in solutions for academia and research as...

CNC rotary table / universal - FIBROMAX®

FIBROMAX® heavy-load rotary tables and heavy-load rotary-linear tables are engineered for universal positioning and multiple axis machining even allowing multiple or simultaneous operations. Design wise, FIBROMAX®...

CNC rotary table - FIBRODYN®

The FIBRODYN® direct-drive NC rotary tables is engineered for increased dynamics and high-precision rotation and positioning which is used in machining tools and production...

dosing rotary table - RT404-FLEXII

The RT404-FLEXII series are wide array of rotary dispensing table manufactured by Fisnar. These...

motorized rotary table - max. 10 Nm | LER series

The Electric Rotary table has a height of 42 mm (LER10), integrated with a step motor, a high speed of 420º/sec (7.33 rad/sec) and extreme acceleration/deceleration...

vertical rotary table - ø 210 mm | HRT210M

The HRT210M rotary table from HAAS AUTOMATION employs an 8.3-inch rotary...

rotary table with 2 pins / reclining - T5C2

T5C2 is a 5- axis rotary table, dual spindle and 5C collet tilting. The 4th-and 5th-axis...

rotary table with 2 pins / reclining - T5C2

Our motor rotary table with nearly zero backlash worm gear is suitable for exact motorized rotary positioning
Components (eg lasers, sensors, limit switches, cameras, etc.) by
NEMA 17 stepper motor
The shaft...

rotary table - DT36008, DT36012, DT36025

The DT36008, DT36012, DT36025 are rotary tables manufactured by MM-Südwest Industrievertretung. These units are designed for the precise rotary positioning of all...

ball bearing rotary table - ø 100 - 200 mm | LTA series

The Rotary Rables LTA Series is manufactured by Franke. The product exhibits a 4-point bearing as fixed...

ball bearing rotary table - ø 125 - 200 mm | LTB series

Type LTB High Accuracy
* Rotary tables and positioning systems
* Bearing assemblies with gear and drive...

CNC rotary table - ø 100, max. 2 000 N | AWU 100/ AWUP 100

This horizontal NC table has a faceplate with a minimum diameter of 100 mm. Its axis rotates horizontally and it has a load capacity of 80 kg. The bearing diameter is 120 x 70 mm and the maximum...

CNC rotary table / horizontal - ø 160 mm, max. 5 000 N | AWU 160/ AWUP 160

The AWU 160 and AWUP 160 by Peiseler is a CNC rotary table or broken finger which comes with a face plate diameter of 160 mm at its minimum. For...

CNC rotary table / horizontal - ø 200 mm, max. 10 000 N | AWU 200/ AWUP 200

The AWU 200 is a horizontal NC table which has a minimum faceplate diameter of 200 mm. It can support a load capacity of 280 kg, and operates with...

CNC rotary table / horizontal - ø 355 mm, max. 30 000 N | AWU 355

The AWU 355 is a unit manufactured by Peiseler. It is a rotary table...

CNC rotary table / horizontal - ø 520 mm, max. 50 000 N | AWU 520

The AWU 520, manufactured by Peisler, is a horizontal table that features with...

rotary table with sub-micro-rad precision / motorized - ROTOR

The Rotor is a rotary stage manufactured by Piezosystem. It is suitable for use in various applications, such as fiber alignment, precision adjustment for biological instruments, material sciences or crystallography.


rotary table with sub-micro-rad precision / motorized - ROTOR

The NC rotary tables is made up of robust material. It has a precision work positioning device that is used in metalworking. It enables the operator to drill or cut work at exact...

turning rotary table / for milling - ø 1 000 - 3 000 mm | TFD

The Rotomors TFD is a rotary table that can be employed for turning, indexing...

rotating rotary table - DSH-S

The Rotating rotary table DSH-S Series is manufactured by Isel Germany....

rotating rotary table - ZDS 2030

The ZDS 2030 is utilized as either 4th or 5th axis in the CNC equipment, for smooth...

rotary table - MD series

The MD series is a range of rotary tables designed for the precision in...

rotary table - MDB series

The MDEATii200B Series of EDM Tilting Rotary Table, manufactured by...

vertical rotary table - MDU series

The MDU series is manufactured by MMK Matsumoto Europe. It is a rotary table, which...

horizontal rotary table - MDO series

MMK Matsumoto's MDO series is a line of rotary tables, designed with the ability to mount...

CNC rotary table - MDVi series

The MDVi series is a high speed, high precision rotary...

CNC rotary table - MDVi series

The Expert-Teunkers' Rotary Drive performs comprehensive levels of process responsibility as a basic transport component of...

flexible rotary table - max. ø 1 350 mm | EDH series

The EDH series is manufactured by Expert Tuenkers, and is a versatile rotary table that is equipped with a trunnion drive....

rotary table - max. 20 t, max. ø 3 150 mm | EDX series

This series of products consists of trunnion drives and rotary tables, which are delivered with a fixed step construction and are part of the EDX series. In...

horizontal rotary table - SmartTurn

The SmartTurn, manufactured by Expert, is a contemporary rotary table control that features a robust...

large rotary table - max. ø 20 m

These Heavy-duty rotary tables are manufactured by Expert-Tuenkers. It provides a robust cam technology for high load...

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