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Maxim Integrated
Realtime clock Maxim Integrated

These devices offer high noise immunity, low current consumption, 12/24 hour mode of...

Realtime clock STMicroelectronics

ST has an extensive collection of real-time clock including low power devices and ST’s...

Texas Instruments Semiconductor BQ series
Realtime clock BQ series Texas Instruments Semiconductor

TI analog Real-time Clock Clocks and Timers products are a subset of...

1 products Intersil
Realtime clock Intersil

Intersils family of Real Time Clock products offer a wide variety of useful industry-standard functions...

NXP Semiconductors
Realtime clock NXP Semiconductors

Check out NXPs extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs....

Epson Europe Electronics GmbH RX series
Realtime clock RX series Epson Europe Electronics GmbH

A real time clock is a circuit or IC that generates...

1 products EXAR
EXAR 64 kHz | XRT85 series
Realtime clock 64 kHz | XRT85 series EXAR

Features Fully integrated single chip solution for E1, T1 or 64kHz clock synchronization applications. Extracts 2048 kHz, 1544 kHz clock and data com-ponents Extracts 64 KHz and 8 kHz,...

video Microchip Technology
Realtime clock Microchip Technology

Microchip supports a wide range of Real-Time Clocks from basic low cost devices to a variety of mid-range devices that...

2 products Micro Crystal
Micro Crystal 32.768 kHz | RV series
Realtime clock 32.768 kHz | RV series Micro Crystal

Micro Crystals family of Real Time Clocks (RTCs) combine the 32.768kHz tuning-fork crystal together with the CMOS based oscillator circuitry in a miniature, RoHS compliant Ceramic-Package! C2...

new Micro Crystal 1.2 - 5.5 V | RVxxxxC2, RVxxxxC3
Realtime clock 1.2 - 5.5 V | RVxxxxC2, RVxxxxC3 Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal has added a new, smaller package size to its Real Time Clock Modules product line portfolio. The new C3 Package Real Time Clock Modules with embedded 32.768 kHz crystal are available either...

EM Microelectronic Marin 1 bit , 32 Khz | V3020
Realtime clock 1 bit , 32 Khz | V3020 EM Microelectronic Marin

The V3020 is a low power CMOS real time clock. Data is transmitted serially as 4 address bits and 8 data bits, over one line of a standard parallel data bus. The device is accessed by chip select (/CS)...

Ricoh Electronic Devices 0.55 µA | R series
Realtime clock 0.55 µA | R series Ricoh Electronic Devices

・Communication devices (multi function phone, portable phone, PHS or pager) ・OA devices (fax, portable...

Pericom Semiconductor PT7C4xxx series
Realtime clock PT7C4xxx series Pericom Semiconductor

High Accuracy Timekeeping Module PT7C4025T Pericoms highly accurate RTC module maintains precise time across a broad temperature range. This RTC module integrates crystal and temperature compensation circuit...

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