Safety cabinets

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Safety cabinet / with compartments / steel

The Eco 2000 range of cabinets is structured from 10/10...

Safety cabinet / steel

This security cabinet can store...

Safety cabinet / hinged door / floor standing / metal

The Q-PEGASUS-90 provides further comfort. Safe and proper storage of flammable...

Safety cabinet / hinged door / floor standing / metal

Unbeatable economically! Safe and proper storage of flammable hazardous...

Safety cabinet / hinged door / floor standing / mild steel

The standard cabinet Safe and proper storage...

Safety cabinet / folding door / floor standing / mild steel

Features in addition to the standard on space-saving folding...

Emergency cabinet / hinged door / floor standing / metal

The SOS cabinet contains a high quality...

Safety cabinet / hinged door / floor standing / carbon steel

The Heavy-Duty Vertical Drums Container is intended for storage of hazardous...

Safety cabinet / double-door / floor standing / steel

The Safety Cabinet serves as an indoor storage...

How to choose this product


Security cabinets provide storage for dangerous products, isolating them to guaranty the safety of personnel and the environment in case of accident. Some are designed to protect important corporate documents from theft and fire.


These cabinets are common in workshops, industrial facilities and in any building where flammable or dangerous products must be stored. Those holding important paper or digital documents can be found in many businesses.


Fireproof models hold flammable products and gas cylinders. Some have drip trays for storage of drums containing toxic, corrosive or polluting liquids. Such cabinets must be certified for use and feature standardized pictograms. Access may be restricted by a keyed lock or padlock. Ventilation is natural or forced air. The floor is often galvanized grating, which can be designed for transport by pallet jack or forklift.

Fireproof cabinets protect against theft, break-in and flames, permitting a rapid return to normal operation after an accident or disaster. Those for laboratory animals have ventilation and temperature controls. Models holding pharmaceutical products have sliding trays. Multi-hazard cabinets offer protection from a variety of threats.

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