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A sensor measures a physical characteristic via a signal, generally electrical, generated by the value to be measured.


These devices are used for manufacturing and transformation process control, machinery and automated system control, and the oversight of operational parameters in every industrial domain. They measure a wide variety of values: temperature, pressure, spatial characteristics (e.g., position or movement), flow, exerted force, electrical, magnetic, acoustic and photonic values.


Sensors uses changes in a material's physical properties to measure targeted values. These include resistance, capacitance or inductance, parameters related to a semiconductor or piezoelectric effect, or a current induced according to Faraday's law.

They may have a digital or an analog readout. The signal, also analog or digital, can be proportional to the measured value or simply on or off. Remote data transmission is via a current or voltage electrical signal, pulses or field bus signals.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the sensor's range of measurement, maximum values beyond which the device might suffer damage, sensitivity and resolution. Other criteria are response time, reproducibility, output signal type and precision, which is determined by linearity and, possibly, hysteresis.

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Crowcon Detection Instruments IP65 | Eikon
Intrinsically safe personal single gas detector IP65 | Eikon Crowcon Detection Instruments

Eikon is a fixed life personal alarm providing two years of maintenance free continuous monitoring. Tough and rugged, EikonTM is dust and water tight to IP65. Intrinsically safe and available...

Crowcon Detection Instruments IP65 | Gasman
Intrinsically safe personal single gas detector IP65 | Gasman Crowcon Detection Instruments

Gasman Intrinsically Safe Personal Gas Monitor The new Gasman full function personal single gas monitor is compact and lightweight yet is fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments....

Crowcon Detection Instruments IP65, IEC 61508-3 | Tetra
Personal multi-gas detector IP65, IEC 61508-3 | Tetra Crowcon Detection Instruments

Intrinsically Safe Personal Multigas Monitor Tetra, is a unique multigas monitor for the detection of flammable gases, oxygen and toxic gases; Tetra offers flexibility, assurance, robustness and real...

Crowcon Detection Instruments IP67 | Tetra:3
Intrinsically safe personal single gas detector IP67 | Tetra:3 Crowcon Detection Instruments

Intrinsically Safe Personal Multigas Monitor The Tetra:3 multi-gas monitor is the newest addition to the Tetra family. Tetra:3’s single button operation, small size and weight make it the easiest to...

Crowcon Detection Instruments Triple Plus +
Portable multi-gas detector Triple Plus + Crowcon Detection Instruments

Triple Plus + Intrinsically Safe Portable Multigas Monitors The Triple Plus family has set the standard for portable multigas monitors with their combination of ruggedness, reliability, ease of use,...

Crowcon Detection Instruments IP65 | Detective +
Portable multi-gas detector IP65 | Detective + Crowcon Detection Instruments

The Detective+ transportable area monitor is based on the highly successful Triple Plus+ and Detective models, building on the reputation, reliability and versatility of its forebears. Detective+ is inherently...

Oxygen gas transmitter (O2) 2500/2510 series ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS

The Series 2500 Percent Oxygen Transmitter is a true two-wire transmitter offering...

Oxygen gas transmitter (O2) OXY-SEN™ ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS

The OXY-SEN™ Oxygen Monitor is an economically priced percent oxygen measuring system equipped with a standard...

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS 0 - 30 % | Series 1000
Oxygen gas transmitter (O2) 0 - 30 % | Series 1000 ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS

The Series 1000 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is an oxygen monitor designed to provide continuous protection from oxygen deficient atmospheres. The...

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS 0 - 5 000 ppm | 9510 series
Carbon dioxide (CO2) detector 0 - 5 000 ppm | 9510 series ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS

The Series 9510 Carbon Dioxide Monitor features a next generation infrared sensor that redefines...

YSI Life Science 8500
Carbon dioxide (CO2) detector 8500 YSI Life Science

Exclusive Opto-Chemical Technology for in situ Measurement of Dissolved CO2 Engineered to fit within a variety of bioreactors, the YSI 8500 delivers precise, real-time data that increases your...

Sensor Electronics Corporation SEC 3000 series
Electrochemical toxic gas detector SEC 3000 series Sensor Electronics Corporation

The SEC 3000 gas detector is a unique design combining intrinsically safe and explosion proof approved standards. This toxic gas detector allows for quick and simple field installation of a calibrated...

Sensor Electronics Corporation SEC Millenium series
Infrared gas detector SEC Millenium series Sensor Electronics Corporation

The SEC Millenium Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector is a complete self contained optical hydrocarbon gas detector. The sensing and reference elements are self-compensating for optical integrity and other...

Arizona instruments Jerome® 431
Portable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) detector Jerome® 431 Arizona instruments

The portable Jerome ® 631 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer displays low-level concentrations in just seconds. It offers an analysis range of 0.003-50 ppm...

Arizona instruments Jerome® 860
Portable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) detector Jerome® 860 Arizona instruments

The Jerome® 860 hydrogen sulfide monitor is designed to continually monitor and record hydrogen...

Arizona instruments Jerome® 451 & 651
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas detection system Jerome® 451 & 651 Arizona instruments

The Jerome 451 and 651 fixed monitoring systems from Arizona Instrument provide long-term, unattended environmental monitoring of mercury or hydrogen...

Arizona instruments Jerome® J405
Portable toxic gas detector Jerome® J405 Arizona instruments

The J405 is capable of detecting mercury vapor levels from 3000 ug/m3 down to 0.5 ug/m3. The...

2 products Murco Limited
Murco Limited ATEX | MGD Range
Flammable gas transmitter ATEX | MGD Range Murco Limited

The ATEX standard Exd enclosure is typically used in hazardous areas, where flammable gases, vapour...

Murco Limited
Nitric oxide (NO) detector Murco Limited

Murcos range of fixed gas detection systems can detect Nitric oxide as well as all refrigerant gases, toxic, combustible, volatile organic compounds and oxygen deficiency/enrichment....

6 products Amptek Inc.
Amptek Inc. 145 - 260 eV | X-123
X-ray detector 145 - 260 eV | X-123 Amptek Inc.

The X-123 is a complete X-Ray Detector System in one small box that fits in your hand. Ideal system for use in RoHS/WEEE...

Amptek Inc. 125 - 140 eV, 500 000 CPS | XR-100SDD
Silicon drift X-ray detector (SDD) 125 - 140 eV, 500 000 CPS | XR-100SDD Amptek Inc.

The XR-100SDD is a new high performance x-ray detector, preamplifier, and cooler system using a thermoelectrically cooled Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). Also mounted...

Amptek Inc. 125 - 140 eV | X-123SDD
Silicon drift X-ray detector (SDD) 125 - 140 eV | X-123SDD Amptek Inc.

The X-123SDD is a complete X-Ray Detector System with a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) in one small box that fits...

Amptek Inc. XR-100T-CdTe
X-ray and gamma ray detector XR-100T-CdTe Amptek Inc.

The XR-100T-CdTe represents a breakthrough in x-ray detector technology by providing...

Amptek Inc. X-123CdTe
X-ray and gamma ray detector X-123CdTe Amptek Inc.

The X-123CdTe is a complete X-Ray & Gamma-Ray Detector System in one small box that fits in your hand. Includes CdTe...

Amptek Inc. 145 - 230 eV | XR-100CR
Linear X-ray detector 145 - 230 eV | XR-100CR Amptek Inc.

The XR-100CR is a high performance x-ray detector, preamplifier, and cooler system using a thermoelectrically cooled Si-PIN photodiode as an x-ray detector. Also mounted...

TANAKA Scientific MPC-102 series
Cloud point detector MPC-102 series TANAKA Scientific

MPC-102 series has been designed for automatic determination of Pour Point (PP) and Cloud Point (CP) with small specimen size and shorter test cycle time while securing better test precision...

A.R.T. Photonics
Optical fiber probe for process spectrometer A.R.T. Photonics

Fiber probes for process spectroscopy are based on coherent bundle design which provides the best coupling efficiency with spectrometers, light emitters (LED, lasers, lamps, etc.) and media of spectral...

A.R.T. Photonics
Fiber optic probe A.R.T. Photonics

Disposable Tip PIR-Fiber Loop Probe PIR-fiber probes for 4-18µm range with detachable PIR-fiber loops have been design to provide a cost effective alternative to more expensive ATR-IR-fiber probes. As...

1 products RaySafe
RaySafe RaySafe Solo
X-ray detector RaySafe Solo RaySafe

The RaySafe Solo is designed for specific X-ray modalities where it provides the user with essential features combined with leading precision. While the RaySafe Solo shares the core technology from the...

Lablogic Systems Inc SoFie
Radiochemical detector SoFie Lablogic Systems Inc

The combination of HPLC separations and Radiochemical detection has been taken to a new level...

Thar Instruments
Photodiode array detector Thar Instruments

The 2998 Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector offers advanced optical detection for Waters analytical HPLC, preparative HPLC, or LC/MS system solutions. Providing unprecedented...

Thar Instruments
Light scattering detector for HPLC Thar Instruments

The 2424 Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) Detector is a compact detector that controls temperatures in both the nebulization and evaporation stages, maintaining low-dispersion characteristics for dependable...

1 products GERSTEL
Olfactory detection port for gas chromatography ODP GERSTEL

Olfactory Detection Port ODP Parallel olfactory detection of GC fractions. The ODP allows the sensing of compounds by the human nose as they elute from the gas chromatograph. The effluent is split...

6 products OI Analytical
OI Analytical 4430
Portable volatile organic compound (VOC) photo-ionization detector 4430 OI Analytical

The Model 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID) is a GC detector that selectively responds to aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons in the presence of alkanes and other saturated...

OI Analytical
Flame ionization detector (FID) for gas chromatography OI Analytical

The FID combines with the Photoionization Detector (PID) for simultaneous, dual detection of saturated and...

OI Analytical 5320
Conductivity detector for ion chromatography 5320 OI Analytical

The Model 5320 Electrolytic Conductivity Detector (ELCD) is a third-generation ELCD designed for selective detection of halogen-containing...

OI Analytical
UV-Vis (Ultraviolet/Visible light) wavelength detector OI Analytical

Monitor the GPC cleanup process with the reliable UVD-1000 UV Detector/Chart...

OI Analytical 5380
Photometric illuminance detector 5380 OI Analytical

OI Analyticals patented* Model 5380 Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) represents the latest advance in flame photometric detector design, optimizing selective detection of sulfur, phosphorus,...

OI Analytical SAM-MAX
Refrigerant gas leak detector SAM-MAX OI Analytical

The Refrigerant Monitors with Maximum Ability The SAM-MAX Monitor detects refrigerant leaks sooner and at lower levels. Its the early warning system that...

5 products Jasco
Jasco X-LC™ 3075UV/3070UV
UV-Vis (Ultraviolet/Visible light) wavelength detector X-LC™ 3075UV/3070UV Jasco

To ensure the most sensitive and stable X-LC detection these models utilize a Czerny-Turner monochromator covering a wide wavelength range from 190 to 900 nm with...

Multiple wavelength detector Jasco

The X-LC 3177UV has a unique design separating it from conventional UV detectors,...

Jasco MD-2018
Diode array detector for HLPC MD-2018 Jasco

The MD-2018 is new PDA detector for HPLC which is equipped with 1024-element photodiode array, allowing high spectral resolution in a wide wavelength range from 190 to...

Jasco MD-2015
Diode array detector for HLPC MD-2015 Jasco

The JASCO Model MD-2010 and MD-2015 are both powerful and flexible high sensitivity diode array HPLC detectors. The MD-2010 covers from 195 to 650 nm with a minimum wavelength interval...

Chemiluminescence detector for HPLC Jasco

The Model CL-2027 chemiluminescence detector is equipped with JASCO’s uniquely designed coiled PTFE tube flow cell placed immediately next to a highly...

1 products LUM
Multiple wavelength detector LUMiReader® PSA LUM

The multi-wavelength LUMiReader® PSA measures space and time resolved extinction profiles (STEP technology) at different wavelengths. This allows for the determination of changes in concentration...

2 products Polymer Char
Polymer Char IR4
Multiple wavelength detector IR4 Polymer Char

Infrared Detector for Concentration and Composition measurement in Polyolefins. IR4 is a dual wavelength stand-alone infrared detector, which uses the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy...

Polymer Char IR5 MCT
Multiple wavelength detector IR5 MCT Polymer Char

Highly Sensitive Infrared Detector for Concentration and Composition Analysis in GPC/HPLC. IR5 MCT is a stand-alone infrared detector with a flow through cell, which incorporates interference filters...

MSR-Electronic GmbH 4 channels | GC-04
Four-channel gas detection control unit 4 channels | GC-04 MSR-Electronic GmbH

Four-channel gas measuring controller for continuous monitoring and warning of toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases and vapours. The...

MSR-Electronic GmbH 0 - 2000 ppm | PTB82-1160
Portable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector 0 - 2000 ppm | PTB82-1160 MSR-Electronic GmbH

Portable instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in the surrounding air. The...

MSR-Electronic GmbH 0 - 3000 ppm | PTC82-1160
Portable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector 0 - 3000 ppm | PTC82-1160 MSR-Electronic GmbH

Portable instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity in the surrounding air....

MSR-Electronic GmbH ADT-03 1110
Carbon monoxide (CO) gas transmitter ADT-03 1110 MSR-Electronic GmbH

CO transmitter including digital measurement value processing and temperature compensation for the continuous monitoring...

MSR-Electronic GmbH MA-0-1110
Analog carbon monoxide (CO) gas transmitter MA-0-1110 MSR-Electronic GmbH

Analog transmitter for the continuous monitoring of gases and...

MSR-Electronic GmbH
Carbon monoxide CO gas transmitter with infrared MSR-Electronic GmbH

CO transmitter with two-beam infrared sensor for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect carbon monoxide concentrations....

California Analytical Instruments, Inc. Microprobe
Gas sampling probe Microprobe California Analytical Instruments, Inc.

The Microprobe is an excellent alternative to traditional laborious & costly extractive methods; eliminating the need for a technician to spend valuable time with hazardous samples for expensive...

California Analytical Instruments, Inc. 3 000 ppm | 650 CLD
Nitrogen oxides analyzer NOx with oxygen O2 3 000 ppm | 650 CLD California Analytical Instruments, Inc.

The analyzer can be manually operated from the keypad or remotely via TCP/IP, RS-232C communications and discrete inputs. The analyzer...

California Analytical Instruments, Inc. NOxBox 600 series
Nitrogen oxides analyzer NOx with oxygen O2 NOxBox 600 series California Analytical Instruments, Inc.

The CAI NOxBox system has been specifically designed for harsh environment condition s frequently found in outdoor selective catalytic reactor applications. More Information The analyzer system...

Particle Measuring Systems Airnet®II
Particle detector for filter monitoring Airnet®II Particle Measuring Systems

The Airnet II particle sensor is the latest product that makes it easy and...

Particle Measuring Systems 4 Channels | Airnet®II
Particle detector for filter monitoring 4 Channels | Airnet®II Particle Measuring Systems

The Airnet II 4-Channel particle sensor is the latest product that makes it...

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