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A sensor measures a physical characteristic via a signal, generally electrical, generated by the value to be measured.


These devices are used for manufacturing and transformation process control, machinery and automated system control, and the oversight of operational parameters in every industrial domain. They measure a wide variety of values: temperature, pressure, spatial characteristics (e.g., position or movement), flow, exerted force, electrical, magnetic, acoustic and photonic values.


Sensors uses changes in a material's physical properties to measure targeted values. These include resistance, capacitance or inductance, parameters related to a semiconductor or piezoelectric effect, or a current induced according to Faraday's law.

They may have a digital or an analog readout. The signal, also analog or digital, can be proportional to the measured value or simply on or off. Remote data transmission is via a current or voltage electrical signal, pulses or field bus signals.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the sensor's range of measurement, maximum values beyond which the device might suffer damage, sensitivity and resolution. Other criteria are response time, reproducibility, output signal type and precision, which is determined by linearity and, possibly, hysteresis.

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1 products Cabur
Temperature signal converter Cabur

Suitable for J and K thermocouple IN / OUT / supply galvanic...

Curtis Instruments 250 - 350 W | 1400 series
Isolated DC/DC converter 250 - 350 W | 1400 series Curtis Instruments

When you need to provide power to auxiliary electric circuits on an electrical vehicle, Curtis DC/DC Converters offer precise regulated voltage outputs....

1 products FAGOR
FAGOR RS-485, IP-65, IP-21 | FSI 2.5
DC/AC central solar inverter RS-485, IP-65, IP-21 | FSI 2.5 FAGOR

FAGOR AUTOMATION’s FSI single-phase inverters for on-grid photovoltaic installations have been designed to maximize their reliability, efficiency and safety in their two versions: an indoor version that...

1 products ICA SpA,
new ICA SpA,
Metal detector for packing machine ICA SpA,

Another possibility consists in the installation of a metal detector next to the check weigher, with an independent and lockable container for...

3 products Elcometer
Elcometer 5 m | Elcometer P700
Live cable detector 5 m | Elcometer P700 Elcometer

The Elcometer P700 is a live cable detector, which gives an indication of cable depth. It can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary excavation. This lightweight...

Elcometer Elcometer P610
Metal detector Elcometer P610 Elcometer

The Elcometer P610 has been designed specifically to accurately locate ferrous metal objects - such as gate hooks, nails, staples and even shrapnel - in timber, logs and wood of all types. Mill downtime,...

1 products GREENLEE
Immersion temperature probe TPI-1 GREENLEE

Suitable for liquids and gels Measurement range: -40°F to 1472°F...

HAMEG Instruments -50 °C ... +400 °C | HZ812, HZ887
Pt100 temperature probe -50 °C ... +400 °C | HZ812, HZ887 HAMEG Instruments

The HZ812 and HZ887 Temperature Probes are immersion sensors with a platinum test resistance of PT100. They ensure excellent precision over a broad...

RTK Regeltechnik Kornwestheim 0 - 200 °C | TR 7100 series
Thermostat 0 - 200 °C | TR 7100 series RTK Regeltechnik Kornwestheim

Thermostat unit for temperature measuring consist of temperature sensor, set point adjuster, capillary tube and working piston to the control...

Measurement Computing WEB-TEMP, WEB-TC Series
Web-based temperature transmitter WEB-TEMP, WEB-TC Series Measurement Computing

Key Highlights 8 channels Measure thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor temperature devices Built-in web server/web page Ethernet connection 8...

Measurement Computing USB-5200 Series
Relative humidity and temperature data logger with builtin USB-5200 Series Measurement Computing

Key Highlights Measures thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor...

Measurement Computing WiFi-502
Relative humidity and temperature data logger with builtin WiFi-502 Measurement Computing

Key Highlights Measure temperature and humidity while transferring data via WiFi to a PC Built-in data display Measurement range from -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F) 802.11b compliant Capable...

1 products HIMEL
Electrical cabinet thermostat CC HIMEL

Thermostats maintain the temperature inside the enclosure and send a signal when certain defined values are...

Helios Ventilatoren 6 - 16 A, 230 V | TME 1
Electronic thermostat 6 - 16 A, 230 V | TME 1 Helios Ventilatoren

Operational applications Robust, electronic thermostat...

1 products PROTO
PROTO J6365 - J6375
Torque transducer J6365 - J6375 PROTO

• “Plug and play” torque transducers. Automatic set-up of transducers means user friendly operation...

Data Translation DT SAK series
Multichannel amplifier for strain gauge DT SAK series Data Translation

Full, Half and Quarter Bridge Transducers Integrated...

Data Translation
Amplifier Data Translation

IEPE compliance current 4mA IEPE compliance...

MRL - Sandvik Thermal Process Inc.
Hydrogen (H2) detector MRL - Sandvik Thermal Process Inc.

MRL Industries Hydrogen burn off system -Installs in scavenger...

MRL - Sandvik Thermal Process Inc. Protec
Heat detector Protec MRL - Sandvik Thermal Process Inc.

Protects your SIC process tube from possible damage due to heater coil growth or sag. Specification: -...

1 products MOXTEK
X-ray detector XPIN®-XT, XPIN®-BT MOXTEK

Moxtek® Si-PIN x-ray detectors are used for a variety of demanding energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) industrial and scientific applications. XPIN® detectors are optimized to provide maximized...

1 products Afag
Proximity switch Afag

Miscellaneous proximity switchs,...

4 products PHD
PHD Series 5360
Magnetic reed proximity switch Series 5360 PHD

Series 5360 Reed Switches are available in either AC or DC models. They are ideal for use as inputs for many types of sequencers and programmable...

PHD Series 5580
Hall effect magnetic proximity switch Series 5580 PHD

Series 5580 Hall Effect Proximity Switches are designed specifically to provide an input signal to various types...

PHD JC1SD series
Magnetic proximity switch JC1SD series PHD

Series JC1SD Switches fit into 4 mm switch slots and are solid state providing long life. These switches...

Inductive proximity switch PHD

These switches offer high reliability provided by solid state inductive sensing technology and are suitable...

1 products NT Tool
NT Tool ZM-1
Digital LVDT displacement transducer ZM-1 NT Tool

1. Long probe are sold separately. 2. Ultra-high precision...

Electric test probe PTR-Messtechnik

Series 1001 Mechanical Spacing 0,76 mm/30 mil Full Travel 2,00 mm Recommended working travel (± 0,2mm) 1,35 mm Pre-loaded...

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