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concentration sensor / density - -20 °C ... +120 °C, ATEX & IECEx | Ex 40-40

The Ex 40-40 is an immersion sensor from Sensotech that measures the inline and online concentration and density in liquid chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other process liquids. It features the LiquiSonic®...

density sensor / concentration - -20 °C ... +120 °C | Varivent

Immersion sensor Varivent is a long-lasting, maintenance free & robust standard sensor for application in breweries,soft drink, sugar & food industries which measures inline/online concentration...

density sensor / concentration - -20 °C ... +120 °C | Clamp 3-A

The LiquiSonic® sensor computes the inline and online absorption levels and the thickness of fluids such as dry elements, whey extract, °Brix, °Plato, or alcohol. It is an immersion sensor that comprises...

density sensor / concentration - -20 °C ... +130 °C, DN 80 | Halar / PFA

When it comes to applications in corrosive liquids in non hazardous areas, the flange type sensor DN 80 can be used. It is coated with Halar or PFA and can be installed directly into the...

density sensor / concentration - -20 °C...130 °C, DN 80, ATEX Halar / PFA

The LiquiSonic® is an exceptionally engineered device that delivers accurate measurements of density and concentration in process liquids such as chemicals, solvents or pharmaceuticals. The flanged sensor is perfectly qualified for use in applications involving aggressive liquids in danger zones....

humidity sensor - GPro 500

The GPro 500 Moisture TDL allows drift-free, virtually maintenance-free operation...

anti-collision sensor - CLS - Collision Sentry

CLS - Collision Sentry - Anti-collision Infrared Sensor

The Collision Sentry uses an Infrared Sensor to prevent risk of possible collision between pedestrians and forklifts through LED visual signalling. It can be mounted magnetically and requires no wiring.



CO2 sensor - NDIR CO2 sensor | 8-pin

It is designed by the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the determination of the concentration of CO2 at the end of an exhaled breath.

The measurement directly in the patient's intubation, with faster response, and will not be error readings because of gas line leaks. The patient's airway...

universal transducer / programmable / measurement / DIN rail  - 100 - 400 V | MC2UP

On-site fully programmable multi-output transducer suitable for single phase or threephase
3-4 wire balanced or unbalanced system. It is suitable also under distorted waveforms

universal transducer / programmable / measurement / DIN rail  - 100 - 400 V | MCOUP series

On-site fully programmable multi-output transducer suitable for single phase or threephase
3-4 wire balanced or unbalanced system. It is suitable also under distorted waveforms

modular transducer / universal / programmable / DIN rail  - 100 - 400 V | MCUU series

Multifunction transducer, suitable for three or four wires three-phase systems with unbalanced load, even with distorted waveforms. It performs the measurement of...

tension transducer / current / measurement / DIN rail  - MCOE series

These transducers are suitable for rms value measurement of currents or voltages...

tension transducer / current / measurement / DIN rail  - 50 - 440 V | MC2 series

Transducer suitable for position or level measurement, using...

tension sensor - 0- 1000 cN up to 0 - 20 daN

Stationary electronic tension sensor, single roller system, for mounting at an existing deflection pully

For flexible material, as thin wires and ropes

- Easy installation
- Tension sensor with integrated measuring amplifier

tension sensor - 0 - 20 daN up to 0 - 100 daN

Stationary electronic tension sensor for measuring wires, ropes and cables up to 10 mm Ø

Sensor with large guide rollers (60 mm Ø), minimizes material deflection

Tension meter is available with digital...

transducer - 360 - 440 Hz | S343

Model S343 is Frequency Transducer that features an effective and...

transducer - 100 Hz - 20 kHz | S350L

Model S350L Frequency Transducer from American Aerospace Controls features an effective...


How to choose this product


A sensor measures a physical characteristic via a signal, generally electrical, generated by the value to be measured.


These devices are used for manufacturing and transformation process control, machinery and automated system control, and the oversight of operational parameters in every industrial domain. They measure a wide variety of values: temperature, pressure, spatial characteristics (e.g., position or movement), flow, exerted force, electrical, magnetic, acoustic and photonic values.


Sensors uses changes in a material's physical properties to measure targeted values. These include resistance, capacitance or inductance, parameters related to a semiconductor or piezoelectric effect, or a current induced according to Faraday's law.

They may have a digital or an analog readout. The signal, also analog or digital, can be proportional to the measured value or simply on or off. Remote data transmission is via a current or voltage electrical signal, pulses or field bus signals.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the sensor's range of measurement, maximum values beyond which the device might suffer damage, sensitivity and resolution. Other criteria are response time, reproducibility, output signal type and precision, which is determined by linearity and, possibly, hysteresis.

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