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steel cutting machine / for stainless steel / for aluminum / for copper
steel cutting machine
P2060, P3060

Laser power: 2,500 W
Tube diameter: 20 mm - 300 mm

... rapid cutting system: the corners cutting respond speed is very quick and greatly improve cutting efficiency. ● Efficient cutting system: After cutting, ...

stone cutting machine / for granite / for marble / rotary blade
stone cutting machine

... vacuum cup system for the optimization of the slab cutting through the piece handling on the work bench. The machine is specially engineered to cut (either in the plunge-cut or step-cut mode) and shape ...

fiber laser cutting machine / for metal / sheet metal / CNC
fiber laser cutting machine

X travel: 1,300, 1,500 mm
Y travel: 2,500, 3,000 mm
Cutting speed: 30,000 mm/min

... and CNC transmission system make high precision laser cutting available. - Mainly used for cutting and forming of carbon steel plate, stainless steel,aluminum and other metal materials. - Cutting ...

foodstuffs cutting machine / for composite materials / for ceramics / water-jet
foodstuffs cutting machine
FoodCut Pro

X travel: 600 mm
Y travel: 400 mm
Cutting speed: 0.5 m/s

cutting of 600 x 400 x 150 mm Std at 1200 x 600 x 150 mm 4150 bars, maximum flow rate of 5.3 L / min. Cutting speed + 250%, consumption - 30%. Introducing FOODCUT Pro Water jet cutting ...

5-axis cutting machine / for granite / for marble / rotary blade
5-axis cutting machine

X travel: 3,000 mm
Y travel: 2,000 mm

it is muti-function cutting machine with compact size. It can also be extended to 5 axis processing center. By using advanced micro computer control system to achieve multi programming methods, including ...

EPS cutting machine / wire / CNC / shape
EPS cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 3,500 mm/min

... into the computer; 3. The Single-Wire CNC Shape Cutting Machine is applicable to cutting products with big volumes or in small numbers; 4. The Multiple-Wire CNC Shape ...

cardboard cutting machine / for packaging / shape / manual
cardboard cutting machine

Using the cardboard-box cutting machine you will exactly produce the packaging that you need - in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Performance ...

textile cutting machine / ultrasonic / shape / hand-held
textile cutting machine
MK 300 W

Laser power: 300 W

Ultrasonic manual cutting on stenters, inspection and off-line machines

glass cutting machine / laser / CNC / shape
glass cutting machine

GLASS CUTTING MACHINE FOR LAMINATED AND FLOAT GLASS With the combined glass cutting plant GFB/VB, it is possible to cut laminated glass sheets as well as to execute straight and shape ...

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shape cutting machine / paper / for cardboard / CO2 laser
shape cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 30,000 mm/min
Laser power: 850, 750, 550, 350 W

... possible to install a galvanometer head that allows marking codes and/or logos on the die-board. Thanks to its combination of cutting head and marking head, the LTF system can guarantee ...

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Cutlite Penta
wire cutting machine / CNC / shape / for industrial applications
wire cutting machine

CNC HOT WIRE CUTTER Start to create 2D and 3D shapes with the hot wire cutting technology. RM-PoliCut3D is a CNC hot wire cutter with 6 interpolated axes, that allow ...

stone cutting machine / waterjet / shape / 5-axis
stone cutting machine
brembana aquatec

X travel: 237, 149, 158 in
Y travel: 104, 144 in
Cutting speed: 54,000, 12,600 mm/min

Waterjet Cutting Robots A revolution in CMS Tecnocut product range: accuracy and reliability. CMS Tecnocut introduces brembana aquatec, a groundbreaking new waterjet machine suitable for metals, advanced ...

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fabric cutting machine / straight-knife / with digital assistance / shape
fabric cutting machine

... expressly designed to allow maximum agility and precision even in the cutting of very small pieces and with extremely complicated shape, on high thickness lays (up to 5cm compressed). When cutting ...

metal cutting machine / fiber laser / PLC-controlled / hole punch
metal cutting machine

Laser power: 500, 700, 1,000 W

... introduction: The cutting machine is the duplex mode, the operator stands as the below picture shows, X1 axis & X2 axis can be alternately cut and refueling, which can greatly improve the efficiency. ...

aluminum cutting machine / for stainless steel / for metal / oxy-fuel
aluminum cutting machine

Cutting speed: 50 mm/min - 750 mm/min

... type of machine is a good solution of a blank parts between mini-size CNC cutting machine and Gantry type CNC Cutting machine-. They are not only solve ...

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Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Machine Co., Ltd.
fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for steel / for stainless steel
fiber laser cutting machine

X travel: 1,500 mm
Y travel: 3,000 mm
Laser power: 500 W

... nonferrous metals. Laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting sheet metal. It is used to produce parts, which are required high accuracy and the best possible cutting ...

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aluminum cutting machine / for titanium / for stainless steel / for metal
aluminum cutting machine

Y travel: 6,000 mm
Cutting speed: 18,000 mm/min
Laser power: 500 W

... non-contact laser processing, to meet the circular tube, square tube, oval tube and special shaped pipes other shape hole patterns and other precision cutting and slitting requirements.suit For carbon ...