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shut-off valve / high-pressure - 1/4 - 1 1/2

The high quality TESCOM™ 30 Series shut-off valves can be used in GSE support and pressure panels. This cutting-edge technology can also be used in instrumentation...

shut-off valve - DN 8, PN 40 | D43129, D42528

TESCOM™ metal bellows shut-off valves are often used for gases of high purity, mostly...

shut-off valve / stainless steel - PN 40 | D43xxx, D44xxx series

Created for use with inert, reactive, corrosive materials, this TESCOM™ metal diaphragm...

shut-off valve / high-pressure - max. 10 000 psig | VN series

Emerson's TESCOM VN Series of bi-directional, extensive-flow valves feature a Y-type pattern...

shut-off valve / for gas - DN 15 - 150, PN 40 | T 8020

Samson Series 240 pneumatic control valves are useful...

shut-off valve / for liquids / fuel - DN 15 - 100, PN 16 - 40 | T 8022

Pneumatic Control and Quick-acting Shut-off Valve, Series 240.
Medium: liquid...

shut-off valve / pneumatic - DN 15 - 100, PN 16 - 40 | T 8039

The Pneumatic On/off Valve is a product of great ingenuity and brilliance. Many engineers and industrial machine designers prefer this must have valve...

shut-off valve / safety - DN 15 - 100, PN 16 - 40 | T 2546

The self-operated pressure regulator type 36-3 has a safety shut-off valve with a pressure reducing valve that controls...

shut-off valve / electromechanical / for gas / burner - 3/4

These electrically actuated valves shut off gas or oil lines in less than one second, for added convenience. All shut off valves...

shut-off valve / electromechanical / fuel oil burner - DCS

Electro-Mechanical Oil Shut-Off Valves by Maxon is perfect as a general purpose shut off valves. In less than one second, it can cut off...

shut-off valve / electromechanical / fuel oil burner - 3/8

These Maxon Electro-Mechanical Oil Shut Off Valves control oil lines in less than a second through its electrically actuated valves....

shut-off valve / burner - 3/4

When it comes to selection of oil or gas shut off valves, NI Series Hazardous Duty Valves are simply the best and apt....

shut-off valve / electro-pneumatic / for gas / burner - 8000 GAS series

The Series 8000 pneumatically-actuated shutoff valves are fitted with CSA- and CE-approved components made of highly-durable and longlasting cast iron, carbon steel and low temperature carbon steel. The body...

shut-off valve - 1/8

This MMSV-3WQ part uses a setup that is manageable with Maximatic FRLs to offer a good routine...

shut-off valve / melt for polymer melts - max. 800 bar | WV series

The Swivel Valve WV is a discharge valve that features a metallic sealing technology that offers a ten year bond with a premium wear proof performance. It is...

shut-off valve / stainless steel / flange - DN 15 - 150, PN 16 - 40 | 8040 GS1

The sliding gate stop valve built immediate response and versatility. A product of...

shut-off valve / stainless steel / flange - DN 15 - 200, PN 16 - 40 | 8040 GS3

The type 8040 GS3 sliding gate stop valve is recommended for use in normal and tough media...

shut-off valve / stainless steel / flange - DN 15 - 125, PN 16 - 40 | 8041

The type 8041 sliding-gate stop valve has a universal design for use in the chemical, process engineering...

shut-off valve / for hygienic applications - DN 15 - 40, PN 16 | 6010

The Type 6010 hygiene right angle valve is a stop valve that is utilized...

shut-off valve / for hygienic applications - DN 15 - 40, PN 16 | 6011

Type 6011 aseptic right angle valve is an EHEDG-certified stop valve. It is ideal...

shut-off valve / 2-3-way - 1/8 - 1

This shut-off valve is utilized to separate the compressed air circuit from the main air supply. The 3-way valve relieves the downstream system in the closed position. This is ideal for when maintenance operations need to be...

shut-off valve / 2-3-way - 1/4 - 2

This shut-off valve is utilized to make the circuit independent from the air supply. It is a 3-way valve that is particularly useful for servicing operations as it cuts off the air supply when its...

shut-off valve - DN 6 - 8, max. 10 bar | VxV L series

There are two product families when it comes to shutoff valves, V2V L and V3V L. Both can be connected to other components in parallel and in series and...

shut-off valve / pneumatic - 1/8 - 1/2

When using these stop valves mounted on cylinder inlets, a flow of air is allowed only...

shut-off valve - 1/4 - 1/2

This manually-operated product uses a poppet seat system to keep the flow rate high. It...

ball valve / shut-off - max. 16 bar | SC01 series

Rexroth's 2/2-way stop valve of series SC01 is a ball valve composed of brass, nickel-plated...

shut-off valve - 0.5 - 10 bar, 340 - 680 l/min

Shut-off Poppet valve designed to use compressed air as medium
and under pressure...

shut-off valve / for gas - DN 6 - 250, max. 16 bar | AKT series

Elster Kromschroeder valves for manually shutting off gas, air...

shut-off valve / for gas - DN 10 - 150, max. 5 bar | AKT..TAS series

If you were looking for a shut-off valve that comes with a closing safety device and is suitable...

shut-off valve / safety - DN 25 - 100, max. 4 bar | JSAV series

This is a set of pressure regulators that have been certified by the EC, they have been type tested as well. These pressure regulators have safety valves...

shut-off valve / safety - DN 25 - 100, max. 4 bar | JSAV series

Safety valves are essential in any condition where a hazardous overpressure situation could...

shut-off valve / safety - DN 25 - 100, max. 4 bar | JSAV series

This device is excellent for stop valves of the on-off type. It is an environmentally friendly mechanism,...

shut-off valve / safety - HV3

The HV3 series of stop valves from SPIRAX SARCO have strong and safe bronze...

shut-off valve / electro-pneumatic / with soft starter - 1/8 - 3/4

This shut-off valve and soft-start unit works in the Modulair 107-112...

shut-off valve - J1 Easytop series

This Easytop valve set includes a spindle, EPDM sealing elements, position indication open/closed, transmission,...

shut-off valve / aluminum - 3/4 - 3

ASCO's Modular Fuel Gas Shut-Off Valves combines the 8214(200) solenoid valve with the V710(B) &...

safety valve / shut-off - 3/4 - 3

The two connected 8214 (200) shutoff valves provide fast opening and closing under the pressure...

shut-off valve / for gas - 3/8 - 3/4

Coming in pipe sizes ranging between 3/8" and...

shut-off valve / for gas - 3/8 - 3/4

The SV311 Series is a one of a kind product designed by Emerson. It...

shut-off valve / for gas - 3/4 - 3

Normally Closed Valve with Visual Indication and proof of closure
The 8043...

shut-off valve / high-pressure - 3/4 - 1

The 634 and 634M shutoff valves are made to keep pressure levels controlled through a containment process....

shut-off valve / safety - DN 40, max. 20 bar | VS100

The Type VS100 slam shut is constructed in such a way that it shuts off the gas flow...

shut-off valve / for gas - 1 1/4 - 3

Whether you are working with an environment of NH3 or simply LP-Gas, this emergency shutoff valve is an item you should really consider investing...

shut-off valve / pneumatic - 2

This emergency shutoff valve, manufactured by Snappy Joe, is perfect for railroad tank cars and similar applications, serving as protection for the...

shut-off valve / manual - 1/4 - 7/8

The BM is a one of a kind product. Incomparable out in the market. It's main...

ball valve / shut-off - 1/4 - 2 1/8

This manually operated, type GBC ball valve is a must-have when it comes to applications involving bi-directional flow. The product has been approved for projects...

shut-off valve - max. 52 bar, -60 ... +150 °C | SVA-S 6-200 series

SVA Stop Valves are available in angleway and straighway versions and with Standard neck (SVA-S) and Long neck (SVA-L) for insulated systems. These valves are a product...

shut-off valve - max. 40 bar, -50 ... +150 °C | SVA-ST 6-200 series

The type SVA-ST 6-200 stop valves are available in straight-way and angle-way designs for delivering suitable flow characteristics...

shut-off valve - -60 ... +150 °C, max. 40 bar | SVA-DL 250-300 series

SVA-DL are angleway stop valves designed to meet all industrial refrigeration application requirements.
SVA-DL (Delta pressure Low) is designed with a restriction in the...

shut-off valve - max. 50 l/min, max. 315 bar | Z4WE6

This component series 3X valve comes in size 6 and is suitable for small to medium...

shut-off valve - max. 160 l/min, max. 315 bar | Z4W(E)H10-4X

The component series 4X includes shut-off valves and directional spool valves are available...

shut-off valve - max. 300 l/min, max. 315 bar | Z4W(E)H16

Bosch Rexroth Z4W(E)H22 4/2 and 4/3 directional isolator valves,...

shut-off valve - max. 650 l/min, max. 315 bar | Z4W(E)H22

■ Component series 5X
■ Size 25
■ Maximum...

shut-off valve - max. 140 l/min, max. 350 bar | KAV

■ Component series A
■ Size...

shut-off valve / seat - DN 10 - 80, PN 16

Type 5900-5925 concealed straight seat valves are ideal for everyone who builds or lives in a house. A new technique allows valve assembly in the pre-wall area using a mounting...

shut-off valve / safety - DN 20 - 32

The JRG LegioStop top is free of death traps and is maintenance-free. It features a threaded connection for test and drain valves and has a closing...

shut-off valve / for gas - DN 25 - 50 | V4297A1-S1

This is a gas valve type that is non regulated ON/OFF normally closed, and is fast opening. Other features include media that is natural gas, propane,...

shut-off valve / pneumatic - DN 65 - 100 | 8000 series

The type 8000 pneumatic shut-off valve comes in a normally closed (NC) design and carbon steel body. These are ideal for applications such as industrial burners...

shut-off valve / control - DN 40 - 250, class 1 500 | BV802, BV803

High rangeability and tight shut-off capability are features of the BV802/803 single-seated valve. They can be outfitted...

shut-off valve / for water systems - DN 356 - 819, class 1 500

A gate design main feedwater isolation...


How to choose this product


A shut-off valve constitutes an excellent safety feature in case of leaks or the failure of taps or other elements in a fluid transport system.


These valves permit the temporary isolation of part of a fluid network. Their numerous commercial and industrial applications include flow control of petroleum products, other oils, air and water.


Such devices are often pressure valves or sliding gate valves. They also can be equipped with an actuator.

How to choose

Choice of shut-of valve will depend on specific use and the pressure and flow rate of the system.


- Control
- Safety
- Easy operation
- Loss prevention

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