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thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductor-filled - 0.20 - 1.50 mm

The Conductive Filled Silicone EMI Shielding Flat Gaskets are designed with adhesives/sticky...

thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductive - RoHS, REACH

These are Gaskets by Temas which features its EMC shielding conductive silicone that are accessible in broad range...

thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductor-filled - RoHS

The manufacturer uses specific silicon grades at the basis of its formulation to which it adds conductive loads to obtain electromagnetic shielding properties....

thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductor-filled - RoHS

The seal components manufactured by Getelec is made from silicone construction materials. These...

thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductor-filled - RoHS

Our E Range gaskets are constructed from silicone containing metal powder fillers which combine to produce high levels of attenuation with excellent environmental shielding and a high level of conductivity. Many types of filler, from nickel to pure silver, are available to suit a wide range of applications. There are also Flurosilicone variants for...

thin seal / EMC shielding / silicone / conductor-filled - RoHS

Seal Science has been supporting the medical and medical device industries for many years providing clean room produced silicone liquid injection molded (LIM) seals and components. Through the incorporation...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

From elastomeric parts and seals to micro miniature and custom solutions, Apple Rubber has precisely what you...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

State-of-the-art capabilities in silicone
The popularity of silicone has led to Apple Rubber's development of precision mold capabilities. Even the most complex silicone parts and seals can be consistently manufactured using a host of technologies and processes including injection molding and compression molding.

We give you all the advantages of silicone...and...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

High Precision Cost Efficient Production in ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility
Custom Compound Formulation for Precise Engineered...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

Kemtron conductive filled silicone EMC shielding seal is an assembly of extruded profiles. This...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

Using economic rule dies, flat gaskets are made from molded sheets and larger gaskets can be cut from fabricated or molded picture frames. This option enables larger gaskets to be produced economically while saving material. The...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

Kemtron offers a number of o rings suitable for all your needs. We are at the forefront of providing...

O-ring seal / silicone - -85 °F ... +400 °F

Silicone mouldings
and stampings

Silicone mouldings and stampings are used in the most varied branches of industry mainly...

silicone seal - 2 - 5 psi | 7104

The 7104 is a soft density sealed cell silicone manufactured by Marsh Bellofram. This silicone...

silicone seal - 13 - 17 psi | 7404

The Bellofram Silicone 7404 is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance...

extruded seal / silicone - 2 – 5 psi | 5104

The 5104 by Marsh Bellofram is a silicone extruded seal which can come with a...

extruded seal / silicone - 5 – 7 psi | 5204-FDA

The 5204 FDA Series, manufactured by Marsh Bellofram, are silicone sponge extruded products...

extruded seal / silicone - 7 – 13 psi | 5304-FDA

The 5304-FDA series, manufactured by Marsh Bellofram®, is utilized as a silicone...

silicone seal / rubber - -54...+260°C | Ultra Black

The Ultra Black® Max. Oil Resistance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker is a fast curing formula that meets...

silicone seal / rubber - -54...+260°C | Ultra Grey

The Ultra Grey® Rigid High-Torque RTV, manufactured by ITW Devcon, is a silicone...

rubber seal / silicone - -54...+371°C | Ultra Copper

The Ultra Copper is a silicone which withstands an environment with an intermittent...

rubber seal / silicone - -54...+260°C | Ultra Blue

ITW Devcon's Ultra Blue® is a multipurpose RTV silicone gasket maker that can fill gaps...

rubber seal / silicone - -54...+243°C | Red

ITW Devcon's High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket is generally utilized for high temperature applications. This...

silicone seal -

Silicone rubber dies are commonly used for application of hot stamp foil and heat transfers onto flat, contoured or cylindrical-shaped products. Silicone...

thin seal / silicone / PEM / fuel cell - 10 mils

ElectroChem offers a wide variety of pre-cut and bulk gasket material. The low precision silicone gaskets are sufficient...

thin seal / silicone / PEM / fuel cell - 12 mils

ElectroChem offers a wide variety of pre-cut and bulk gasket material. The low precision silicone gaskets are sufficient...

silicone seal - DN 3 | JV030200


silicone seal - DN 5 | JV050200


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