Slotted cable trunking

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cable trunking / grooved - PDK Series

The Slotted Cable Ducts are made of technopolymer materials on durable PVC base. They are designed with double...

cable trunking / PVC / grooved - max. 200 x 150 mm, -40 ... 65 °C | VDRF series

RCCN wiring duct VDRF wide slot/finger design is perfect to provide durability to the sidewall and is used with different style of wire available in bundle sizes. It has UL:...

cable trunking / grooved - max. 200 x 150 mm, -40 ... 65 °C | HVDRF series

The HVDRF series engineered by Shanghai Richeng Electronic, is a wiring duct composed of rigid...

cable trunking / PVC / grooved - max. 100 x 130 mm, -40 ... 65 °C | VDRC series

The VDRC series engineered by Shanghai Richeng Electronic, is a PVC slotted cable trunking composed of rigid and environment friendly...

cable trunking / PVC / grooved - max. 150 x 100 mm, -40 ... 65 °C | GDRF series

The RCCN GDRF Wire Trunking complies with the European standard of wide slot/finger design that...

cable trunking / grooved - max. 1 000 V | WADO series

Slotted cable trunking for electric panels and boxes are available in 20 different...

cable trunking / grooved - max. 4 x 5 in

The slotted design of this wiring duct allows for cable routing...

cable trunking / PVC / grooved - max. 4 x 4 in

With twice the amount of slots as standard slotted duct, high density slotted duct...

cable trunking / grooved - 25 x 30 - 150 x 100 | WD-BN series

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cable trunking / grooved - 8 / 12 / 8 | A series

• Made of: technopolymer on rigid PVC base, self-extinguishing...

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