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Carl Stahl Snatch block is manual lifting equipment...

The 7541 series is manufactured by Carl stahl, and is a snatch block that...

The manual lifting equipment is a forged...


Forged alloy heat treated hooks.
Forged steel swivel tees, yokes and shackles.
Hook and shackle assemblies on 4-1/2 through 14sizes can be interchanged.
Can be furnished with bronze bushings or roller bearings.


Snatch blocks
Fitted to a pad eye or toe rail Wichard snatch blocks are highly useful
for taking up a rope that is already...


DY Type Snatch Block


Heavy Duty Snatch Block


Snatch Block (commercial type)


Simple Type Snatch Block



The 9518-Snatch Block manufactured by TOOLEE is made of tensile steel and are used in...


All steel sheaves are fit with high efficiency, deep groove ball bearings for maximum...

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