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snow-plow - 3 - 20 m | ZLJ5250TCXZE3/E4

This unit the ZLJ5250TCXZE3/E4 which is a snow sweeper manufactured and developed by Zoomlion Environmental Sanitation Machinery Branch Company, features its superior speed in snow bulldozing and sweeping. It can also do solid scattering, pre-wet spreading...

snow-plow for forklift trucks - 1 515 x 1 360 x 720 mm

IDEAL IN CASE OF SNOW for a quick snow removal in companies squares, streets,...

snow-plow for loaders - 592 kg

Quickly blaze a new trail out of snow-covered roads.

Model HT50A-790000
Width 2553...

snow-plow for loaders / V-bank -

V-shaped snow blade to plough through deep snow, straight blade to pile snow, scoop blade to scoop, push or...

snow-plow - X-TREM

The X-TREM is a very powerful and light hydrostatic snow removal engine that comes equipped with an anti-skid system that enables it to move over snow and provide the power needed to the blower and turbine.

The X-TREM...

snow-plow - 1 300 - 2 800 mm | CLN series

Snow plough equipped with hydraulic tilting and ground selfleveling,...

snow-plow - 1.2 m, 30° | 1200

For snow depths up to 10 centimeters, the snow sweeper (without debris container) is ideal for clearing paths, roads and factory premises. To make...

snow-plow - 1.5 m | 1500

For snow depths up to 10 centimeters, the snow sweeper (without debris container) is ideal for clearing paths, roads and factory premises. To make...

snow-plow for loaders - 10' - 30' | MAXXPRO

- SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge heavy duty multi-section 3/4’’ x 6’’ x 24’’ for soft rides - Multiple hydraulic side wing positions for maximum capacity - Hydraulic side gates made from heavy duty steel - Double row of hydraulic cylinders on side...

snow-plow for loaders - 8' - 29' | EXTENDMAXX HD

Product features:
- Multiple hydraulic positions for maximum capacity (heavy duty) - SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge heavy duty multi-section for soft rides (3/4’’ x 6’’ x 24’’ on model EXHD1048-21 and EXHD1248-29) - Double row...

snow-plow for loaders - 8' - 20' | LIVEBOX

Product features:
- ‘’LiveBox’’ follows the roads imperfections - Independent 24’’ section moldboard that...

snow-plow for loaders - 8' - 10' | WINGMAXX

Product features:
- Universal harness mount exclusive to Metal Pless - Double action mounts "Pression Maxx" - SOFT DRIVE mechanical steel trip edge heavy duty multi-section 3/4" x 6" x 24’’ for soft rides - Hydraulic...

snow-plow for loaders - 6' - 14' | EXTENDMAXX EX4

Product features:
- Hydraulic extension on each side - Lateral floating of the blade - Bolt-on side panels - Heavy duty steel cutting edge...

snow-plow - City Ranger 2250

The Snow Sweeper is perfect when used with the first snow fall of winter. It can completely remove snow to a depth of 15 cm even when the terrain is uneven, keeping paths clear and dry.

The Snow Sweeper is centred...

snow-plow - Park Ranger 2150

The Park Ranger 2150 snow sweeper clears up to 15 cm of light, fluffy snow. The lateral float ensures a problem free passing over kerbs or other obstacles.


snow-plow - City Ranger 3500


Available from 8 ft (2.44 metres) to 24 ft (7.32 meters) with widths and depths between 3 ft (0.9 meter) and...

snow-plow for forklift trucks - max. 1 800 mm | FLT-SPA180

Manufactured from mild steel this snow plough attachment can be used with a standard fork lift truck.


snow-plow for forklift trucks - SPB series

Unique design attaches to fork truck forks. Pass through fork tubes keep weight back towards fork...

snow-plow for forklift trucks - SPB series

LCR offers both as-is (build-to-print) and full custom designs to meet your OEM volume production needs. We offer extraordinary design and engineering depth and outstanding ISO 2001:2008 approved manufacturing facilities in Norristown, PA and...

snow-plow for loaders - BANCOLLAN™

BANCOLLAN Snowplow Blades are made of highly durable and abrasion-resistant polyurethane, and are attached to the ends of snowplows. They protect against premature wear and abrasion resulting from...

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