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Software consists of an ensemble of codes and data providing instructions to a computer. An application is a program designed to accomplish a specific task.


Software is used in every area of industry to control automated systems, for computer-assisted design (CAD), programming processors and automatons, code generation, parts conception, simulation, designing wiring schematics or structural calculations.


An application consists of executable files, such as programs or scripts, software libraries and configuration files, accessible via the user interface. A software suite contains several bundled programs offered together. Thus, a CAD suite can be used to describe, simulate and generate files needed to accomplish a certain design task.

Software may be protected by copyright. Proprietary software must be purchased. Freeware, on the other hand, is available at no cost. Open-source software also is free and can be distributed without paying the developer. Its code is available to and modifiable by anyone.

Software generally is written to run on a particular computer platform, such as Windows or Linux. Other programs, Java, for example, can run on several different platforms. Multi-station software is installed on the computers in a company's internal network and is usable by several people simultaneously, limited only by the licensing agreement.

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Peekel Instruments Autosoft 3000
Data acquisition Autosoft 3000 Peekel Instruments

- Autolog 3000, Autolog 2100 and GPS(USB) - Alarm management through 4 alarm levels - Combine channels into groups - Selectable measurement speed per group - Loadstep measurements - Datalogging with graphical...

1 products ONSET
Data acquisition ONSET

HOBOware® data logging software lets you view, graph and analyze data with point-and-click simplicity. You can easily setup your...

2 products Geoprobe
Geoprobe Direct image viewer 1.5
Geotechnical data analysis data acquisition processing reporting Direct image viewer 1.5 Geoprobe

DI Viewer is the display log software from Geoprobe Systems®, which can display and print...

Geoprobe F16000
Data acquisition F16000 Geoprobe

Geoprobe®-DI FI6000 Series Data Acquisition System is the new back bone for Geoprobe® direct push Electrical...

1 products Indumart
Indumart SCA850
Calibration SCA850 Indumart


Opto Engineering
Calibration Opto Engineering

The CVTClib software library, developed by...

Link Engineering Win3700
Test and measurement Win3700 Link Engineering

Win3700 Software integrates computer technology for measuring spring and resilient materials characteristics....

GÖPEL electronic GmbH TAP Checker
Electronic design automation EDA TAP Checker GÖPEL electronic GmbH

The innovative tool suite enables the automatic generation of simulation vectors and test patterns for chip-level validation and verification of IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 compliant...

GÖPEL electronic GmbH TOM
Image processing TOM GÖPEL electronic GmbH

The TOM product line includes customisable optical inspection systems to be applied in measurement engineering and industrial quality assurance. Die sorgfältig aufeinander abgestimmten Hard- und Softwarekomponenten...

Test and measurement SYSTEM CASCON GÖPEL electronic GmbH

In 1991 GOEPEL electronic has been developing an integrated Boundary Scan software development environment named SYSTEM CASCON....

IPT Institut für Prüftechnik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG IptDataLogging®
Test and measurement IptDataLogging® IPT Institut für Prüftechnik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG

IptDataLogging® Version 5.0 IptDataLogging® is suitable for communication with all current, micro processor controlled IPT units The software package is entirely network compatible and...

FMS Jansen HunterLab EasyMatch QC
Test and measurement EasyMatch QC FMS Jansen HunterLab

HunterLab’s EasyMatch QC software gives unprecedented flexibility to process, display, analyze and report color measurement results. Color measurement...

1 products KELCH
Tool testing and presetting KELCH

Picture Start The quick and simple solution for the automatic measuring of standard tools....

1 products Viscom
SPC statistical process control Viscom

The SPC software is employed where processes have to be controlled by means of short regulating loops. The software continuously accepts the inspection data...

Schwer + Kopka GmbH SK-go!®
MES manufacturing execution system SK-go!® Schwer + Kopka GmbH

SK-go!® is your universal tool to control and to analyze the effectiveness of your manufacturing operation. Select from the extensive list of software modules which functions and reports are relevant...

Schwer + Kopka GmbH SK-go!®
SPC statistical process control SK-go!® Schwer + Kopka GmbH

The usual SPC inspections (staistical process control) in high volume manufacturing typically take place within prescribed firm time intervals. Whether the machine has at all produced in this time frame...

American Hofmannoration MC10
Balancing MC10 American Hofmannoration

Measuring and evaluation systems for balancing machines require a universal, rugged and easy to use technology as well...

3 products OI Analytical
OI Analytical Aurora 1030
Data acquisition and monitoring Aurora 1030 OI Analytical

Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzers include a CD containing basic software that supports data transfer from an instrument to a PC. Aurora 1030 Analyzer settings enable the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to send data...

OI Analytical WinFLOW
Monitoring and control instrumentation WinFLOW OI Analytical

WinFLOW™ offers the most advanced instrument control and data acquisition software package for automated chemistry analyzers. Featuring dynamic absorbance range scaling technology, WinFLOW immediately...

OI Analytical PFPDView
Gas detector monitoring PFPDView OI Analytical

PFPDView is an optional Windows®-based software package for use with a 5380 PFPD and WinPulse to reprocess chromatograms under different PFPD operating conditions. This reprocessing capability is...

3D measurement INCA3D MORA-AEH Metrology

Modern measuring technology makes a considerable contribution to reduce costs and increase quality. The efficiency of these attributes is even improved by software which is easy to operate and which,...

1 products SOR
SOR echOware™
Multisensor metrology echOware™ SOR

EchOware™ - companion PC or PLC software for echOsonix® units with Modbus communications. It is designed to provide visual representation and status of monitored tanks, as well...

Steinbichler Optotechnik INSPECTplus
CAD to part comparison for inspection INSPECTplus Steinbichler Optotechnik

INSPECTplus - Inspection software With the INSPECTplus inspection software, Steinbichler Optotechnik has developed an easy-to-use inspection software which offers the user a wide range of functions for...

1 products GALDABINI
Materials testing GALDABINI

The program is designed in an open and interactive way to meet the different needs of laboratories and industry...

Com-Ten Industries
Materials testing Com-Ten Industries

Our incredibly popular test-control software package has just gotten better! Introducing COMTEST, the next level in material testing. This powerful software now is packed with improved features and a...

1 products ADMET
video ADMET MTESTQuattro
Materials testing MTESTQuattro ADMET

MTESTQuattro® is an advanced materials testing system for servo-hydraulic and electromechanical testing machines. Its unique design consists of a PC-based application program and an easy-to-install...

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