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Spectral Scanner comes with its...

measurement software / test - EasyMatch QC

HunterLab's EasyMatch QC software gives unprecedented flexibility to process, display, analyze and report color measurement results. Color measurement...

measurement software / test - EasyMatch QC

All Infrared Cameras, Inc packages are state of the art thermal infrared imaging systems offering an integrated process monitoring imaging system that includes...

fluorescence spectroscopy software - XRF-FP

XRF-FP is a quantitative analysis software package for X-Ray Fluoresence (XRF). XRF analysis with Fundamental Parameters...

fluorescence spectroscopy software - EPXA

The software consists of a main program that provides the user interface, and various machine input/output functions, together with at least two libraries (DLL’s) that provide the spectrum processing and ZAF calculations for spectra taken on a SEM fitted with an EDS detector.


performance management software - Acuity™

GT's Acuity™ software is a comprehensive performance management solution that lets operators optimize the performance of GTsDSS family of crystal growth furnaces. GT's Acuity software monitors DSS production data providing PV manufacturers with real-time insight into actual versus ideal equipment performance. By understanding these performance gaps, companies can make more informed decisions...

performance management software - Acuity™

Ask around, Fideris's FCPower™ software has always provided fuel...

analysis software / laser beam - Autofocus

The Autofocus system from OR Laser is a unique focussing
system for laser units that regulates the distance to the
precision part to...

HMI terminal programming software - Polymath 2.0 Series

Polymath is the programming software of ESA elettronica, developed in .NET technology with latest generation features. Equipped with a modern and complete interface, it offers a wide functionality range in step with the new requirements...

HMI terminal programming software - POLYMATH Premium

Polymath Premium is the Polymath license, which allows owners...

monitoring software - Polymath PC Runtime

Any project made in the Polymath Advanced development environment can also be run on PC with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista and Seven, as well as on all ESA industrial...

monitoring software - Polymath PC Runtime

You can now monitor your production plants at all times, without geographical limitations and in complete security.With the ESA Remote Access application, you simply need an Internet connection to monitor an industrial plant from any part of the world without any restrictions whatsoever.

automation software - MY VISION

Powerful, easy-to-use software allowing you to create rich projects in a short time by means of an intuitive user interface...

automation software - MY VISION

This cost-saving basic software sitola cut-system is user friendly and available in nearly all world languages. Through this it is the perfect alternative to the common and complicated...

monitoring software / metal detector network - DATACHEK

Manages data from metal detection and checkweighing equipment
Continuous visual identification...

monitoring software / metal detector network - DATACHEK

MTO color microimage analysis survey software V5.2 is Chinese analysis survey software based on Win98/2000/XP operating system. It has edit function of characters and figures, providing the functions such as adjust active images, edit images, images manipulation, standard images compared survey, images and data management, analysis the result of survey, print and output verisimilitude...

SCADA software / HMI - Web Studio™

Web Studio Version 7 is a powerful...

measuring machine software - Delta QC series

The new Delta QC software is the common software platform for all Delta QC measurement equipment....

MES software / manufacturing execution system - SK-go!®

SK-go!® is your universal tool to control and to analyze the effectiveness of your manufacturing operation. Select from the
extensive list of software modules which functions and reports are relevant to your company. All modules are using the
same data base ensuring that the collected information is uniform through all applications. A data import and export interface

statistical process control (SPC) software - SK-go!®

The usual SPC inspections (staistical process control) in high volume manufacturing typically take place within prescribed
firm time intervals. Whether the machine has at all produced in this time frame is normally not of interest. In addition, there is
no indication given at the machine when the next SPC measurement will be due. This leads to a situation where SPC measurements are either...

barcode label printing software - CoLOS Create, Create Professional, Enterprise

CoLOS Create offers intuitive free of charge software to design simple messages for Markem-Imaje printers....

automation software - SCA Professor v2.6

Full functionality laser system automation software, dedicated for...

data acquisition software / spectrometer - CDI Spec 32

The CDI Spec 32 Data Acquisition Software is an intuitive and easy-to-use application support software package...

grinding machine software - G series

OptiPro's lens grinding software, G Series, is designed to make precision optics fabrication simple and efficient. Whether grinding aspheres or spheres, edging or beveling, the G Series interface uses a powerful and easy to use graphical user interface that guide the user through all aspects of lens generation, from initial setup and corrections through full production.


programming software / PLC - MULTIPROG 5.35

IEC 61131 programming system contains these programming languages: Instruction List (IL), Structured Text (ST), Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), as well as:

• project manager, including libraries
• project...

programming software / CNC - Bolzit W32

The simplest and most efficient way to generate a CNC program for a SOYER stud welding machine is the import of drawing data from CAD programs in DXF format. This allows complex CNC programs to be generated within minutes.
The studs can...


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Software consists of an ensemble of codes and data providing instructions to a computer. An application is a program designed to accomplish a specific task.


Software is used in every area of industry to control automated systems, for computer-assisted design (CAD), programming processors and automatons, code generation, parts conception, simulation, designing wiring schematics or structural calculations.


An application consists of executable files, such as programs or scripts, software libraries and configuration files, accessible via the user interface. A software suite contains several bundled programs offered together. Thus, a CAD suite can be used to describe, simulate and generate files needed to accomplish a certain design task.

Software may be protected by copyright. Proprietary software must be purchased. Freeware, on the other hand, is available at no cost. Open-source software also is free and can be distributed without paying the developer. Its code is available to and modifiable by anyone.

Software generally is written to run on a particular computer platform, such as Windows or Linux. Other programs, Java, for example, can run on several different platforms. Multi-station software is installed on the computers in a company's internal network and is usable by several people simultaneously, limited only by the licensing agreement.

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