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ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers provide rapid and accurate measurement of luminance and color for a broad range of devices and materials, including...

viewing  software - WICAL

The WICAL Analysis Program can treat, evaluate and analyse energy data from any source. That way, it is easy to use flow, energy, state and quality data even for complex calculations, checks and visualisations.

Results may be summed up in reports or visualised as tables and diagrams. For more possibilities and opportunities,...

data collection software - MDE900

The MDE900 Mobile Data Acquisition System can be used to read out local data loggers and flow correctors on the spot. Users can read out meter readings, station conditions and filed data manually and/or transfer it to a PDA...

programming software / CNC - Bolzit W32

The simplest and most efficient way to generate a CNC program for a SOYER stud welding machine is the import of drawing data from CAD programs in DXF format. This allows complex CNC programs to be generated within minutes.
The studs can...

programming software / CNC - Bolzit W32

Ask around, Fideris's FCPower™ software has always provided fuel...

security and access control software - SSA-M2000 series

SAMS (Samsung Access Management Software) Pro(SSA-M2000) includes all features of SAMS Basic(SSA-M1000). SAMS Pro can control DVR and CCTV camera setting which make it easier to manage integrated security system. Users can see what is happening in an interested...

HMI software - Panel Studio

Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software...

data acquisition software - VR18

It is the world first paperless recorder of the same size in highest resolution 640x480 pixels VGA TFT display, infrared detector, maximum 18 channels, plug...

data acquisition software - VR06

It is the Low Cost paperless recorder in bigger size 6.4" with highest resolution 640x480 pixels VGA TFT display, infrared detector, maximum 6 channels, plug...

data acquisition software - Data Acquisition Studio

DAQ software: Data Acquisition Studio
PC based data logging software to be used with Modbus based devices like IO Modules, and soon to be available for Paperless Recorders & Temperature controllers.



viewing  software - visual energy 4

visual energy 4
Visualization software

Energy data management
Cost center management and billing


software / supply chain management - SLV Cement

SLV Cement is a solution for cement dispatch and logistics flow control. With this application, all processes such as arrival of trucks at the cement plant, cement delivery, and automatic printing of required documents upon process completion are automated....

software / supply chain management - SLV Tomato

SLV Tomato is a weighing software application developed by Cachapuz. The software package permits the computerized registration of...

software / supply chain management - SLV Cereals

The SLV Cereals is a logistics management software designed by Cachapuz. It provides automation and organization of processes involved...

piloting software - PARACON

The operator and parameter software Paracon is available for all devices of the Feller Eng., that are provided with a serial data interface and the FE3 protocol. The software is free of charge....

SCADA software - UniArt

Control Applications Ltd.'s UniArt is PC based windows platform designed fo regulating, data logging and controlling SCADA software for DDC/PLC. This system is suitable for...

off-line programming software - FoamCAD-XP

Possibilities of programming

With FoamCAD-XP it's possible to create any geometrical form as CNC part or program in a quick and easy manner. There are different possibilities...

software / motion control - TMCL-IDE


Integrated Developement Environment for TMCL (PC-Software)

The TMCL-IDE is an integrated development environment for developing stand-alone TMCL applications and for configuring...

metrology software - NextView4


Easy-to-use at best price:

metrology software - NextView4

A flexible instrument would be useless without an equally flexible software to support it. Thats why we created Lirix:
a modular software package with a multi-level architecture that...

monitoring software / for solar power plant - Powador-monitor


Powador-monitor is an item of PC software for local evaluation of the measured values...

design software / for photovoltaic installations - Powador PV-pilot

Powador PV-pilot

Powador PV-pilot is our new system design program, which, like its predecessor KACOCALC...

programming software / PLC - MULTIPROG 5.35

IEC 61131 programming system contains these programming languages: Instruction List (IL), Structured Text (ST), Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), as well as:

• project manager, including libraries
• project...

performance management software - Acuity™

GT's Acuity™ software is a comprehensive performance management solution that lets operators optimize the performance of GTsDSS family of crystal growth furnaces. GT's Acuity software monitors DSS production data providing PV manufacturers with real-time insight into actual versus ideal equipment performance. By understanding these performance gaps, companies can make more informed decisions...

monitoring software / PC for industrial environments - PreVision Control

Our opinion is that also the best system can be improved. And exactly that we did. With the new developed PreVision Control technology, tci offers a system-independent hard and...

balancing software - VM-BAL

Balancing of long and disk-shaped rotors in one or two planes
Up to six correction methods (depending on software version)
Automatic operation...

software / vibration analysis - VM-FFT

Vibration analyzer for low and middle frequencies
Calculates the spectrum of vibration...

HMI software - nuFace™

nuFace™ NUTECs off-the-shelf ,PC based RS274 (G-Code) end user application nuFace also available as user specified custom PC Graphical User Interface (GUI, is our intuitive HMI software which allows users to quickly make their motion applications into easy to use production manufacturing equipment in hours or days instead of weeks and months without the difficulty and learning curve of programming...


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Software consists of an ensemble of codes and data providing instructions to a computer. An application is a program designed to accomplish a specific task.


Software is used in every area of industry to control automated systems, for computer-assisted design (CAD), programming processors and automatons, code generation, parts conception, simulation, designing wiring schematics or structural calculations.


An application consists of executable files, such as programs or scripts, software libraries and configuration files, accessible via the user interface. A software suite contains several bundled programs offered together. Thus, a CAD suite can be used to describe, simulate and generate files needed to accomplish a certain design task.

Software may be protected by copyright. Proprietary software must be purchased. Freeware, on the other hand, is available at no cost. Open-source software also is free and can be distributed without paying the developer. Its code is available to and modifiable by anyone.

Software generally is written to run on a particular computer platform, such as Windows or Linux. Other programs, Java, for example, can run on several different platforms. Multi-station software is installed on the computers in a company's internal network and is usable by several people simultaneously, limited only by the licensing agreement.

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