vacuum furnace / annealing / tempering / hardening
vacuum furnace
VWC series

Vacuum heat treatment furnaces type VWC can be used for a variety of heat treatment processes such as for example low carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing or brazing. In this furnace with cylindrical ...

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Systherms GmbH
soldering oven
soldering oven

Forced Air Convection Reflow Oven BS551-10 BS551-10 is a high performance full hot air convection reflow soldering system with computer control which can handle boards up to 405 mm width with less than ...

soldering oven / electric / infrared / automatic
soldering oven

Maximum temperature: 300 °C

... put. 9. Soldering time: 6min±1min. 10. Temperature curve: 1-8 pieces of temperature curve can be set in the reflow soldering machine according to needs. User can select the temperature curve according ...

heating oven / soldering / conveyor / gas
heating oven

Maximum temperature: 400 °C

Higher throughput SMT reflow oven with 20" (508mm) wide conveyor for production runs. The 2000HT hot-air reflow system utilizes our patented Horizontal Convection Heating technology with digital temperature controls ...

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APS Novastar
annealing furnace / carburizing / brazing / rotary retort
annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 427 °C - 1,204 °C

... treatment steps in a CEC Retort furnace. This is one of many detailed and difficult machine components that are made in the USA within a high alloy Retort furnace fully designed, engineered and manufactured ...

inert gas furnace / annealing / hardening / soldering
inert gas furnace
KM xx/11/R series

Capacity: 23, 30, 65, 120, 250 l
Maximum temperature: 1,100 °C

... Retort Furnaces Retort furnaces are suitable for heat treatment processes that must becarried out under a defined atmosphere, such as bright annealing, tem-pering or soldering. The product ...

preheating furnace / brazing / chamber / gas
preheating furnace

Capacity: 3,000 l
Maximum temperature: 200 °C

Oven for preheating on parts after deposit of brazing paste. Technical Data: Volume: 3000L Maximum Temperature: 200°C Inner Casing Size: 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm Wattage: 26 000 Watts Profiler-recorder ...

soldering oven / chamber / infrared / compact
soldering oven
MiniOven 05

The new MiniOven 05 is a compact and versatile IR reflow oven suitable for a wide range of SMD components. The device provides enhanced functionalities like integrated air circulation, nitrogen support, and an intuitive ...

annealing furnace / tempering / soldering / blank quenching
annealing furnace
Four à une bande

Maximum temperature: 350 °C - 1,150 °C

... the heating of the gases, with standby program Homogeneity and reproducibility of results PROCESSES • Bluing • Brazing • Annealing • Tempering • Bright hardening • Treatment of precious metals

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FESP (fours Electriques Serge Paratte)
heat treatment furnace / annealing / tempering / hardening
heat treatment furnace
HCV series

Maximum temperature: 1,000 °C - 1,800 °C

quenching furnace / tempering / soldering / annealing
quenching furnace
max. +1 250 °C | ModulTherm®

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,250 °C

... automobile industry. The ModulTherm® technology is especially suited for hardening tempering case hardening brazing sintering annealing in a temperature range up to 1250 °C.

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brazing furnace / conveyor / electric / controlled atmosphere
brazing furnace

Metallurgical Processes: Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing Types of Products: Automotive Aluminum Heat Exchangers such as Radiators, Heater Cores, Condensers, Evaporators, Charge Air Coolers and Oil Coolers Unique ...

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brazing furnace / rotary retort / gas / vacuum
brazing furnace
max. 2650 °F | HFL-5748-2EQ

Maximum temperature: 0 °F - 2,650 °F

Features and Benefits: Horizontal, front loading design with hinged front door for easy, convenient unobstructed loading/unloading of work loads and fixtures Autoclave locking ring closure eliminates door seal problems Hot ...

tempering furnace / annealing / quenching / soldering
tempering furnace

... gradients, as they make their way through the furnace. These furnaces may be heated electrically or through gas, using different protective atmospheres, for a vast variety of heat treatments, such ...

soldering furnace / rotary retort / electric / vacuum
soldering furnace

Maximum temperature: 1,000 °C

Soldering system with ceramic flat heating elements For soldering processes under high vacuum or inert gas at temperatures up to 1 000 °C, a furnace with ceramic flat heating elements ...