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fluorometer - VICTOR™ EnLite™

This version of the 1420 VICTOR™ EnLite™ fluorometer is supplied with a stacker to allow semi-automatic operation. Plates can be loaded manually (models 1420-0220 and 1420-0230)...

fluorometer - 320 - 700 nm | Fluoroskan Ascent

The Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fluorometer is specifically designed for life science research applications...

fluorometer filters - Quantech™

The Quantech Digital Filter Fluorometer is built with a large, versatile sample compartment...

fluorometer filters - Twinkle LB 970

The Twinkle LB 970 from Berthold is a fluorometer built with an enhanced design for different measurement...

fluorometer filters - max. 1 100 nm | 62 series

The 62 series by Jenway is a Filter fluorometer which comes in three fluorimeter models that covers a wide range of applications. For a specific model such as 6280, it is ideal for application...

fluorometer filters - max. 1 100 nm | 62 series

If your water treatment chemical supplier can provide inhibitor with PTSA or Fluorescein fluorescent dye in the formulation, the Little Dipper makes it easy for our WebMaster to measure and control the concentration!


fluorometer - GloMax®-Multi+

The GloMax®-multi has taken the place of the famous Turner BioSystems modulus microplate multimode reader. The instrument is basically the same but with a reinvented look! It has designed specifically for use in life science labs of today....

fluorometer filters - QuantiFluor™-P

The QuantiFluor™-P Fluorometer from Promega takes over the Turner BioSystems Picofluor Fluorometer with the same device, but with an updated design. The unit is a lightweight, handy...

fluorometer filters - QuantiFluor™-ST

Promega's QuantiFlour™-ST Fluorometer is an updated version of the Turner BioSystems TBIS-380 Fluorometer....

fluorometer compact - Quantus™

The Quantus Fluorometer features both blue and red fluorescence channels for protein and nucleic acid quantitation. Highly sensitive fluorescent detection is provided by this compact...

fluorometer compact - HF-38

The HF scientific HF-38 Fluorimeter is an extremely sensitive, hand-held, ruggedized instrument designed for field testing of toxic heavy metal contaminates...

fluorometer - 360 - 800 nm | Fluoroskan Ascent™ series

The Fluoroskan Ascent, manufactured by Thermo Scientific, is a microplate flurometer...

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