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Hydraulic spindle

The TMHS 75 and TMHS 100 by SKF is an advanced withdrawal...

Grinding spindle / belt-driven

The HJN-grinding spindles...

Light milling spindle

Compact motor...

Cutting spindle / thread

The thread cutting machines...

Cutting spindle / thread

The thread cutting...

Hydrostatic spindle

Shape and Dimension Square...

Hydrostatic spindle

This hydrostatic spindle...

Hydrostatic spindle

The hydrostatic...

Hydrostatic spindle

This hydrostatic spindle...

Positioning spindle / high-speed

- High speed rotation and precice positioning...

High-speed spindle

- Model with stainless steel...

Turning spindle

facing unit fastening with flange...

How to choose this product


A spindle constitutes the rotating axis of a machine tool. Spindles come in different sizes, depending on the type of machine or tool they are designed for. A spindle can hold either a cutting tool or a workpiece during turning operations.


Spindles are sold mainly as replacement parts for machining centers. They also can be used with rotary hand tools, such as small grinders or drills.


A spindle can be powered using different technologies. The two most common are electric motor spindles and pneumatic spindles. Other types are belt driven, hydraulic and mechanically driven.

How to choose

Spindle selection will be determined by the type of machine to be equipped. Other specifications to take into account are maximum speed and torque.

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