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hydrostatic spindle - max. 1350 rpm

This is a Hydrostatic spindle manufactured by Omlat which comes with a tool changer...

hydrostatic spindle - max. 4 500 rpm

Shape and Dimension Square 240×240
Motor Siemens
Cooling System Liquid

hydrostatic spindle - max. 2000 rpm

This hydrostatic spindle is developed by Omlat. It has a cylindrical shape...

hydrostatic spindle - max. 1200 rpm

The hydrostatic spindle is a unit...

hydrostatic spindle - max. 550 rpm

This hydrostatic spindle is developed by Omlat. It has a square shape with...

belt-driven spindle - EVS

RÖHM manufactures a broad spectrum of products, which includes the EVS model. The EVS model is an electrical cylinder...

belt-driven spindle - TSA, TSI, TSP, TSAV, TSL

The grinding spindles manufactured by GMN are available with four series that are the TSA, TSP, TSAV and the TSL. The TSA and TSL...

turning spindle - BIG-PLUS

Kaiser's Shanks BIG-PLUS is equipped with both a taper and flange fit at the same time. This enables the spindle...

grinding spindle - ø 100 mm, 24.000 %u2013 105.000 rpm | FISCHER MFM

The FISCHER MFL series of products consists of high quality LeanDrive spindles, which have led to the development...

belt-driven spindle - ø 80 mm, 28.000 - 60.000 rpm | FISCHER HJN

The Fischer HJN is a belt driven spindle developed by Fischer Precise. It is engineered suitable for grinding...

belt-driven spindle - ø 40 - 80 mm, 12 000 - 28 000 rpm | FISCHER UJ / UZ

The Fischer UJ/ UZ is a range of spindles that are driven by belts. They are...

grinding spindle - 1.5 - 5 KW | SM series

The Grinding spindle produces...

grinding spindle - XS series

The products offered are high-speed electric spindles with rapid or manual automatic tool...

air-cushion spindle - ASP series

The air bearings of the ASP model series are another milestone in the continuous development work of ess. This type of bearing provides users of the various machining...

air-cushion spindle - max. ø 160 mm, max. 1200 N | MTF series

The rotary air bearings of the MTF model series are mighty impressive due to their unsurpassed emergency running characteristics and their utmost and good natural resonance....

engraving spindle - max. 45 000 rpm, ø 60 - 100 mm, 0.3 - 6.5 kW

Engraving machines,
Plastic milling machines,

engraving spindle - max. 45 000 rpm, ø 60 - 100 mm, 0.3 - 6.5 kW

For over forty years, Maina has been manufacturing gear spindles...

belt-driven spindle - 13 000 - 21 000 rpm | 600 series

The series 600 external grinding spindles feature a robust spindle system. These spindles are applied in modern grinding technology. These systems are driven via a belt pulley.
Our grinding spindles are manufactured from special materials ensuring...

turning spindle - max. 350 Nm, ISO 40, SK 40

drilling capacity
max. 42 mm / 600 N/mm²

grinding spindle - ø 110 - 230 mm, max. 5 000 rpm | CTE series

Type CTE 200x600
Rotation hand Left
Taper CONO...

grinding spindle - max. ø 260 mm, max. 2 000 rpm | CTH

Constant finishing surface
Increasing of the run out precision due to the lack of mechanical components between the spindle housing and the rotating shaft.
Better surface quality and workpiece form.
Longer sharp of the grinding wheel.
Highest axial and radial...

grinding spindle - max. ø 150 mm, max. 15 627 rpm | CTP series

Type CTP 50/80x335/585
Rotation hand Right
Taper Cono...

grinding spindle - CTK series

Rotation hand -
Campling unit according...

belt-driven spindle - 40 - 120 mm, max. 35 000 rpm | RC series

The spindles of the RC range are belt spindles for high...

belt-driven spindle - 20 - 120 mm, max. 40 000 rpm | FR series

The spindles of the FR range are polyvalent belt spindles. They are designed...

belt-driven spindle - SG series

Range of grinding spindles for medium-technology...

belt-driven spindle - SG series

A full line of either hydrodynamic or hydrostatic spindles to solve your ultra precision grinding application...

engraving spindle - AF series

Our engraving spindles are available in manual tool change, automatic tool change, and are...

belt-driven spindle - DS series

Spindles, belt driven, for Turning - Type Series DS

UKF Turning Spindles are exemplary because of their low vibration. The bearing arrangement is optimized for...

turning spindle - DHF series

- Type Series DHF with Asynchronous Drives
- Type Series DHF-PE with Synchronous Drives

- with Angular Contact Spindle Bearings
- with High Speed Bearings


turning spindle - DHF series

Spindle Power 15 KW (S6) / 11 KW (S1)
Maximum Speed...

turning spindle - DHF series

Spindle Power 0.24 KW (S6) / 0.18 KW (S1)
Maximum Speed 60,000...

belt-driven spindle - max. 34 000 rpm | Sentry series

The Sentry™ is a SETCO belt-driven spindle line. It provides six standard models and features a catalog standard design to provide quick delivery and a value price.

The C017 and B035 represent the small end of Sentry spindles. The Sentry C017 is a drop-in replacement for the Gilman 1875 and is available in two configurations; 1) Plain Cartridge and 2) Positioning Nut Cartridge. As...

belt-driven spindle - max. 19 500 rpm | ProMetrix series

ProMetrix™ is SETCO's most customizable belt-driven spindle line. ProMetrix is offered in 10 standard sizes ranging from 40mm to 200mm and can be configured with Block, Cartridge, and Flange Cartridge housing styles. ProMetrix offers a large variety of options; bearing configurations, hybrid bearing types and styles, lubrication methods, spindle noses, belt drive packages, drawbars, and more....

belt-driven spindle - max. 15 300 rpm | 4000 series

There are 32 models of the SETCO 4000 Series spindles. These workhorse spindles have heavy duty operating...

belt-driven spindle - max. 12 000 rpm | 40x series

Compact construction. Light Weight238.jpg
Minimum noise....

turning spindle - max. 8 000 rpm | 30x series

Choice of spindle tapers A2-5, A2-6,...


How to choose this product


A spindle constitutes the rotating axis of a machine tool. Spindles come in different sizes, depending on the type of machine or tool they are designed for. A spindle can hold either a cutting tool or a workpiece during turning operations.


Spindles are sold mainly as replacement parts for machining centers. They also can be used with rotary hand tools, such as small grinders or drills.


A spindle can be powered using different technologies. The two most common are electric motor spindles and pneumatic spindles. Other types are belt driven, hydraulic and mechanically driven.

How to choose

Spindle selection will be determined by the type of machine to be equipped. Other specifications to take into account are maximum speed and torque.

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