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The Advanced Hydraulic Spindles by SKF offers a production of powerful pulling force which only requires a minimal effort than the basic mechanical spindles. The spindles decrease the time element for dismounting a bearing....

The TMHS 75 and TMHS 100 by SKF is an advanced withdrawal force generation designed for superior pulling force. Unlike any other mechanical spindle, this unit requires only a small amount of force...


The Aerotech’s ABS series direct-drive air-bearing spindles offers superior performance that...


Whilst being one of the most difficult to design and evaluate, a gear coupling is one of the most common and simplest types in use. The design difficulties are due to the number of variables, such as material, lubrication and tooth design which...


Multispindle tightening units are practical and effective solutions to increase productivity thanks to simultaneous and accurate tightening of several screws, bolts or nuts.

They can feature two or more spindles, axial compensation to tighten elements...


Compact motor spindle for micron machining with speed up...

The FISCHER MFL series of products consists of high quality LeanDrive spindles, which have led to the development...

The Fischer UJ/ UZ is a range of spindles that are driven by belts. They are compact...

The Fischer HJN is a belt driven spindle developed by Fischer Precise. It is engineered suitable for grinding...


BIG-PLUS is equipped with both a taper and flange fit at the same time. This enables the spindle and tooling...


RÖHM manufactures a broad spectrum of products, which includes the EVS model. The EVS model is an electrical cylinder...


This is a Hydrostatic spindle manufactured by Omlat which comes with a tool changer...

Shape and Dimension Square 240×240
Motor Siemens
Cooling System Liquid

This hydrostatic spindle is developed by Omlat. It has a cylindrical shape...

The hydrostatic spindle is a unit...

This hydrostatic spindle is developed by Omlat. It has a square shape with...


The grinding spindles manufactured by GMN are available with four series that are the TSA, TSP, TSAV and the TSL. The TSA and TSL...


From now on, we manufacture grinding spindles for...


The Grinding spindle produces...

The products offered are high-speed electric spindles with rapid or manual automatic tool...


- Model with stainless steel/aluminium housing
- Justable clamping element for precise runout adjustment

- High speed rotation and precice positioning in one unit
- Direct measuring system
- Model with stainless steel housing
- Horizontal and vertical function

- Model with stainless steel housing
- Dimensions (BxTxH) ca. 190 x 155 x 98 mm
- Horizontal and vertical function


AC synchronous built-in motor with vectorial control with phonic...


For installation in transfer lines, machine tools and robot stations

For installation in transfer lines, machine tools and robot stations


Renold Ajax has been supplying spindles for rolling mill applications for over 50 years. We have pioneered such innovations as:

Continuous Circulating Oil Lubrication - Closed loop oil lubrication systems for rolling mill spindles
Roll End...


drilling capacity
max. 42 mm / 600 N/mm²


Spindles, belt driven, for Turning - Type Series DS

UKF Turning Spindles are exemplary because of their low vibration. The bearing arrangement is optimized for...

- Type Series DHF with Asynchronous Drives
- Type Series DHF-PE with Synchronous Drives

- with Angular Contact Spindle Bearings
- with High Speed Bearings



How to choose this product


A spindle constitutes the rotating axis of a machine tool. Spindles come in different sizes, depending on the type of machine or tool they are designed for. A spindle can hold either a cutting tool or a workpiece during turning operations.


Spindles are sold mainly as replacement parts for machining centers. They also can be used with rotary hand tools, such as small grinders or drills.


A spindle can be powered using different technologies. The two most common are electric motor spindles and pneumatic spindles. Other types are belt driven, hydraulic and mechanically driven.

How to choose

Spindle selection will be determined by the type of machine to be equipped. Other specifications to take into account are maximum speed and torque.

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