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1 products MAHR
Electronic MAHR

Mahr electronic levels are suitable for determination of any deviation in the right angle relationship of a horizontal surface...

Level Developments Ltd ø 55 - 100 mm
Circular ø 55 - 100 mm Level Developments Ltd

We design and manufacture a wide range of standard circular inclinometer levels. They are typically used on equipment, vehicles, cranes and lifts to indicate to the...

Level Developments Ltd ø 8 mm, 8 - 12 mm
Inspection ø 8 mm, 8 - 12 mm Level Developments Ltd

We specialise in the production of tubular and circular level sensor vials for use with an opto-electronic sensing system with which it is possible to accurately determine the position of the bubble electronically....

Level Developments Ltd ø 6 - 18 mm, 23 - 49 mm
Precision ø 6 - 18 mm, 23 - 49 mm Level Developments Ltd

Ground spirit level vials are generally used in applications which require a higher degree of accuracy than is achievable with the lower cost plastic vials. We manufacture these...

Level Developments Ltd ø 7 mm
ø 7 mm Level Developments Ltd

These glass ball inclinometer vials are produced in our factory to the highest quality at very competitive prices. We have many standard types available, and can also design and produce new types...

Level Developments Ltd ø 7 - 9 mm, 9 - 11.9 mm
ø 7 - 9 mm, 9 - 11.9 mm Level Developments Ltd

Bent spirit level vials can be used for levelling and measuring angles. They are generally less sensitive than ground vials, and are used instead of plastic vials where a custom size, sensitivity...

Level Developments Ltd ø 5 - 9.8 mm | CY series
ø 5 - 9.8 mm | CY series Level Developments Ltd

A range of low cost high quality plastic cylindrical level vials. We also can offer these...

6 products Hedue GmbH
Hedue GmbH 30 - 200 cm
30 - 200 cm Hedue GmbH

Spirit level with high-quality, silver-eloxed aluminium section The...

Hedue GmbH 30 - 200 cm
Precision magnetic 30 - 200 cm Hedue GmbH

Aluminum spirit level with Magnet 30 cm has high quality...

Hedue GmbH DL1
Electronic DL1 Hedue GmbH

Perfect for adjusting kitchens and window assembling because of a compact construction The digital protractor hedue guarantees precise measuring values in degree and millimeter. With a length of 40 cm...

Hedue GmbH 60 cm | DL2
Electronic 60 cm | DL2 Hedue GmbH

The DL2 Model is an electronic spirit level developed by Hedue. It is specifically built to offer accurate measuring values in degree...

Hedue GmbH 60 cm | DL2
Magnetic 60 cm | DL2 Hedue GmbH

The digital protractor hedue DL2 guarantees precise measuring values in degree and millimeter. The strongened aluminium section...

Hedue GmbH 80 cm | DL2
Electronic 80 cm | DL2 Hedue GmbH

The digital protractor hedue DL2 guarantees precise measuring values in degree and millimeter. The strongened aluminium section...

3 products MICROPLAN®
video MICROPLAN® LE051
Electronic LE051 MICROPLAN®

The electronic level is composed by a stabilized cast iron structure with two right-angled sides, useful for testing the perpendicularity; both...

Electronic LE 201 MICROPLAN®

The LE 201 by Micropaln is an Electronic Level which features its high precision instrument having a very small angle measurement. It comes with a microprocessor based logic and a differential mode...

Electronic LE301 MICROPLAN®

The new LE 301 electronic level completes our range of precision instruments for linearity and flatness measurements. Here its main characteristics are listed: MEASURING SYSTEM OPERATING THROUGH MENUS; LINEARITY...

1 products Bocchi
Precision Bocchi

This precision spirit level is constructed in a universal cast iron square level structure....

1 products Tesa
Precision Tesa

Used for checking and...

19 products Wyler
Wyler Level 48 SPIRIT
Precision magnetic Level 48 SPIRIT" Wyler

The MAGNETIC SPIRIT LEVEL 48 SPIRIT is a universal spirit level,...

Wyler Level 58
Precision Level 58 "SPIRIT" Wyler

The FRAME SPIRIT LEVEL 58 SPIRIT is suitable for measurements...

Wyler Level 55
Precision horizontal Level 55 "SPIRIT" Wyler


Wyler Spirit Level 61
Inspection Spirit Level 61 Wyler

The INSPECTION SPIRIT LEVEL 61 is suitable for...

Wyler Spirit Level 56
Crankpin Spirit Level 56 Wyler

The CRANKPIN SPIRIT LEVEL 56 is particularly designed...

Wyler Spirit Level 68
Adjustable micrometer Spirit Level 68 Wyler

The ADJUSTABLE MICROMETER SPIRIT LEVEL 68 is suitable for measuring inclinations from -4 ... +20 mm/m...

1 products Phase II
Phase II 8, 12
Precision 8, 12" | 102-908, 102-912 Phase II


1 products Beta Utensili
Beta Utensili 1699L
Precision 1699L Beta Utensili

The level is made...

Status Pro GmbH 1 µm/m | µLevel
Electronic 1 µm/m | µLevel Status Pro GmbH

Inclinometer(µLevel) is a very exact device (1µm/m) to measure spirit level,machine level and straightness(slope,elevation,depression etc.) in a vertical plane.It...

Strong Hand Tools  45 - 180° | Mag-Level
Magnetic 45 - 180° | Mag-Level Strong Hand Tools

The Mag-Level magnet is designed for securing materials on round, and flat surfaces....

Strong Hand Tools  180 x 32 x 25 mm | LM3723
Magnetic 180 x 32 x 25 mm | LM3723 Strong Hand Tools

Torpedo Mag-Level - LM3723 4 strong magnets...

1 products JOUANEL
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