Pt100 temperature probe / thermocouple / stainless steel
Pt100 temperature probe

Temperature: 1,100 °C

This temperature measuring device features a sheath and casing made of stainless steel, an eyelet made of nickel-plated brass and an aluminum-vee design. A class-B pt100 temperature ...

thermocouple / Pt100 / stainless steel / compact

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,600 °C

... reliability with sensor contacting with measured media; • Corrosion resistance with full stainless steel materials; • Various customization available. Introduction Industrial thermal ...

Pt100 temperature sensor / RTD / stainless steel / 3-wire
Pt100 temperature sensor

Temperature: -100 °C - 250 °C

The AMOT 8060 3-wire PT100 Temperature Sensor is a complete unit consisting of a platinum RTD, stainless steel well and NEMA 6 aluminum connection head. The sensor ...

thermistor temperature sensor / Pt100 / with housing / stainless steel
thermistor temperature sensor

Temperature: -5 °C - 45 °C

... sensor in both types of probe consists of a stainless steel cylinder containing the thermistor or Pt100 element. This sensor tip is fitted to a black plastic housing. Standard types of ...

Pt100 temperature sensor / in metal housing / stainless steel
Pt100 temperature sensor

Temperature: -30 °C - 105 °C

Temperature surface sensor PT100 for the measurement of the back surface temperature of the module under test, stainless steel housing, aluminium mounting ...

thermocouple / insertion / stainless steel
ScienceLine Temp 135

Temperature: -30 °C - 135 °C

... ScienceLine temperature sensors are designed for use with pH electrodes and other ISEs that do not have a built-in temperature sensor to ensure measurements are temperature ...

thermocouple / insertion / stainless steel

Temperature measurement with sheathed thermocouplesThe measurement of temperature is a very important element in many areas of research and industry. Using thermocouples is a well-known and proven method ...

RTD temperature transducer / cryogenic / low-temperature / rugged
RTD temperature transducer

Temperature: -196 °C - 0 °C

The Model 7710 from GP:50 is a cryogenic temperature transducer, designed to provide high-reliability low-temperature measurements to-320°F (-196 °C) within a rugged, all-stainless steel ...