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Welser Profile GmbH
For the automotive industry Welser Profile GmbH

In light of the growing demand on preserving resources and reducing CO2 outputs, the manufacture of load adapted and weight optimised components for new developments is playing an increasingly important...

Welser Profile GmbH
Lightweight Welser Profile GmbH

Independent of the type of vehicle, the materials used in manufacture must possess a comprehensive range of characteristics, including stability and strength for the optimum protection and safety of the...

Welser Profile GmbH
For transport technology Welser Profile GmbH

Solutions for a world in motion Where people and goods are on the move, Welser provides the impetus. For wagon design, Welser...

Welser Profile GmbH
Steel construction profile Welser Profile GmbH

Efficient construction progress through the safety, stability and flexibility provided by Welser Profile...

Welser Profile GmbH
For mounting photovoltaic panels Welser Profile GmbH

The steel profile systems RP-ISO-Hermetic and Multitop manufactured by Welser Profile, play a decisive role in these façade systems. This is because the possible size of the photovoltaic module of up...

Welser Profile GmbH
Curved Welser Profile GmbH

Stretch and roller bending: minimum tolerances with minimum spring back; maximum process security in combination with minimum...

1 products Emile Maurin
2 products Halfen

HALFEN Framing Channels and HALFEN Bolts HALFEN Framing System offers with the corresponding HALFEN Bolts and channel nuts all advantages for flexible bolt connections. Framing channels are applied...

video Halfen
Hot rolled Halfen

Pipe supports for the plant construction optimal up to DN 150. The new system at a glance: - Few multi-functional components - All required...

7 products WINKEL
new video WINKEL max. 12 m, max. 78.75 kg/m | NbV series
U max. 12 m, max. 78.75 kg/m | NbV series WINKEL

WINKEL Standard U-Profiles NbV wear-resistant profile...

new WINKEL max. 12 m, max. 70.6 kg/m | PR series
U max. 12 m, max. 70.6 kg/m | PR series WINKEL

WINKEL Precision U-Profiles NbV the precision solution...

WINKEL max. 12 m, max. 51.4 kg/m | NbV series
I max. 12 m, max. 51.4 kg/m | NbV series WINKEL

WINKEL I-beam Profiles the wear-resistant profile...

WINKEL max. 12 m, max. 24.1 kg/m
U max. 12 m, max. 24.1 kg/m WINKEL

WINKEL U-Pofiles Speed + Silent / Speed + Force the profile...

new WINKEL max. 6 m, max. 36.1 kg/m | L series
U max. 6 m, max. 36.1 kg/m | L series WINKEL

WINKEL U-Pofiles type L are offered...

new WINKEL max. 6 m | PG-L series
U max. 6 m | PG-L series WINKEL

WINKEL U-Profiles drilled type PG-L the standardized, ready-to-mount...

1 products OBO Bettermann
OBO Bettermann
OBO Bettermann

Rail systems Profile rail Profile...

1 products May Tec
1 products Schock Metall
Schock Metall
Custom cold rolled Schock Metall

Schock Metall specializes in cold-rolled profiles according to the customer’s specific requirements. They are manufactured with a broad...

10 products SADEF
Steel construction profile SADEF

Sadef has an extended product range of Sigma, Sigma-plus, CEE, CEE-plus and Zed-profiles that allows building contractors to...

SADEF I-plus
I I-plus SADEF

These Sadef I-plus building components can be used for residential as well as industrial buildings...


Sadef offers an unbeatable range of CEE and CEE-plus sections, up to 450 mm height, 5 mm sheet thickness and profile lengths up to 20 m. They can be foreseen of integrated connections...


Sadef offers an unbeatable range of U sections up to 300 mm profile height, 8 mm sheet...

SADEF IS -plus
IS -plus SADEF

Cold-rolled Sadef IS-plus sections for buildings are made from continuous, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. They are manufactured on modern rolling lines and meet the highest quality standards. Sadef...


Cold-rolled Sadef Sigma and Sigma-plus sections for buildings are made from continuous, hot-dip...

Hadley Industries Plc UltraStrut™
UltraStrut™ Hadley Industries Plc

It may look different, but UltraSTRUT™ is fully BS compliant strut, available in standard sizes - 41x41 and 41x21. It fits all existing ancillary...

Hadley Industries Plc UltraSTEEL
Stainless steel U profile UltraSTEEL Hadley Industries Plc

We are market leaders in pre-pierced door post technology with the ability to pierce in three faces if...

1 products INTERMETAL
Scana Steel Soderfors
Hot rolled Scana Steel Soderfors

Near-finished-shape customized profiles will reduce machining cost as well as improve the mechanical properties of the component. By...

Scana Steel Soderfors
Flat Scana Steel Soderfors

Together with rounds, high quality flats make up the strong products...


Our steel rail profiles are rolled from 9 guage, A569 hot-rolled steel and powder coated...

1 products GIS
GIS max. 2 000 kg
max. 2 000 kg GIS

Four profile sizes combined in...

1 products Ketterer

You can get the profile tubes and profile rodas in a length of 3meters. The profile...

3 products ALFATEC
1 products Murtfeldt
1 products Spina Group
Spina Group
U Spina Group

"KU" simple profile type Made...

1 products HBM
HBM max. 50 t | C2
Stainless steel low-profile compression load cell max. 50 t | C2 HBM

The stainless steel C2 load cell is available with maximum...

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