oil filter / strainer / for tanks / particulate
oil filter
TR series

Filtration size: 10, 40 µm
Operating pressure: 0.7, 0.35 bar

... breather caps have two main goals: • They avoid the introduction of large dirty particles or objects into the tank. • They filter and clean the air exchanged between the tank and the atmosphere when there are flow variations.

liquid filter / strainer / Y
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 600 psi

The YCV-1 valve has a body made of SS316 or SS304. The unit also has a ¼"~2 connection size.

liquid filter / strainer / Y
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 600 psi

This is the Y-Strainer Valve, Class 600 which is one of the nine products from the valve series of the NEWFLOW. It has the bod material of SS316 or SS304. The connection size is ¼"~2".

brass filter / Y-strainer / threaded
brass filter
F1141, F1144

Filtration size: 0.8 mm
Operating pressure: 16 bar

Body material Brass Screen material Stainless steel PN (End) PN16 End Threaded BSP or NPT Contact sealing FIBER

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cast iron filter / water / steam / Y-strainer
cast iron filter
F32, F42 series

Filtration size: 1 mm - 5 mm
Operating pressure: 10 bar - 40 bar

Body material Cast iron Screen material Stainless steel 304 PN (End) PN10/16 End Flanged Contact sealing EPDM

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Y-strainer filter / steam / for high-pressure applications / steel
Y-strainer filter
FI5843 series

Filtration size: 800 µm
Operating pressure: 138 bar

Body material Steel A105N Screen material Stainless steel A182 F316 Connection BSP Working pressure 138 bar

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flange filter / water / oil / gas
flange filter

Filtration size: 1, 1.5 mm
Operating pressure: 20 bar

Body material Steel A216WCB Screen material Stainless steel 304 Connection Flanged RF ANSI 150 / ISO PN20 Working pressure 150 Lbs

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bronze filter / Y-strainer / threaded
bronze filter
F2143, F2142

Filtration size: 0.4 mm - 0.85 mm
Operating pressure: 20, 16 bar

Body material Bronze Screen material Stainless steel PN (End) PN20 End Threaded Contact sealing FIBER

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compressed air filter / strainer / in-line / disposable
compressed air filter
F-9x0 series

Filtration size: 25, 5, 73, 43 µm
Operating pressure: 0 psi - 125 psi

... F-950 Series Filter is hooked on both terminals whereas the F-960 Series consists of male threads and a hook. On the other hand, the F-970 Series comprises of the exceptionally productive filter space ...

water filter / strainer / high-capacity / dielectric
water filter

Flow rate: 1500 l/min

... positioned in the ground. The HDPE frame containing a specific filter media then passes through all the outlet flow of the pit. Optional: a sensor allows to know the level of saturation of the filter. ...

water filter / strainer / self-cleaning / automatic
water filter
AG100 series

Filtration size: 1 µm - 500 µm
Operating pressure: 5 bar
Flow rate: 8 m³/h

This item is built in PVC and 304 stainless steel, with the filters being designed for generic purpose in the industry, well water and irrigation. In addition to this, the items come available with a full range of filtration ...

water filter / strainer / self-cleaning / automatic
water filter
AG300 series

Filtration size: 1 µm - 500 µm
Operating pressure: 5 bar - 10 bar
Flow rate: 20, 120, 70, 100, 45 m³/h

The suction arm automatic filter from AG-series is manufactured of stainless steel 304 and PVC. The filter is designed for generic purpose in industry, irrigation or well water. It is available with full ...

water filter / strainer / for boreholes
water filter

Filtration size: 100 µm
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Flow rate: 10 m³/h

The Neptune PR is an automatic filter manufactured by Hectron. Featuring a filter clogging control and a filter screen backwash, it offers an operation that only requires low maintenance. ...

liquid filter / water / strainer / for rinse water
liquid filter

Filtration size: 5 µm - 1000 µm

liquid filter / strainer / Y
liquid filter

liquid filter / strainer / Y
liquid filter

air filter / compressed air / strainer / high-pressure
air filter
HF series

Operating pressure: 50 bar
Flow rate: 71 m³/h - 2760 m³/h

Omega Air High Pressure FIlters or HF are used are used for commercial applications that works with pressure as high as 50 bar or 725 psi. It is made of a strong cast aluminum that makes it safe to open at high pressures. ...

compressed air filter / strainer / process / coalescing
compressed air filter
PF series

Operating pressure: 16 bar
Flow rate: 75 m³/s - 21120 m³/s

... ⁽²⁾For oil removal, coalescing filter element must be installed and fl ow direction inside-out must be provided. General arrangement is filter head on top and filter bowl on bottom.

air filter / compressed air / strainer / sterile
air filter
SPF series

Operating pressure: 12, 16 bar
Flow rate: 75 m³/h - 3600 m³/h

... this filter may or may not be included in BSP or NPT pipe connections. The manufacturers assure that all products, including this filter, are tested to ensure quality. The SPF filters' ...

air filter / strainer / galvanized steel
air filter

Duct filtres are made of galvanized sheet connected with EU3 or EU5 class filtering mat. They are available in diameters range 80 to 500 mm as a fully round constructions or in square boxes as well as in rectangular ...

water filter / strainer / Y
water filter
½ inch

Hughes ½ inch BSP Female 316 Stainless Steel ‘Y’ Strainer complete with 100 mesh filter screen. For fitting into the interconnecting water feed pipe.

liquid filter / strainer / magnetic / for pumps
liquid filter
PZT 306 - PZP 200

Operating pressure: 0.5 bar

PZT 306/PZP 200/PZT 306 PLUS features an iron remover designed for liquid applications. It is integrated with fixed magnets that functions under pressure. This iron remover can also be utilized for glaze preparation departments separately ...

water filter / strainer / process / gravity
water filter
DLG 120-142-205-245-300-350-400

Flow rate: 1200 m³/h - 122400000 m³/h

Cuccolini presents iron-removing filter for fluids with electrical gravity. It can handle slurry, glaze and recovery water. The grids provide a very high contact surface. This along with the operating mechanism ensures ...

liquid filter / water / strainer / high-efficiency
liquid filter

Filtration size: 63 µm - 250 µm
Flow rate: 600 l/min - 10000 l/min

The BSW Self Cleaning Gravity Strainer is a product used to remove fiber from water and get fresher water. Impure water can be filtered by feeding it into a tangential inlet connected to an outer strainer ...

liquid filter / water / strainer / self-cleaning
liquid filter
WWS series

... Automatic self-cleaning liquid filter for shower water in the paper industry. It has the ability to eliminate hazardous long fibers in recycled water in an efficient manner. This efficient device integrates filter elements ...

liquid filter / strainer / PTFE-lined / T
liquid filter

The PTFE lined blue type strainer is a lined valve manufactured by Youfumi. It has a pressure ranging between 150lb to 300lb in accordance with JIS DIN and a nominal diameter ranging between NPS 1 to NPS 10. In addition, ...

liquid filter / strainer / PFA-lined / Y
liquid filter

The PFA lined strainer is a high capacity pipeline fitting, which generates a production yield of 1,000 pcs/month. Its architecture comprises an integral base and an exchangeable filtering border. A screen ...

air filter / strainer / cylindrical / HEPA
air filter

Operating pressure: 250, 140 Pa
Flow rate: 90 m³/h - 170 m³/h

liquid filter / water / hydraulic / strainer
liquid filter

Filtration size: 1000 µm - 2000 µm

Description Automatic in-line screen filters, of electric control, suitable to all the applications, developed as pre filtration of high flows, with the guarantee of AZUD quality. Advantages ENERGY EFFICIENT: The ...

liquid filter / strainer / cylindrical / Y
liquid filter

Filtration size: 0.25 mm - 1.6 mm
Operating pressure: 6 bar - 40 bar

... offers an array of strainers built using a stainless steel construction. These strainers are available in GSF and SZ variants. The GSF is a Y-type strainer that comprise screw and flange ...

gas filter / strainer / continuous-flow
gas filter
Depur Vent

Flow rate: 450, 600, 150, 300 m³/h

The Depur Vent range is designed to treat continuous flows from150 m3/h to 30m3/h. A large variety of contaminants such as sulphydric acid, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other annoying gasses can be treated with the ...

water filter / hydraulic / steam / strainer
water filter

Operating pressure: 16 bar

Material: Grey cast iron Nominal pressure: 16 bar Nominal diameter: 10-80 mm Temperature range: -10+200°C compact settlement environment-friendly tests according to EN - 12266 - 1 screen made of stainless stell cleaning of screen without ...

air filter / strainer / metal mesh / for compressors
air filter
SF series

Flow rate: 84 m³/h - 5220 m³/h

air filter / strainer / metal mesh / for vacuum pumps
air filter
SFV series

hydraulic filter / strainer / wire mesh / suction
hydraulic filter
FIOA series

Filtration size: 30 µm - 250 µm
Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 2000 Pa
Flow rate: 5 l/min - 400 l/min

hydraulic filter / strainer / suction
hydraulic filter

Filtration size: 25 µm - 250 µm