bellows suction cup / for gripping
bellows suction cup

Diameter: 5 mm - 62 mm

Suction cups allow the gripping (by use of a vacuum) and manipulation of a wide range of different objects regardless of their shape, appearance or weight. ENGRENAGES HPC has a wide range of suction cups ...

round suction cup
round suction cup

bellows suction cup / handling
bellows suction cup
Pxx series

Diameter: 1 mm - 200 mm

... available PCD Suction Cup with DVD, CD and Wafer handling cups vary from 28mm to 50 mm in diameter and the PCG 2.5 Belllow Suction Cup for increased compensation, delicate touch and flexible ...

flat suction cup / plastic / handling
flat suction cup
071 series

Diameter: 38, 30, 35, 50 mm

This Polyvinyl chloride made product has natural color and ideal for demonstration and business uses and comes with eye, channel or metal clasp specially made for window exhibits.

round suction cup / handling
round suction cup

Diameter: 1 mm - 250 mm

... immediate environment No time-consuming cleaning of the workplace Simple handling:connect the vacuum cleaner suction hose, the suction cup sucks itself onto the surface Adheres securely on various ...