Suction excavators

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Suction excavators

FX20 - vacuum excavator is a machine which is perfect to be used in wide variety of smaller projects and in those applications that need numerous...

The Ditch Witch® FX25 is a vacuum excavation system that can be operated through the Briggs and Straton engine that runs under 31-hp or 23.1 kW. It can be used through a water...

Ditch Witch FX30 vacuum excavator is suitable for a variety of applications. Examples include exposure of underground utility lines and repair of water leaks as well as clean-outs of directional drilling sites, storm...

The Ditch Witch® FX50 is characterized as a vacuum excavator that contains the power and functionality...

This is a FX60 vacuum excavator which is created for massive cleanup operations like non-hazardous waste water, salt and sand elimination, industrial machine cleaning, and a multiple of post-emergency...


* Suction excavator with single or double-fan technology
* Telescopic boom, hydraulic boom in 2 versions

* The MEGA-VAC is powerd with 4 Fans which generate a depression of 55.000 Pa and a airflow of 36.000 m³/h
* The suction-distance can be up to...


Technical Data:

* Approximate length: 7.00 m
* Width: 2.30 m
* Approximate height: 3.40 m
* Max. suction depth:...

Technical Data:

* Approximate length: 8.00 m
* Width: 2.50 m
* Approximate height: 3.60 m
* Max. suction depth: 15...

Technical Data:

* Approximate length: 9.30 m
* Width: 2.50 m
* Approximate height: 3.40 m
* Max. suction depth: 30 m*
* Max. suction span:...

Technical Data:

* Approximate length: 10.00 m
* Width: 2.50 m
* Approximate height: 3.60 m
* Max. suction depth: 40 m*
* Max....

Suction excavator comprising a cutting...


Compact suction excavator created to access easily and works in small urban areas to...


CAP GEO is a groundbreaking product noteworthy for its incredible performance, power and versatility of employ. As a more advanced version of suction machines for dust clearing, it is especially designed for excavating...

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