Superluminescent LEDs

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- Wavelength from 1200nm to 1700nm
- Highest energy/ output efficiency in the market
- Comprehensive range to suit your needs
- Superior power and spectral coverage
- Telcordia and ISO9001:2000 certification
- RoHS Compliance
- High TE/TM ratio (>20dB possible)
- Direct Modulation up to 622 MHz available on...

- Wavelength from 800nm to 1060nm
- Optical power up to 10mW pigtailed
- Wide 3dB spectral bandwidth of up to 65nm
- Telcordia and ISO9001:2000 certification
- RoHS Compliance

- Communications
affordable gigabit bandwidth fiber-link to...

Product Description

We have packaged our DL-CS series of 14 pin butterfly SLEDs into a complete solution that incorporates a high precision controller for high output level and excellent...

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