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medium sized area sweeper - 1 050 mm, 2 230 m²/h | SW900

The SW900 walk-behind sweeper represents a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for the dust-free cleaning of dry debris and can be used in a variety of different applications...

ride-on sweeper - 975 mm, 6 125 m²/h | SW 4000

The SW4000 ride-on sweepers are hydraulic dump operated machines that enable single-stroke cleaning tasks. This scheme allows minimized operational cost and reduced time consumption. They are compressed sweepers that integrate...

ride-on sweeper - 2 000 mm, 13 195 m²/h | SW8000

The SR1900 is a cleaning machine that is used in maintaining the tidiness of warehouses, parking lots, construction sites and factory floors. It is equipped with DustGuard misting system that...

manual sweeper - 840 mm, 1 680 m²/h | SM 800

The SM 800 is a manual sweeper is equipped with two side and main brooms with a corrosion resistant frame. As a result, it produces a 5 times faster performance compared to the traditional broom. It is suitable...

walk-behind sweeper - 700 mm, 1 890 m²/h | SW 700S B

The SW700S B Walk-behind Sweeper introduced by NILFISK offers a dependable performance in a concise and narrow working spaces. This user-friendly device is ten times more durable...

walk-behind sweeper - 3610

The 3610 Walk behind sweeper, engineered by Tennant, features a high capacity debris hopper that provides simple removal and emptying operations. This machine...

walk-behind sweeper - S3

The S3 Manual Sweeper features the new TwinMax Sweeping Technology. It features double acting, counter rotating brushes that effectively cleans floors with just one pass. It is built for cleaning...

walk-behind sweeper - S3 B

S3B Battery Sweeper is an intelligent method, TwinMax Sweeping Technology by which you can sweep your floors in a single pass. The functions, overthrow and direct sweeping principles done with twin, counter-rotating brushes...

walk-behind sweeper - 3 150 m²/h | S9

The S9 Large Battery Sweeper features the new TwinMax Sweeping Technology. It features double acting, counter rotating brushes that effectively cleans floors with just one pass. It is built for...

walk-behind sweeper - S5

With TwinMax Sweeping Technology, it is quite easy to clean the floors. The machine is capable of taking in small and large debris with the help of its twin counter-rotating brushes. S5 Compact...

manual sweeper - 2 300 m²/h | Sweepmaster M600

The Hako Sweepmaster M600 is a manually-operated, high-performance sweeper designed to deliver superior sweeping and collecting for...

suction sweeper / walk-behind - 2 400 m²/h | Sweepmaster B500

Hako's Sweepmaster B500 is the most compact motorized sweeping unit model the company offers. It is capable...

suction sweeper / walk-behind - max. 2 600 m²/h | Sweepmaster 650

The Sweepmaster P650 and Sweepmaster B650 compact vacuum cleaners are remarkably easy on the hand and delivers excellent...

suction sweeper / walk-behind - max. 3 400 m²/h | Sweepmaster 800

The Sweepmaster B 800 series comes from a range of heavy-duty cleaning equipment. It is powered...

suction sweeper / ride-on - max. 6 600 m²/h | Sweepmaster B800 R

The Sweepmaster B800 R guarantees a completely dust-free environment with its overhead lifting technology for optimum results. It delivers an impressive...

manual sweeper - 480 mm, 1 380 m²/h | BK 900 M

The Nilfisk Alto's BK 900 manual sweepers are a perfect solution for various indoor and outdoor applications. They feature a large...

manual sweeper - 840 mm, 1 680 m²/h | FLOORTEC 480 M

Nilfisk Alto FLOORTEC 480 M is a strong sweeper with manual operation. It has been designed for sweeping small quantities of gravel, sand, dry dirt, sand, cans, cigarettes and bottle caps on both inside and...

walk-behind sweeper - 720 mm, 2 000 m²/h  | FLOORTEC 350

Floortec 350 is the perfect solution for small and medium sized cleaning jobs, such as those in service stations, school yards, small parking lots, small factories and small warehouses....

walk-behind sweeper - 820 mm, 2 215 m²/h | FLOORTEC 560

The FloorTec 560 is a large walk-behind sweeper that has an ergnomic design, and can be maneuvered easily. This compact machine can be used in large areas,...

walk-behind sweeper - 825 mm, 2 230 m²/h | FLOORTEC 760

The FLOORTEC 760 from Nilfisk ALTO, is an effective dust free sweeper that will make a significant impact on how productive and efficient sweeping of dry debris can be performed....

street sweeper / compact - 3 500 mm, 105 000 m²/h | 5000 Evolution

The Dulevo 5000 Evolution serves as a solution for various sweeping and cleaning applications. It is a street cleaning equipment can be used as an all-around sweeper and (leaf) sucker....

suction sweeper / street - 2 300 mm, 28 000 m²/h | 7000 Vacuum

The street sweeper 7000 vacuum is a class leading road sweeper that is designed to work in challenging road and urban areas. Developed by Dulevo, this road sweeper is created to be the hallmark of the midst of the environment and city with the help of...

manual sweeper - 350 - 480 mm, 1480 - 3680 m²/h | KM series

Alfred Kärcher compact push sweepers are ideal for paths, courtyards, workshops, halls and storage...

suction sweeper / walk-behind - 550 - 610 mm, 3 375 - 4 725 m²/h | KM series

This unit is a walk-behind vacuum sweeper that can be used either indoors...

ride-on sweeper - 615 - 1 350 mm, 6 900 - 23 520 m²/h | KM series

The Kärcher ride-on vacuum sweepers are high-performance machines designed especially...

suction sweeper / ride-on - 1200 mm, 18 000 m²/h | KM 150/500 R D

KM 150/500 D series is a diesel strengthened and a completely hydraulic...

suction sweeper / ride-on - 1 350 mm, 23 520 m²/h | KM 170/600 R D

The Vacuum sweeper KM 170/600 R D is a diesel-generated, fully hydraulic electronic sweeper...

walk-behind sweeper - min. 3 000 m²/h | Twist

Twist our latest type of sweeper is designed for private and semi-professional users.
Dirt arising in workshops, production plants, parks and on paths is eliminated by TWIST with ease...

ride-on sweeper - 8.000 - 12.000 m² | FSR series

With FSR Fimap presents a new way of designing the sweeping machine making it compact, versatile, eco-friendly and extremely productive with very low consumptions, also thanks to the production of the Hybrid version.

The ride on FSR sweeping machine is available in two versions, the FSR B battery powered, suitable for cleaning areas up to 8,000 sq. m. and the FSR Hybrid,...

walk-behind sweeper - 500 - 1.300 m² | FS50 series

FS50 is an extremely manageable machine that resolves the need to clean indoor and outdoor flooring in a quick...

ride-on sweeper - 6.000 - 20.000 m² | FS800 series

Thanks to the I-Drive concept, the FS800 sweeping machines offer the maximum driving ease, making them suitable for use by any operator.
FS800 models are ideal for cleaning industrial...

ride-on sweeper - 6 000 - 20 000 m² | FS80-90-110 series

The FS80-90-110 models are the most compact sweeping machines in their class. They are designed with a box frame, constructed around a compact central brush.
This allows FS80-90-110 to be used for cleaning large surfaces,...

ride-on sweeper - 15 000 - 40 000 m² | FS100-120 series

Fimap has purposely designed the FS100-120 sweeping machines to facilitate the collection of solid debris and light dusts. They are suitable for removing even the most resistant dirt from both...

manual sweeper - 670 mm, 1 750 m²/h | 510 M series

- Huge hopper capacity
- Main brush pressure adjustment
- Easy to transport
- Heavy duty chassis in fully coated steel

walk-behind sweeper - 625 mm, 2 000 m²/h | 464 series

- Huge hopper capacity
- Large sweeping path
- Extensive filtering surface
- Pre-programmed working settings
- SLS (Self Levelling System) automatic...

walk-behind sweeper - 825 mm, 2 600 m²/h | 664 series

- Huge hopper capacity
- Large sweeping path
- Extensive filtering surface
- Pre-programmed working settings
- SLS (Self Levelling System) automatic...

walk-behind sweeper - 900 mm, 3 200 m²/h | Ecol 85 series

Manual sweeper with a nice design to clean little outdoor
and indoor surfaces.
Capacity till 1750 sm.
It is really easy...

walk-behind sweeper - SMART series

With 70 cm of cleaning width Blue SMART ensures high performances
in the...

suction sweeper / walk-behind - DU52-74

The new industrial sweeper Dulevo 52 and 74 Wave are a small-scale
machine which encompass all the technology of great machines for
heavy industry use. Compact, appealing and with a high-standard design
profile, the new 52...

ride-on sweeper - BLUE FOX

BLUE FOX is the little floor sweeper man on board thought to easily
clean cluttered areas or with narrow spaces. Its compact dimensions
allow it to pass through doors and lift...

ride-on sweeper - BLUE 12000

Lateral brush aspiration to clean without dust
- Central brush
- Waste compartment

walk-behind sweeper - 30 L, 500 m² | R490 series

R490 is a sweeper without any motor. The manul push by the...

walk-behind sweeper - 43 L, 1 000 m² | Alfa series

Smart Traction, or “intelligent traction” Two brushes that, whilst cleaning the floor, move the machine forwards. It is easy to use....

medium sized area sweeper - max. 60 L, 500 - 2 000 m² | Brava series

Brava is made for brushing quickly and easily. It will save you time and money and will...

ride-on sweeper - 50 L, 2 000 - 3 500 m² | Slalom

SLALOM is the small ride-on sweeper designed for cleaning particularly awkward areas with narrow passages with agility. Its compact dimensions allow it to pass through doors and lifts...

ride-on sweeper - 95 L, 3 500 - 5 000 m² | Atom Plus series

ATOM PLUS is a compact sweeper for quickly cleaning small and medium sized internal and external environments. Those who use it feel at ease immediately...

tractor sweeper - 2 085 - 2 383 mm | SUPERCHAMPION series

2 sweeping widths: 2.10m / 2.40m + side brush Ø 700mm in option.

Side-shift and angling (hydraulic in option) allowing to push away the trash on the right or on the left.


tractor sweeper - 2 000 - 2 500 mm | PROCHAMPION series

Large sweeping widths : 2 models 2.00m or 2.50m.

Coupling on tractor front 3-point linkage (and/or telescopic in option).

Ultra-reinforced frame for intensive works.

Drive by one or two hydraulic motors for high-flow vehicle up...

street sweeper - 2 100 - 2 400 mm | MULTINET series

2 brush widths: 2.10m and 2.40m + side brush Ø 700mm right/left (option).

Many adaptations: on telescopic, backhoe loader, loader, tractor front 3-point linkage from 70hp up to 120hp,...

carrier vehicle-mount sweeper - 1 500 - 2 300 mm | TURBONET series

3 sweeping/collecting widths: 1.50m / 2.00m / 2.30m + side brush Ø 700mm in option.

Adaptable on many carrier vehicles: tractor front or rear 3-point linkage, front loader, telescopic,...

forklift truck sweeper - 1 500 mm | TURBONET INDUS

Industrial sweeper especially designed for forklift truck: for low hydraulic oil flow vehicles (from 10L/min.).
Oil supply from the forklift truck by 2 hoses.
Quick coupling on the forks...

forklift truck sweeper - Leader'Clean

The Leader’ Clean collecting sweeper fits to any fork lift truck (electric, gaz, diesel engine),...

forklift truck sweeper - Mely'Clean

It sweeps and collects all type of materials 1200m2 within 10 minutes: performance + easy handiness hydraulically...

forklift truck sweeper - Clean'Box

The Clean'Box is ideal for interior surfaces: it sweeps and picks up fine dust without connection to the fork lift, which is simply...

forklift truck sweeper - Global'sweep

This sweeper exclusively fits to forks pallets and is equipped with an integrated hydraulic motor in the main brush, a collector...

tractor sweeper - Micro'Clean

Sweeping and collecting

This sweeper is avalaible on loader of compact tractor,...

walk-behind sweeper - 2 275 - 2600 m²/h | CS50 series

The CS50 sweeping machine by Comac is suitable for the cleaning of small indoor areas or highly cluttered medium-to-large spaces.
It is ideal for the cleaning of surfaces up to about 1,200 sq. m.
The CS50 sweeping machine can be battery-...

ride-on sweeper - 3 850 m²/h | CS60 B II series

The CS60 B II sweeping machine by Comac is suitable for the cleaning of small indoor areas or highly cluttered medium-to-large spaces.

ride-on sweeper - 6 300 - 6 800 m²/h | CS700/800 series

Comac CS700/800 sweeping machines are suitable for cleaning commercial surfaces up to 10,000 sq.m.

CS700/800 B-H are ride-on sweeping machines with automatic traction, powered...

ride-on sweeper - 9 510 - 12 780 m²/h | CS80/90/110 series

The CS80/90/110 sweeping machines by Comac are suitable for cleaning the most resistant dirt on outdoor and indoor surfaces such as those of department stores, squares and car parks up to 10,000 sq. m.
They are available with a battery or a diesel engine with a work-track of 112 cm (CS80), 122 cm (CS90)...

ride-on sweeper - 9 450 - 13 175 m²/h | CS100/120 series

The CS100/120 are suitable for cleaning the most resistant dirt on outdoor and indoor surfaces such as those of department stores and car parks up to 10,000 sq. m.
CS100/120 have been designed to easily collect solid debris and light dust.
They are available with three different motorisations:with a battery, or a diesel and LPG engine, with a work-track of 135...

manual sweeper - 1 500 - 2 200 m²/h | FLASH 650M

The manual floor sweeper Flash 650M has been manufactured with high quality materials:
-Steel framework painted with epoxy powder
-30 Lt cover/waste hopper with adjustable handle...

walk-behind sweeper -  2 800 m²/h | FLASH 650B

Thanks to its ergonomic, compact and versatile structure, Flash 650 is a simple and comfortable cleaning instrument to use, able to grant a cleaning...

walk-behind sweeper - 2 800 m²/h | FLASH 650P

Thanks to its ergonomic, compact and versatile structure, Flash 650 is a simple and comfortable cleaning instrument to use, able to grant a cleaning...

walk-behind sweeper - 3 700 m²/h | FLASH 850P

Flash 850 is surely the best obtainable from a work instrument. Imposing in its shape, it is supported by a steel painted body with a shock proof plastic cover which is mounted on 4 wheels with big diameter...

walk-behind sweeper - 3 500 m²/h | FLASH 850B

Thanks to its ergonomic, compact and versatile structure, Flash 650 is a simple and comfortable cleaning instrument to use, able to grant a cleaning...

street sweeper / compact - 3.5 - 4.2 t | Minor

The standard 3.5 tonne Scarab Minor is the most versatile urban/precinct road sweeper in the world. With a hopper capacity of 2.0 cubic metres...

street sweeper / compact - 4.5 t | Azura

The Azura wants to be reassuring, efficient and environmentally friendly for cleaning operation in inner-city areas. Conceived...

street sweeper / compact - 4.5 t | Aquazura

The quiet and stylish Aquazura MC 200 has been created to provide a high efficiency total surface cleaning solution whilst still respecting the environment within which it works. The Aquazura MC 200 cleaning...

street sweeper / compact - 4.5 t | Aquadyne

Aquadyne MC 200 is the dedicated washing version of the Azura MC 200 being built on virtually an identical chassis platforms provides end-users with a major advantage in terms of vehicle fleet...

mechanical sweeper / street - 7.5 t | Merlin XP

The design brief for the Merlin-XP was to create a roadsweeper capable of extracting maximum efficiency and performance when mounted on a 7.5 tonne chassis. Because an auxiliary diesel...

forklift truck sweeper - max. 1 500 mm | SPZ-150



forklift truck sweeper - max. 1 500 mm | SPZ-U-150

Hydraulic sweeper
Width 1500 mm

manual sweeper - 2 100 m²/h | PICOBELLO 101

Picobello 101 is a manual sweeper with a total sweeping path of 700 mm. It can sweep up to 2100 sq\m\h, and is therefore more than 10 times faster than a man with a broom. It combines PRODUCTIVITY with VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be employed anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept dust-free.


manual sweeper - 2 100 m²/h | PICOBELLO 151

is the first and only manual sweeper in the world able to control the dust.It has a total sweeping path of 700 mm and can sweep up to 2.100 sq/m/h, this is at minimum 10 times faster than a man with a broom.

It combines PRODUCTIVITY, SIMPLICITY, ECOLOGY and VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be employed...

walk-behind sweeper - 3 510 m²/h | KOBRA series

It is available either driven by a petrol engine (Honda) or battery powered. The electric version, which is extremely quiet and pollution free, is particularly suitable for indoor applications.

The KOBRA has a main brush of 550 mm, a total sweeping path of 780 mm, and boasts a working capacity...

suction sweeper / ride-on - 5 800 m²/h | TIGRA

Thanks to its size, Tigra is particularly suitable for the cleaning of indoor hard surfaces as well as large carpeted areas.

Fine dust is filtered through a polyester bag filter (class L), which allows for an excellent filtering rate (99,9%) and has a much longer lasting life than traditional filters. The filter can be cleaned thanks to an efficient mechanical shaker.


ride-on sweeper -  9 200 - 9 800 m²/h | COMPACT series

The Compact price will give small businesses, with limited budgets, the opportunity to acquire the efficiency of a ride-on machine, at a price they can justify and afford.

The wide sweeping path (1.150 mm with both side brushes) combined with the...


How to choose this product


The sweeper is one of a family of floor cleaning machines using rotary brushes to sweep up dust and solid debris. When equipped with a vacuum for better dirt removal, it is called a suction sweeper.


Different kinds of sweepers are suitable for different uses.
- The manual sweeper has no motor; it is used to clean small areas. As the operator pushes it, a series of belts activates the brushes.
- A model appropriate for larger areas runs on batteries or an internal combustion engine. The motor propels the machine and turns the brushes, but the operator must still walk behind to guide it.
- Large areas are best cleaned by a self-propelled machine ridden by the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.
- Street sweepers are designed for extensive outdoor areas. They are large and powerful, using an internal combustion engine and hydrostatic drive.

How to choose

Choice of sweeper type will depend on the size of the area to be cleaned and related factors (interior vs. exterior, frequency of use, etc.). Choice of model depends on efficiency, measured in area cleaned per hour.


- Removes dry waste


- Does not remove liquids or stains

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