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Bürkert Type 2033 pneumatically operated tank bottom valve is available in sizes DN 8-100. Designed for control...


The 250A/280A Model is a tank bottom valve designed with the same technology as that of the FAMAT sampling...


The Disc Bottom Outlet Valves used for draining vessels, tanks and pipelines. It is mostly used in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The disc valves is...

The SchuF piston bottom outlet valves are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biochemical,...


Guichon Valves' Tank bottom valve, rising disc has several specifications which include a DN 20 up to 400, 3/4" à 16", a PN 10 up to PN 150 and a weight of 150 to 900 lbs. Its design...

The PN 150 model engineered by Guichon, is a tank bottom valve, suitable for application on plastics and polymers, general chemicals and petrochemicals. This device is composed of carbon steel,...

The tank bottom valve in this product series comes with sizes between DN 20 and 400, weighing between 150 and 900lbs. Emptying and withdrawal can be done in-line with the pipe adapter, while...

Tank bottom valve is specialized for all liquids, powder and gas. It serves as a tank or a reactor bottom outlet valve and a tank bottom control valve. Its body is designed for further flowing. It is made of carbon steel,...


Size Range:.................................... 1/2" - 4" (DN15 - DN100)
Port:.................................................Reduced, Full & Tubore.
Sanitary Applications:.................. Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage


The Ritag BA 10 is a bottom disc valve which has a nominal diameter of 25mm to 500mm and...

The BA/BAS and BV/BVS types are the bottom valves engineered by RITAG.

The BA/BAS is a disc type of valve that serves as an opening...

The RITAG-type BV/BVS is a piston bottom valve characterized by a smooth piston and elastic seal system (BV),...


Stainless steel bottom drain valve with down stroke



Nominal Size:
DN50/25, 80/50, 100/50,...

Nominal Size:

Nominal Size:
DN80/50, 100/80, 150/100
Nominal Pressure:...

Nominal Size:
DN80/50, 100/80, 150/100



GEA Aseptomag places great value in designing existing components and new product developments according to EHEDG and 3A standards.

All product wetted parts from stainless steel are seamlessly...


How can the common problem of corrosion be solved? When chlorides and seawater are usec up to 70%, you need some preventives. Acetic acids also require anti-corrosion...


The 6/7/2014VA-VFA Aseptic Sampling Valve is designed to be installed in tanks and reactors. It can also be used for food preparation and pharmaceutical operations. This device ensures absolute...

The Aseptic Valve is specially created for pharmaceutical or food processing applications. It can be directly installed in tanks and reactors preparation. The valve comes in two versions: the flanged-type,...

This product is known for being useful for installation in reactors and tanks often being used in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, guaranteeing complete drainability, along with zero dead leg. This item comes in two different versions,...

The Aseptic valve functions primarily for food or pharmaceutical processing. It is suitable for direct installation in tanks and reactors preparation. Aseptic valves can be manual or pneumatic,...


The Crust-breaker system has a rising disk in the tank. It features a rising, non-rotating stem with an external thread and an opening indicator gliding on small columns....

This piston type bottom tank valve is engineered by Ducroux....


Series 22a is equipped with a stainless steel bottom drain ball valve which is resistant to corrosive...


TOP-FLO® DCX3 FdC - Tank Bottom Single Sealing Shut Off Valves


Size Range: 1'', 1-1/2'', 2'', 2-1/2'', 3'', 4''


Body/Stem: 316L stainless steel


Top Line for years has specialized in manufacturing custom fabricated products designed specifically to meet our customers’ requirements. Our primary objective has always been to design and manufacture these specialty products by using state-of-the-art manufacturing...


T-smart tank-bottom valves are used to shut off fluid media at vessels or tanks. They are designed to be fitted at the lowest point of the tank bottom to shut-off the media flush with the tank...

VESTA® tank bottom valves are used to shut off fluid media in tanks. They are designed to be fitted to the lowest point of the bottom to shut off the...


InformationPneumatic baiting valve: It is newly manufactured for packinghouse by introducing foreign new technology.

This valve has...


Diaphragm valves with ball housing


- When leakage of even the smallest quantities must be...


Series 2 with pneumatic actuator MA has a nominal width of DN50 to 150 and...

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