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liquid tank / for paint / oil / for chemicals
liquid tank

... Isımsan produces tanks for different needs and factory deliveries. Simple tanks are usually produced in single or double-walled models and from steel or iron-based materials. Other metals and special ...

liquid tank / for food products / for dairy products / for milk
liquid tank
Heating, Tempering, Cooling Storage tank

Capacity: 100 gal - 10,000 gal

The Normit ACM 2060 Tank is a mixing tank designed for cooling, heating, tempering, and storing of mayonnaise, sour cream, chocolate, oils, and other similar products. By using separate tank ...

dairy product tank / stainless steel / storage / transporting
dairy product tank
GD series

Capacity: 30 gal - 13,000 gal

Our Process Tanks are constructed using prime quality metal. These are primarily demanded by various dairy industries for storing and transporting milk from one destination to another. Moreover, we apply high grade raw ...

chocolate melting tank / stainless steel / storage / for food applications
chocolate melting tank

Capacity: 100 l - 5,000 l

... to 5,000L and higher in the standard range of vertical tanks. Larger capacity vertical and horizontal tanks can be built to suit your specific need. These fully Gusu Machinery® made storage tanks ...

liquid product tank / for dairy products / beverage / metal
liquid product tank

Capacity: 20 l - 400 l

... or required shear, we can supply tanks with the right dedicated mixing facilities. The blending vessels can be heated and cooled to maximize their dissolving capabilities. The capacity range of ...

pressure tank / process / for food applications / continuous
pressure tank

Capacity: 20 l - 600 l

The MPV Hygienic (MPV-HB) & Aseptic (MPV-AB) Buffering range are process vessels designed for the buffering of liquid food products in a continuous process. This can be in a Hygienic ...

stainless steel vessel / pressure / for food applications / for chemical applications
stainless steel vessel
LT series

Capacity: 3.8 l - 37.8 l
Pressure: 0 psi - 100 psi

... Pressure Vessels for all industries The range of ASME portable stainless steel pressure vessels is designed to meet any general purpose applications of fluid handling in the chemical, ...

high-volume tank / for chemicals / for dairy products / food
high-volume tank

A huge choice of STAES large capacity tanks for Chemicals, Confectionery, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Food and Dairy industries These tanks are availables ...

flexible tank / oil / for chemicals / for food
flexible tank

... Flexitanks made in European Community for more than 18 years for all non hazardous liquids especially to food industries as well as oil and chemical that together represent almost 80% of our sales. All ...

chocolate melting tank / stainless steel / for food applications / with pump
chocolate melting tank

The small scale chocolate tanks are designed to melt and keep chocolate, cream, sauces etc. There is the possibility to equip the tank with pump for automatic extraction of the product controlled by a ...

liquid tank / vacuum / fuel oil / slurry
liquid tank

water vessel / stainless steel / pressure / for chemical applications
water vessel

... is fulfilled by BINDER WHG vessels all along the line. WHG vessels from BINDER comply in their design, quality, and fittings with the high demands applying to WHG vessels. Our experience is your assurance. Our ...

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process tank / for milk / stainless steel / for food applications
process tank

Capacity: 500 l - 8,000 l

Closed vats, double zero shape. Simple and functional construction, high performance and excellent value for money. Suitable for elaborations of any type of chesse.

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heating tank / for dairy products / for cheese / stainless steel
heating tank

Capacity: 50 l - 150 l

An excellent solution for beginner cheese-makers, who are new to processing larger quantities of milk For processing between 20 and 150 I of milk A wide range of final products: various types of cheese, yogurt, curd etc. Easy and safe ...

polyethylene tank / for food products / storage / for food applications
polyethylene tank

Capacity: 72 l

... The plastic tank is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and is proven to be incredibly tough and durable, well suited to industrial use. Ideal for industrial ...

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Fletcher European Containers Ltd
water tank / for the food and beverage industry / beverage / for powders
water tank

... concentrates, water and other ingredients based on the recipe of the end product. All these ingredients are measured into specific tanks to mix and prepare the soft drink.

cheese stewing tank / stainless steel / for food applications / cottage cheese production
cheese stewing tank

We manufacture 18/8 AISI 304 stainless steel TANKS for cheese stewing. Features: - Complete with removable grilled basket in stainless steel perforated sheet; - Steam coil; - Complete with thermometer, ...

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Due Ci Inox Snc
storage tank / for chemicals / for food products / cylindrical
storage tank
PUFFO series

Capacity: 200 l - 5,000 l

... vertical cylindrical tanks with diameter / height ratio about 2 to 1, top rounded with lateral manhole complete threaded lid, equipped with small vertical planes for the application of load groups. They ...

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meat tank / storage / for food applications / vertical
meat tank

Pressure: 8 bar

The BRIMAX storage tank ensures that the consumer (injector) is supplied automatically with brine. The optimal equipment package guarantees uniform temperatures and homogenous brine quality.

stainless steel tank / steel / cooling / heating
stainless steel tank

... ■Process tanks and apparatuses such as agitator tanks, heating & cooling tanks ■Heat exchangers ■Pressure tanks in acc. w/ PED Module G ■Horizontal and vertical storage ...

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Segler-Förderanlagen Maschinenfabrik GmbH
liquid tank / stainless steel / storage / transport
liquid tank
TP series

Capacity: 445 l - 1,250 l

TP cubic container features ideal cleaning geometry, residue-free emptying and is non-permeable. With great variety in sizes and non-wearing construction which allows continual re-use, the TP container made of stainless steel meets all ...

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liquid tank / stainless steel / storage / mixing
liquid tank

Capacity: 950 l

The STAR series tanks have been designed to have the maximum flexibility and compactness. Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, STAR tanks are equipped with simple equipment, consisting of a motorised ...

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Tecno 3 Srl
tank for food applications
tank for food applications
TG-400, TG-300

The TG-4000MD and TG-3000MD can be fitted with the TG-400 or TG-300 dual tank box. This gives the possibility to use different smoking products with the same smoke house.

food product tank / stainless steel / mobile / transport
food product tank
Z 640 300

-4 pivoted wheels. -Botton reinforced with 3 mm stainless steel. -Optional: with dripguard. Meets USDA standars.

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Cremona Inoxidable S.A.
chocolate melting tank / stainless steel / mild steel / double-walled
chocolate melting tank

... floor space available ^ Single skin ^ Conical Base ^ Spherical Ends ^ Alternative Heating Systems ^ Insulation ^ Special Tanks to your configuration

cheese tank / for food applications
cheese tank

Capacity: 150 l - 1,500 l

... Creaming Tanks consist of a stationary, cylindrical container with a conical base. Tanks are available in sizes from 150 to 1 500 l. The drive motor is frequency regulated and simultaneously powers the ...

metal tank / pressure / inspection / process
metal tank

Capacity: 0 l - 2,000 l
Pressure: 0 bar - 32 bar

Construction from boiler plate Pressure vessel code manufacture Suitable oval shaped inspection opening Safe discharge of boiler blowdown Personnel safety Strong thermal insulation for minimal losses Can be connected ...

metal tank / for food applications / horizontal / for boilers
metal tank

Capacity: 562 l - 6,750 l

The temperature of the water being fed to the boiler is of paramount importance. Water which is too cold may cause thermal shock and structural damage to the boiler, and will certainly have an adverse effect on the overall energy efficiency ...