multi-parameter test bench / vertical / hydraulic
multi-parameter test bench

compression test bench / vertical / hydraulic
compression test bench

pressure test bench / for pipes
pressure test bench
MTB series

... precision reading and 0 - 1500 bar for high pressure •Double safety interlock on the lid to turn the pressure off when opening •Test assemblies up to 1500 bar (see MTB 2500)

bioburden test stand
bioburden test stand

Milliflex® Quantum system is designed for fast, fluorescence-based quantitative detection of microorganisms in the course of bioburden testing in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing facilities. It detects microbial colonies well ...

multi-parameter test installation
multi-parameter test installation

electrical and mechanical test bench / for actuators
electrical and mechanical test bench

torque test bench / brake / rotary
torque test bench

Installation of a test bench with a magnetic particle brake for taking up characteristic curves and perfomance data with integrated torque measurement to measure parameters of motors, gears, pumps, fans etc. The compact ...

mobile test bench / mechanical
mobile test bench

It is complete with 2 mobile vertical gauges carrying calipers and gauges carrying joints. Important: The bench is supplied without the gauges.

pressure test bench
pressure test bench

Automatic Reciprocating Hydraulic Test Rig for pressure testing of cylinders. Up to 250 bar pressure / High Low System / 22kw

multi-parameter test station / mechanical
multi-parameter test station

Assembly Workstation with an Integrated High-voltage Test System Individual adaptation to several module sizes and frame geometries Later integration in an existing assembly line possible Processing time ...