infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / direct-reading
infrared thermometer
-40°C to +380°C

This handheld infrared non-contact thermometer permits the non-contact measurement of surface temperatures through the analysis of the invisible infrared spectrum emitted from objects. The unit utilizes Melexis' advanced ...

probe thermometer / Pt100 / without display / programmable
probe thermometer
TF 19

Temperature: -50 °C - 130 °C

Features temperature sensor for wall mounting optional with freely programmable head transmitter 4…20 mA high chemical resistance optional: calibration certificate with tracing evidence according to DIN ISO 9000 ff Technical specifications 1 ...

infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer
NI T880

Temperature: -50 °C - 536 °C

The infra red thermometer NI T880 is a highly compact instrument with an ergonomic grip and trigger button. This meter is one of the most compact available on the market. The NI T880 can measure temperatures without ...

thermistor thermometer / digital / portable / industrial
thermistor thermometer
Warner Instruments Three-Scale Thermistor Thermometer

The TM-3 is a portable thermistor thermometer built for lab accurate temperature measurement. Designed to use any 10 KΩ unical thermistor, no recalibration is required when changing probes. The meter features three scales, ...

liquid dilation thermometer / analog / surface-mount / industrial
liquid dilation thermometer
max. -10 °C ... +360 °C

... indicating fluid Calibrated for 'partial immersion' i.e. to give accurate readings when the thermometer is immersed to a specific depth (76mm as marked on thermometer) Graduations in permanent amber ...

infrared thermometer / digital / hand-held / precision
infrared thermometer
Fluke 64 MAX IR

Temperature: -30 °C - 600 °C

... test The Fluke 64 MAX thermometer has the precision you need to do your job accurately and will not break the budget. Designed and tested to survive a 3 meter drop, you can count on this lightweight, compact infrared ...

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thermocouple thermometer / digital / portable / industrial
thermocouple thermometer
Z252 , Z2511 , Z251 series

Temperature: 40 °C - 600 °C

Z252 is a measuring instrument for pocket temperature specifically for immerse and surface measurement. It has a multi-purpose feeler and is made up of thermocouple (NiCr-Ni).


The X20AT2222 consists of 2 inputs for resistance temperature measurement. It is ideal for for PT100 and PT1000 and features a configurable 2- or 3- wire connections per module, adjustable filter time, direct resistance measurement as ...

resistance thermometer / platinum / without display / insertion
resistance thermometer
-200 - 1070 °C | 5681 / 5683 / 5684 / 5685

The Hart quartz-sheath standard platinum resistance thermometer offers three types of models that would cover ITS-90 range of –200°C to 1070°C. In measuring -200-660.323 degree Celsius, the model 5681 is suggested ...

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Fluke Calibration
probe thermometer / digital / portable / economical
probe thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C

Features · Multi-parameters save : - temperature - depth - date - time · Fast measurement without sampling · Economical and easy to operate · Cable 4-core technology · Crash-proof design · Temperature Profile

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LEMIS Baltic
gas expansion thermometer / analog / insertion / dial
gas expansion thermometer

Temperature: -200 °C - 700 °C

Medium: fluid / gaseos Measuring range: –200°C … +700°C Output signal: indicator Accessories: protection cover Characteristic: nitrogen filling

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Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik
infrared thermometer / digital / hand-held / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer
IT-545 series

Temperature: -50 °C - 1,000 °C

Industry Leading* High Accuracy Thermometer The hand-held IT-545 is an industry leading* high accuracy , thermal-radiation-type thermometer that uses a point marker to clearly designate the measurement ...

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HORIBA Process & Environmental
probe thermometer / analog / screw-in / stainless steel
probe thermometer

Thermomètres (temperature gauges) ND 63 Threaded 1/4'' BSPP horizontal or vertical

probe thermometer / digital / portable / rugged
probe thermometer
Temp 10 JKT

Temperature: -250 °C - 1,372 °C

The Temp 10 Series is manufactured by Thermo Scientific and is an equipment that provides clear, and precise readings of calculated temperatures, including minimum and maximum. It features a big, blacklit, dual-line LCD display, thus ...

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Eutech Instruments
differential thermometer / infrared / digital / portable
differential thermometer

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,370 °C

The DT200 from Kane International Ltd is a differential thermometer. With triple display screen, it allows the user to measure two inputs simultaneously while recording critical time-stamped data. Permissible types ...

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Kane International
infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / direct-reading
infrared thermometer
-58°F ... 1022 °F (-50°C ... +550 °C) | CA879

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AEMC Instruments
bimetallic thermometer / analog / insertion / stainless steel
bimetallic thermometer

Temperature: 0 °C - 250 °C

with bayonet body, bimetallic-coil for metering, class 1 (DIN 16203) Standard design with G 1/2" connection, stem length l1=100 mm and stem diameter 8 mm, normal version type BT with connection on the bottom, on request type BTR with ...

thermocouple thermometer / digital / portable / industrial
thermocouple thermometer
LR-Cal LRT 750

The Leitenberger LR-Cal LRT 3 is an array of portable digital thermometers that can be used in conjunction with thermocouple and resistance thermometer probes. In addition, this series is offered in variants ...

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DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH
infrared thermometer / digital / portable / high-accuracy
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 150 °C

... the temperature. CAL Check™ °C/°F readout IP 65 water resistant protection The Checktemp® 1 Digital Thermometer - HI98509 is a high-accuracy thermometer with a 1 m (3.3’) flexible, silicone cable connecting ...

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Hanna Instruments
resistance thermometer / digital / surface-mount / industrial
resistance thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 300 °C

Width 40mm Length 40mm Ambient temperature -20 - 80°C Degree of protection (IP) IP65 Initial value of measuring range, current 0A Voltage type DC Turn-off delay 20s Max. output current 1000mA

Pt100 thermometer / NTC / Pt1000 / cable resistance
Pt100 thermometer
EGT 353...356, 456, 554

Temperature: -30 °C - 100 °C

How energy efficiency is improved Precise measurement of temperature for energy-efficient control of HVAC installations and monitoring energy consumption Features Passive measuring element Particularly suitable for direct connection ...

infrared thermometer / digital / portable / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -20 °C - 320 °C

The 9930 is a non-contact thermometer using infrared measuring technologies and is housed in an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use. These high performance measuring instruments feature laser sighting, backlight ...

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infrared thermometer / digital / pocket / industrial
infrared thermometer

probe thermometer / digital / pocket / rugged
probe thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 200 °C

Ergonomic shaped pocket thermometer with robust insertion tip. The long sensor tube is particular suitable to measure in liquids, food etc.. Measuring range -40°C...+200°C Resolution 0,1°C Accuracy +- 1,0°C (-25°C...150°C) remaining ...

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Dostmann electronic
bimetallic thermometer / analog / insertion / dial
bimetallic thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 600 °C

... measuring method of a bimetal thermometer is the expansion of two different metals. Those two inseparable jointed metal strips each have a different thermal expansion coefficient. The bimetal system is built in the stem ...

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Badotherm Group